Making Lil Dudes

The Arthur doll was turned out with many little details.

It’s amazing how many little things need to be included in the whole composition. this type of construction work is a delight!

Let me say this. Dudley Moore was very cool. Bless his soul.

The tuxedo is the suit worn for Arthur’s not-wedding day.

Arthur goes in to where the bride-not-to-be is dressing to tell her he does not love her all so that he may be with his true love — Liza Minnelli!

Of course, Arthur needed liquid courage to accomplish his task. I managed to find a tiny little container to make him a doll-size drink. We know, that just like the drinks on set, demon alcohol is not an ingredient. Use your imaginations.

I scoured the shops about town for little pieces of Arthur’s  get up. Tiny champagne glasses were the first find and, though he does drink champagne in a scene or two, I felt the short cocktail glass was the thing so I kept looking.

he little glass was picked up at a very odd, vintage style five and dime store. It held a Jello-like little pool of  goo.

The shopkeeper there was playing vintage vinyl on an old turntable.

I recognized a song from the Monkees  about three notes into Mike Nesmith’s wild Texas-toned electric guitar riffing on Sweet Young Thing.

Sweet Young Thing is probably my favorite Monkees tune.  I wonder who’s playing fiddle.  A quick google check and I find it is Jimmy Bryant.

Jimmy Bryant (a Django fan) and Speedy West.

The first shopkeeper, on hearing that I was making an Arthur doll was very excited and curious about whether I was making him a Liza companion. I wish! If only I could stop time.

The Soft Boys are teaching me patience. I am happiest with instant gratification. The dolls are all about putting in the time. That means the list of dolls I’d like to make grows longer and longer each week. It’s beginning to drag like Marley’s chains but that rough rattle and scrape keeps me going.

I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. I’m dedicated to making as a way of life.



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