Outside World Once in a While

I’ve been in a lot. Working on one project or another since last October and trying to make the most of my time I hadn’t taken the camera out for a long time.

Like Violets

A large patch of little purple flowers have sprung up on the east side of the big pine tree. Coaxed out by the warm temperatures last week they were irresistibly. I had to photograph them.

It looks like the frosty weather is coming back. I see fog from the front window where I sit at the keyboard this early morning.

Will we have many more day of cool weather or will we have and early spring that slams straight into summer weather?

It’s a safe bet that no one can predict.

Frank sometimes picks a few of these little flowers and leaves them for me to find. ♥ He is so fine a man.

Cherries Straight, No Chaser

After dinner I had a desire for pie. I laid a can full of sweet soft Oregon cherries into a plain, not to greasy pie crust from Immaculate Baking Company and popped it into the oven. Very plain and very delicious. Check out that Immaculate link. They are the coolest. They make good wholesome treats and they support folk art!

The Road Pix

Frank is back in school so I’m on the road again in the morning hours.

I really need to allow myself some photo-adventuring that isn’t attached to errand running.

It might be easier now that the Park Marina Drive underpass is once again open. It’s been nearly four years! I’ll surely wander down there soon with camera in hand.

Until then you’ll have to be amused by my road shots.


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