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Gnomes and Monday Musings

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This is from December but it could have been last week. We’ve had cold, cold weather.

Today I’ll be putting the final stitches in a Kawaii style curly star to be sent to Minnesota.

This weekend  I stuffed black catnip squiddies. I’ll take pix this week and get them up at DarcyArts.

I’m also working, slowly in spare time on my David Crosby doll. I’ve got a nice body all picked out for him.

It is nearly March and I have not managed to start stitching items for the future. I am determined to have a goodly inventory on hand this holiday season – 2011. Too early for that? No. I’ll take it one day at a time starting right now or when ever I’m not creating for a new order.

Man have I got dolls to make!!

I want to make the memorial Beatnic gnomes I dreamed up last year. They could be very good.

Here are the sketches.  Copyright, biotches. Allen will be beautiful. There will be William Burroughs, too.

And Gregory Corso.


Brian Jones Cloth Doll, Y’all

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The Brian Jones doll is finished.

This is a cool shot of the face that makes him look very cute.

I made him a faux Moroccan necklace, gave him green eyes and the desired shiny, fur-trimmed robe jacket.

I like his nose line and the mouth.

I gave him little lines around his mouth and did not give him bags under his eyes.

This is a doll that could have a complete wardrobe. You’d never get bored dressing him up in little flag shirts and velveteen pants. There are so many styles and he looked good in them all.

Tomorrow Brian Jones is off to San Francisco.

And, Jessica, while orders are slow I’m getting David Crosby under way. His face is drawn and his little dark eyes are sewn on.

Fringe deerskin shirt I think. That’s going to make want to make Neil.

Robyn! Will I ever get to you?

It’s a Struggle, Baby

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I’m thinking of Keith Richards and that song after spending a solid week trying to find just the right material from which to stitch the clothes for the Brian Jones Doll.

he had loads of luxurious threads from British flea markets, from France, from Morocc and who knows where else.

I chose this picture as the model for his duds after Miss Jess (daughter and doll recipient) described the outfit she imagined him wearing.

I want it to be right and beautiful. I am going to hold off on the in media res photos. We’ll have a look at it in a day or two when the outfit is all fijished and Brian’s head is on his body.

I’ve got the pants done, the fur-trimmed robe nearly done. Next is the shirt, boots and maybe vest.

It appears than Brian is wearing about five shirts in the photo. it is a bit disorienting.

I’ve made him a really nice neck piece that looks as Moroccan as i could manage with things I’ve have around here for years.

Here is another picture in which Brian looks like he did some major shoplifting at a super cool second hand store. Maybe he drifted through the closets of a number of friends collecting garments at each one.

No wonder I’m having trouble focusing on one piece at a time.

Truck Noise

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It’s the morning after a day of snowfall. It’s still chilly out doors and remanents of white  on remain in patches on the lawn.

Songs from the Sparks album Hello Young Lovers are playing. The music is adding to the oddly surreal mood. It seems somehow to be an odd jerky echo of the DVD I bought yesterday, That’s Entertainment, only the annoying factor is on 11.

Sparks must have been insanely big in Japan. I think I heard Germany laughing in derision.

It all makes about as much sense a road sign I’ve noticed in the last few weeks. There are two. One on Churn Creek Road north of Browning Street and another on Old Alturas Roadnear Old Oregon.

They read “Restrict truck noise , residential area”.

Other than blowing one’s horn what noises do trucks make that the driver could control? I’m stumped. Do trucks sing loudly, fart, bray like donkeys?

Ah, Syd Barrett is now singing. Hurray! Something that makes sense.

Polish for Glasses

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Two things are essential to my well-being: change and color.  That’s what these bottles of fingernail polish will grant.

Keeping spending down while keeping visual stimulation up can be a challenge.

I’d grown very tired of my navy blue glasses. Frames are expensive. With die-hard DIY motivation I picked up the polish.

Fingernail polish rolls on smoothly and each of these bottles comes with tiny little brushes.

While checking out the selection at Target and noticed that the more posh polish finally comes with wider brushes, much better for fingernails. I needed narrow brushes for the slim line of my glass frames and found them in these bottom-of-the-Sally-Hansen-line colors.

The lime green was my first choice. Eventually I will tire of this color and move on to another. But this rocks for now. I am sewing a neon green curly star pillow. We’ve got a theme going.

I covered the lenses with masking tape (which later came off really cleanly). I used my trusty Exacto knife to cut the extra tape away.

Later today I am adding a coat of red glitter polish to spare pair of glasses. Ah, variety.

