A Prince of a Doll

This morning Prince gets a last-minute improvement. I had stitched a brown ruffled shirt to go under a faux suede, thigh-length vest but it was just too much brown and not enough pop. He’ll be in the mail today but first he needs a new top.

Prince 1 was shirtless early this morning when I did this mini photo shoot.

You can see Robyn Hitchcock in another photo, looking out at us, waiting so patiently to be made into a Soft Boy doll.

He’s looking pretty fierce with those big eyes! I like the tousled locks of black hair. His mustache is a little dark, not the fade shade in the pix but I could not find any dark gray embroidery thread at the JoAnn store.

I could have looked on-line but it’s hard to judge color accurately and time is of the essence.

I have sunglasses for Prince, too. They are tinted a brownish color. That will cool the fierce just a little. Put some coy on the boy.

He’ll be rocking stripes and polka dots as only Prince can do. It will look fine. More pix later when he’s all put together.

Off to stitch now so good day to you all.

Update: He’s done!

Prince 1


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