Brian Jones Cloth Doll, Y’all

The Brian Jones doll is finished.

This is a cool shot of the face that makes him look very cute.

I made him a faux Moroccan necklace, gave him green eyes and the desired shiny, fur-trimmed robe jacket.

I like his nose line and the mouth.

I gave him little lines around his mouth and did not give him bags under his eyes.

This is a doll that could have a complete wardrobe. You’d never get bored dressing him up in little flag shirts and velveteen pants. There are so many styles and he looked good in them all.

Tomorrow Brian Jones is off to San Francisco.

And, Jessica, while orders are slow I’m getting David Crosby under way. His face is drawn and his little dark eyes are sewn on.

Fringe deerskin shirt I think. That’s going to make want to make Neil.

Robyn! Will I ever get to you?


4 Responses to “Brian Jones Cloth Doll, Y’all”

  1. That jacket and those boots are totally groovy!! He really could have a whole wardrobe!

  2. Brian Jones was a fashion plate, clothes horse, and looked pretty good in everything. I was thinking he needed a white turtle neck and tan corduroy pants.

  3. I like your work they are beautiful
    have a good day

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