Doll Wonder

Busily stitching in all the details for Stevie Wonder 2 and Prince creates the illusion that the days are disappearing in a magical way. I look up at the calendar and see another week gone –whoosh — like wind through a window.

Looking at Stevie photos I noticed his hairline sits back a way on his mighty forehead. I know he’s older but it has always been thus.

Stevie, where are your eyebrows? Under the big shades.

My first Stevie Wonder head had a plethora of beads but could hardly hold his head up under the weight.

I had to alter the design — eliminate a few beads and cut the braids a bit shorter.

All Soft Boys have a reinforced neck but why temp neck-bendy fate?

Stevie 2 still has plenty of hair.

I changed up the color of the stitching on the daishiki-esque shirt. We are used to seeing a much more elaborate bunch of designs and patterns on this African shirt popularized in the US in the late 60s.

I wanted to use colors that matched the beads.

Prince goes in the mail tomorrow. I’m curling and cutting the hair, strand  by strand.

I’ve got rad material for the outfit. Better go get to work.


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