Gnomes and Monday Musings

This is from December but it could have been last week. We’ve had cold, cold weather.

Today I’ll be putting the final stitches in a Kawaii style curly star to be sent to Minnesota.

This weekend  I stuffed black catnip squiddies. I’ll take pix this week and get them up at DarcyArts.

I’m also working, slowly in spare time on my David Crosby doll. I’ve got a nice body all picked out for him.

It is nearly March and I have not managed to start stitching items for the future. I am determined to have a goodly inventory on hand this holiday season – 2011. Too early for that? No. I’ll take it one day at a time starting right now or when ever I’m not creating for a new order.

Man have I got dolls to make!!

I want to make the memorial Beatnic gnomes I dreamed up last year. They could be very good.

Here are the sketches.  Copyright, biotches. Allen will be beautiful. There will be William Burroughs, too.

And Gregory Corso.



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