Mondo Flasho

Mondo Guerra is trying to build up a fan base through his Facebook Page. I’ve already liked it but you can go there and check it out. Join the Mondo thing. I love his design sensibility. It is playful and bold and it incorporates iconography from Mexican culture. That’s a good thing.

(pic from TV guide)

I am hoping to honor Mondo’s good work with a little of my own. I want to make a Mondo Soft Boy.

Here’s a quick sketch.

The super up swept hair will be an interesting challenge. Mondo may also be the first Soft Boy with ears.

Stay tuned.

If ever there was a man  perfectly doll-inspiring, it’s Mondo Guerra.

I’ll definitely put Mondo in shorts and black shoes. I love that look.

Working the black, white and grey can be a soothing antidote to a decade’s crappy aesthetic.

I used those colors  it in the 80s to escape the assault of messed up,  shocking pinks,  turquoises, purples and the horrifying patterns designers tried to foist on us back then. I think they were snorting too much coke and woke up a lot of really ugly visions. It was a scary time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rich saturated color but some how in the 80s the particular shades seemed sooooo tacky.

I think those colors may be trying to come back.

Kids, the eighties style is not, not good. do not go there.

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