Polish for Glasses

Two things are essential to my well-being: change and color.  That’s what these bottles of fingernail polish will grant.

Keeping spending down while keeping visual stimulation up can be a challenge.

I’d grown very tired of my navy blue glasses. Frames are expensive. With die-hard DIY motivation I picked up the polish.

Fingernail polish rolls on smoothly and each of these bottles comes with tiny little brushes.

While checking out the selection at Target and noticed that the more posh polish finally comes with wider brushes, much better for fingernails. I needed narrow brushes for the slim line of my glass frames and found them in these bottom-of-the-Sally-Hansen-line colors.

The lime green was my first choice. Eventually I will tire of this color and move on to another. But this rocks for now. I am sewing a neon green curly star pillow. We’ve got a theme going.

I covered the lenses with masking tape (which later came off really cleanly). I used my trusty Exacto knife to cut the extra tape away.

Later today I am adding a coat of red glitter polish to spare pair of glasses. Ah, variety.


2 Responses to “Polish for Glasses”

  1. I love the Sally Hansen colors!! And the prices are great too!

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