Arthur Doll with Rocks

Not the legendary king but the naughty, lovable Dudley Moore’s Arthur is my latest project.

The face is finished.

It will look quite like Dudley/Arthur when it has hair and a top hat, eventually.

This is a fun project of doing a portrait doll of a figure (dudley) that I love.

It will soon have his lovely brown locks added, head — back and front — sewn together and united with one of these bodies.

I was worried about  finding tiny alchy paraphernalia but viola!

I found this tiny little container of yellow goo, like silly putty or hard jello, at a local 5 and dime shop. All I had to do was buy square clear beads and stick them in for ice cubes.

I am stoked. It looks perfect.

Now, I must design a clever method of attaching it to Arthur’s hand.


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