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Bolan in Top Hat

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As I’ve skipped  merrily through as many art projects as I could get together mini embroidery hoop silk screens are one of my favorite.

You get to use Mod Podge, cheap gauzy, thrift store curtain material and any size embroidery hoop you want/need.

Here is the set up. See the weave on the old curtain material? You can find this stuff at any cool old thrift store, lots of it, cheap.

Just lay it over your image (flat side to image) and sketch.

This is a homemade post card of my Andy Warhol painting. He looks beautiful.

Just cover the elements of the sketch that you do not want to ink with the ModPodge.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours. You can wash it out and reuse it over and over.

The suggested method of inking is to hand stipple the silkscreen fabric ink over the finished silkscreen. I use a big, fat, stiff brush and daub it all over the image.

Here is my Iggy silkscreen patch and my Marc Bolan in top hat patch. I sell them as patches so they can be sewn onto anything. But you can make you own silkscreen, too.

Born Impatient

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Work is humming along here in the DarcyArts studio. In fact I’ve got work lined up for the next six weeks. I know my lovely buyers are patient and good tempered. It is my impatience that constantly nips at my heels. I was born that way.

Time is so fluid, sometimes speedy, fleeting, sometimes as thick and lazy as honey. Hours of focused work produces good results. I should be happy, happy, happy. It must just be living in the contemporary world of insta-gratification that messes with my mind. My expectations defy the reality of the slow art form I’ve chosen. Hand stitching is a meditative task. I can loose myself there. Placing each stitch in exactly the right place to achieve the desired effect. Pulling out every line of stitching that fails to do so.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a little bit of Virgo in my astrological chart.

My First Doll

As it is, I was born when the Sun romped through Aries — impulsive, restless, crashing headlong into everything and so impatient!

Each Soft Boy/Soft Girl doll takes at least two weeks to create. I know that but when I get excited and have an order for multiple dolls it’s like my brain fritzes. Expectations defy the logic of time tick, tick, ticking away. The clock is steady, unrelenting but not any more so than my disappointment that doing it right just takes so long.

A good job cannot be rushed

I need to make that sign and hang it in my workspace.  It would greet my impatience each day with a nod and a wink. Oh, chill thee little tweeker.

Wrangling art projects over the last decade has taught me that I must slow down and focus my attention, laser-like on the work at hand. I love being locked in that big fat  groove, making things that will amuse and please others.

love the lesson the work teaches me and I believe in personal transformation but it goes sooo slooow.

Crashed and Soaped

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With the Sun freshly in Aries and with no help from a retrograde Mercury my hand me down computer crashed. It was a ticking time bomb of disfunction but I kept working it.

This means I will be out in the world looking for help recovering those all important file. the files I kept telling myself I should save on an alternative storage device. I’m also pretty sure I need a fresh replacement for work here in the DarcyArts office. Something through to run the magicjack  and the printer.

I will be picture deprived while in this transition though that could be remedied. Wait a minute!


Dude, this machine, this fine laptop, takes pix and videos for instant postage. Just like Colby Chandler’s laptop on which she slagged her mom, Liza for sleeping with her boyfriend.

In case you don’t know that is a story line in All My Children. That soap is a very guilty pleasure. I often find I lack the ability to suspend my disbelief. It seems that continuity and believability are not required there in AMC land.

Hipster children de Facebook. I now loathe Reverend what’s his name. Slime ball. Never were two characters less believable than he and his accomplice who does nothing. Stupid.

Boy does this office area need better lighting! The brain surgery wattage lights in the “country” style fan fixture are not the thing for flattering photos.

Okay, that is enough of that.

I even figured out how to add photos from my scadisc attachment. See this first photo up there? The office in the blazing too-bright light? Ah. Solutions are great.

Off to work and fix it details. Good Day, y’all.

Booked! Elvis and Prince!

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Dudes and Dudettes — I am booked! I’ve got Soft Boy doll orders to take me, easily, through May! I am totally stoked.

Thank you, dear Etsians. You are rocking my dreamy world.

After finishing four portrait dolls of the loveliest little girls I will be creating large (about 36″) versions of Prince and Elvis.

How cool is that? Elvis will be so fun to do. Lovely lips!  It will be a challenge to manage a comb back do and sideburns.

I need to figure out how to soften the Prince eyes a bit. I need to make them a bit more “come hither” and less “what are you looking at?” My first Prince is pretty fierce.

My dreams are coming true.


Wet and Mild

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The morning is newish. It’s 7:30, daylight saving time. Temperatures are mild.

Indoors the doings are swathed in a gray punctuated by electric light.

Work continues as usual. There is comfort in that enterprise.

It will be a long and busy day. Fresh Guatemalan coffee beans, crushed in the blender, fill the air with the promise of a comforting energy boost, maybe an aid for clearing out mind sludge. Later, the ride out to the college, more stitching, a trip to the post office and this evening a raretreat, a visit to a friend.

It’s a monastic life we have grown here near the river for the sake of art and peace. The calm makes the work possible. It’s time to be very grateful that we can be so still while in another kind of motion.

My prayer today — bring the light, sooth the suffering of others, lift the veil of ignorance from our eyes, let all souls rise.

