Crashed and Soaped

With the Sun freshly in Aries and with no help from a retrograde Mercury my hand me down computer crashed. It was a ticking time bomb of disfunction but I kept working it.

This means I will be out in the world looking for help recovering those all important file. the files I kept telling myself I should save on an alternative storage device. I’m also pretty sure I need a fresh replacement for work here in the DarcyArts office. Something through to run the magicjack  and the printer.

I will be picture deprived while in this transition though that could be remedied. Wait a minute!


Dude, this machine, this fine laptop, takes pix and videos for instant postage. Just like Colby Chandler’s laptop on which she slagged her mom, Liza for sleeping with her boyfriend.

In case you don’t know that is a story line in All My Children. That soap is a very guilty pleasure. I often find I lack the ability to suspend my disbelief. It seems that continuity and believability are not required there in AMC land.

Hipster children de Facebook. I now loathe Reverend what’s his name. Slime ball. Never were two characters less believable than he and his accomplice who does nothing. Stupid.

Boy does this office area need better lighting! The brain surgery wattage lights in the “country” style fan fixture are not the thing for flattering photos.

Okay, that is enough of that.

I even figured out how to add photos from my scadisc attachment. See this first photo up there? The office in the blazing too-bright light? Ah. Solutions are great.

Off to work and fix it details. Good Day, y’all.


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