Head for Brian Jones

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This one is for a very special person ( you know who you are).

It is a very very late Christmas present. DarcyArts orders have kept me hopping since last October straight through this day in February. I had a day off last week but soon got back to my half finished Brian Jones head.

I like this golden fleece for the hair and the fringy parts of the bangs.

I’m waiting on a response from the intended recipient about the clothes Brian will wear.

I’ll let you know soon.

Noir for the Soul

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While browsing Netflix Saturday I realized they have a huge selection of good old film noir available for instant view. Frank and I began watching them that afternoon.

One of the things Frank really misses from our shunned cable usage is Turner Classic Movies. Both of us grew up on Hollywood’s classic black and white films. We had become aware of their absence.

I Wake Up Screaming was the best of the two we watched on our kick-off Noir film day. I fell in love with the strange, beautiful energy of Laird Cregar.

He was big — 6′ 4″ — beautiful and gay. Sadly, he died young trying to lose too much of his ever-present and generous weight.

I think it’s fair to say his presence was mesmerizing. He made a compelling dark character. He was both good and bad in the aforementioned film noir, ultimately, a sympathetic character, at least, in my eyes.

Look at his eyes in this still from his last film Hangover Square. He had been punishing his body with radical dieting, amphetamines, etc. He died before the film was released following a weight-loss related surgery.

Laird plays a Jack the Ripper-like character in The Lodger .

We’ll have to wait for that one to arrive by snail mail. I can’t wait!

He plays the Devil in the 1943 version of Heaven Can Wait.

Though Laird looks the part in this photo (3rd on page) from the film Rings on Her Finger.

Here is a piece on Laird, from the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Making Lil Dudes

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The Arthur doll was turned out with many little details.

It’s amazing how many little things need to be included in the whole composition. this type of construction work is a delight!

Let me say this. Dudley Moore was very cool. Bless his soul.

The tuxedo is the suit worn for Arthur’s not-wedding day.

Arthur goes in to where the bride-not-to-be is dressing to tell her he does not love her all so that he may be with his true love — Liza Minnelli!

Of course, Arthur needed liquid courage to accomplish his task. I managed to find a tiny little container to make him a doll-size drink. We know, that just like the drinks on set, demon alcohol is not an ingredient. Use your imaginations.

I scoured the shops about town for little pieces of Arthur’s  get up. Tiny champagne glasses were the first find and, though he does drink champagne in a scene or two, I felt the short cocktail glass was the thing so I kept looking.

he little glass was picked up at a very odd, vintage style five and dime store. It held a Jello-like little pool of  goo.

The shopkeeper there was playing vintage vinyl on an old turntable.

I recognized a song from the Monkees  about three notes into Mike Nesmith’s wild Texas-toned electric guitar riffing on Sweet Young Thing.

Sweet Young Thing is probably my favorite Monkees tune.  I wonder who’s playing fiddle.  A quick google check and I find it is Jimmy Bryant.

Jimmy Bryant (a Django fan) and Speedy West.

The first shopkeeper, on hearing that I was making an Arthur doll was very excited and curious about whether I was making him a Liza companion. I wish! If only I could stop time.

The Soft Boys are teaching me patience. I am happiest with instant gratification. The dolls are all about putting in the time. That means the list of dolls I’d like to make grows longer and longer each week. It’s beginning to drag like Marley’s chains but that rough rattle and scrape keeps me going.

I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. I’m dedicated to making as a way of life.


Head with Hair

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Closer and closer we come to the dressed out Arthur.

His head is now covered with hair and I’ve begun to sew the pants.

Things are cruising right along with this one. Tomorrow the shirt, tie, vest and jacket will be made and then Arthur’s head will be united with his body.

I’ve had orders for three donuts over the last week so that slowed me down a bit but Arthur will be finished very soon.

Notice in the first photo that Robyn is still waiting and watching.

Arthur Doll with Rocks

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Not the legendary king but the naughty, lovable Dudley Moore’s Arthur is my latest project.

The face is finished.

It will look quite like Dudley/Arthur when it has hair and a top hat, eventually.

This is a fun project of doing a portrait doll of a figure (dudley) that I love.

It will soon have his lovely brown locks added, head — back and front — sewn together and united with one of these bodies.

I was worried about  finding tiny alchy paraphernalia but viola!

I found this tiny little container of yellow goo, like silly putty or hard jello, at a local 5 and dime shop. All I had to do was buy square clear beads and stick them in for ice cubes.

I am stoked. It looks perfect.

Now, I must design a clever method of attaching it to Arthur’s hand.