Buckets to Box

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True confessions — I cannot work well with loud noises or with obvious home projects undone. I need quiet, except for music or the soft bland visial hum of the home and garden channel and order.

Friday morning there was lots of noise and plenty of really efficient doing away with a tall pine.  The landlords decided to cut down an old pine tree in the front yard because it was leaning towards the long driveway which allows folks in the small cottages behind our house to exit the premises. Those workmen knew what they were doing.

Does the center of this trunk look healthy?

They had the stump removed and the thinner sections of branch consumed by the chipper all within four hours.

Saturday a woman (yes! Go girls.) came by and took her chain saw to the leavings. She hauled away three or four truck loads of  now newly cut firewood.

Still that meant Saturday was a noise fest and pretty much right outside the window of my cozy kitchen work space.

I took the opportunity late Friday and early Saturday to quickly finish my veggie  table conversion project.

After three years of service our collection of blue buckets have turned really brittle and ugly. Wouldn’t you after being baked by the sun that long? I’m sure the sight drove my dear landlady crazy and the sight was starting to get to me.

This squash was tossed into an old bucket,  the top half of which had busted off all around, leaving the jagged edge. Sometimes I’d wrap the edges in silve duct tape. So, so classy.

They were once new and fresh. You can see the rectanglar box I used in this transformation beneath the freshly planted buckets in 2008.

 I nailed on some extra boards and closed up the box I scavenged/recycled years ago, flipped it over and turned it into a planter.

It’s much neater, less distracting.

I should probably bring this streamlined sensibility to the rest of our dream studio but that will be a slow process.

The box is mostly filled with catnip which I grow organically and use in my plushy squid catnip toys.

I’ll add tomatoes. I’m hoping the seeds from the delicious black tomatoes grown in friends Kevin and David’s garden last season will come into being for us.

They are the yummiest!

Okay. The noisy distraction is done and I must turn my attention to my soft sculpture work — 4 girl portrait dolls and a rainbow curly star. So much good handy craft to keep me busy, busy, busy.

In down time, if my eyes aren’t too tired I am reading  Posthumous Keats.

Thanks, Jane Campion. Your Bright Star brought me to Keats.

Puter Jones

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***Good energy to all those in Japan after your massive earthquake. may the souls of the dead fly swiftly to the light and may the living be uplifted and find peace.***

Work continues on the new portrait doll project. Hours were spent trying to get an virus fighting unit onto the computer after I stupidly clicked on a bogus comment on Facebook. Luckily I had superhero protectors, Brian and Barrack on guard. they warned me immediately to change my password and get AVG.

It’s all good on the ‘puter today. I’m trying to clean up all the detritus that is hogging space so the machine runs smoother.

I really should slap some pix on a few CDs or get a thumb drive or something.

When I have virus protection on this computer is runs very jerkily and more slowly. Boo.

We bought dirt for the garden. Yipee!

Biba Book

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How do I respond to having a little extra cash? In these tough times, with the price of gas skyrocketing, economics uncertain you would think I’d sit on it but I am buying books.

I somehow fell into a recalling of the glory of BiBa and had to have a closer look.

First frank and I watched the documentary on Biba and visionary creator/designer Barbara Hulanicki. Very interesting, especially since it includes her interior design work in Miami. Then I bought the lovely The Biba Experience and Hulanicki’s memoir on those days of the Biba enterprise.

Here are some photos (badly photographed) from the book.

I’m waiting on another BiBa picture book, Welcome to Big Biba.


New Work, Sunny Day

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It’s a Monday and a lovely one at that. The sun has been shining all day and I’ve got a really cool new project.

I have been commissioned to create portrait dolls of three beautiful girls and their cousin. Another Etsian, one who happens to live in the same town, wants her daughters and niece immortalized as cloth dolls! I am so stoked about this work. I’m preparing the muslin to day and will cut the doll bodies tomorrow.

I will share the work here as I go along. Fun!



Mondo Flasho

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Mondo Guerra is trying to build up a fan base through his Facebook Page. I’ve already liked it but you can go there and check it out. Join the Mondo thing. I love his design sensibility. It is playful and bold and it incorporates iconography from Mexican culture. That’s a good thing.

(pic from TV guide)

I am hoping to honor Mondo’s good work with a little of my own. I want to make a Mondo Soft Boy.

Here’s a quick sketch.

The super up swept hair will be an interesting challenge. Mondo may also be the first Soft Boy with ears.

Stay tuned.

If ever there was a man  perfectly doll-inspiring, it’s Mondo Guerra.

I’ll definitely put Mondo in shorts and black shoes. I love that look.

Working the black, white and grey can be a soothing antidote to a decade’s crappy aesthetic.

I used those colors  it in the 80s to escape the assault of messed up,  shocking pinks,  turquoises, purples and the horrifying patterns designers tried to foist on us back then. I think they were snorting too much coke and woke up a lot of really ugly visions. It was a scary time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rich saturated color but some how in the 80s the particular shades seemed sooooo tacky.

I think those colors may be trying to come back.

Kids, the eighties style is not, not good. do not go there.