Bolan in Top Hat

As I’ve skipped  merrily through as many art projects as I could get together mini embroidery hoop silk screens are one of my favorite.

You get to use Mod Podge, cheap gauzy, thrift store curtain material and any size embroidery hoop you want/need.

Here is the set up. See the weave on the old curtain material? You can find this stuff at any cool old thrift store, lots of it, cheap.

Just lay it over your image (flat side to image) and sketch.

This is a homemade post card of my Andy Warhol painting. He looks beautiful.

Just cover the elements of the sketch that you do not want to ink with the ModPodge.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours. You can wash it out and reuse it over and over.

The suggested method of inking is to hand stipple the silkscreen fabric ink over the finished silkscreen. I use a big, fat, stiff brush and daub it all over the image.

Here is my Iggy silkscreen patch and my Marc Bolan in top hat patch. I sell them as patches so they can be sewn onto anything. But you can make you own silkscreen, too.


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