Jesus Q Bowling Demon

He’s done. Jesus Quintana Soft Boy doll number 1 for the dolls biggest supporter, Jordan! I love this. ♥

I lucked out finding the perfect color for the jump suit.

Stitching a tiny little jumpsuit wasn’t as hairy as I had feared it might be.

That means i can do a Woodstock-era Pete Townshend in his white jump suit!

Those in the know understand how easily I could be persuaded to memorialize Mr. Townshend’s fine look.

I wanted to do Quintana’s wrist brace and it came out pretty nicely.

I hand a pair of small fishnet stocking that served as the hairnet.

I had one pair of strange little brown buttons that were perfect for the eyes. Thank you, creative forces  for the gifts.

I wanted to do bowling shoes but, sadly,  a cobbler I am not.

This doll will travel to New Jersey. If you want one. Let me know. Convo me at Etsy.


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