Puter Jones

***Good energy to all those in Japan after your massive earthquake. may the souls of the dead fly swiftly to the light and may the living be uplifted and find peace.***

Work continues on the new portrait doll project. Hours were spent trying to get an virus fighting unit onto the computer after I stupidly clicked on a bogus comment on Facebook. Luckily I had superhero protectors, Brian and Barrack on guard. they warned me immediately to change my password and get AVG.

It’s all good on the ‘puter today. I’m trying to clean up all the detritus that is hogging space so the machine runs smoother.

I really should slap some pix on a few CDs or get a thumb drive or something.

When I have virus protection on this computer is runs very jerkily and more slowly. Boo.

We bought dirt for the garden. Yipee!


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