Rainy Morning with James Franco and Spiders

Up early and actually finding time to read the Advocate article/interview with James Franco.

It’s very good.

An excerpt:

It was hard for us to imagine anyone being able to embody a young Allen, but James just threw himself into the role and knew what was going on emotionally and intellectually for Ginsberg in every line of the script. He so gets into Allen’s skin. It never feels like impersonation. It feels like a deep, nuanced understanding.”

That first impression doesn’t surprise Vince Jolivette, Franco’s close friend and producing partner. “James is probably more similar to Ginsberg than any other character he’s had to play,” Jolivette says. “They’re both writers. They’re both poets. And they’re both fascinated by art and who gets to decide what art is.”

Men after my own heart!

Now, I want to share a visit from a spider. The creature explored a portion of the plushie terrain in the DarcyArts kitchen studio. It was a very interesting looking spider. Hello Kitty and Ninja Squid 1 were the plushies explored.

“Creep, crawly, creepy crawly . . . “

Boris the Spider

Have a good day. I’m off to the work space to make a doll face.


2 Responses to “Rainy Morning with James Franco and Spiders”

  1. Uggggghhhhh!!!!! There is something so wrong about that!!

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