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Elvis Has Left the Building

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The Elvis  doll had big hair and his skinny legs really had to work to hold it up. It’s all good. Yesterday Big E and Prince were off to Toronto.

In  today’s sunshine I will finally get my gardening boxes together and plant the last of the tomato sprouts. I’ve got one box ready and filled with soil. Another was very near completion –three screwws left — when my electric drill ran out of juice. It’s charging.

Next up: a deluxe catnip squid and Freddie Mercury.

I love it!

Post Victorian Tall Bods

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This is the result of  increasing the size of the basic body pattern  roughed out for my other dolls.

A very leggy, long torso-ed invention that made me think of the early post-Victorian images (1900-1910) of women that have been rattling around in my head since I dreamed I would make them from plastic creamer bottles.

The beige color and the black stockings, to be used here in a different context, would be perfect for a crop of dolls similar to Egon Sheile women. His long lines and his bratty aesthetic have always appealed to me.

This first image is a simple drawing, actually a poster image from AllPosters. They have lots of Egon Scheile. These two are some of the least erotic poses.

I will dress the long-bodied dolls in natural cotton camisoles, pantaloons, slips and the long black stockings.  I will give them each a big messy up do with dangling tresses to surround a long diamond shaped face. Eyeliner and red lips, too and I may give them painted eyes although I could do tiny brown or black buttons, maybe with lids and protruding lashes.

I will do this.

Faces Without Hair

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They never look as good before they gotten their hair.

Elvis face still needs some shading, maybe a nose line.

I’m putting in the details on the bodies, little nips and tucks.

I like to change up the work day to day. It seems to take me a very long time to get the facial details to my liking and I will be adding or subtracting elements right up until the dolls get into their shipping boxes.

Cutting and styling the fleece hair is by far my favorite part of this process. It makes the face take shape.

It is going to be very interesting to create a protruding Pompadour for big E!

I just love this picture of the hair!! Masterful waves, dude. Surf’s up in Elvis’ do.

Now it is off to the stitching kitchen before the sun is up.

More pix of heads with hair and bodies soon.

First Elvis

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Before I start my morning on the fake bike, have tea and then apply myself to the last stitchy licks on Elvis’ lips I wanted to check in.

Research for creation of any Soft Boy doll begins with pleasurable perusal of  pictures, sounds, film and video.

Netflix is stingy with the Elvis films they have up for streaming. There is only one — Follow that Dream. Still, it did provide a nice refresher on his lovely lips. Filmed in 1962, the young Elvis looked so miserable in his task, so uncomfortable at being in such a stinker, that it really incited my empathy.

I was never an Elvis fan through girlie attraction but always dug Elvis as a strange-but-true American phenom. His mighty image still rattles through millions of minds. Immoral, half-wit, sell-out doctors enabled poor E to pursue such a sloppy end. Boo.

Good Work, Dudes

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Bunny is thinking about the impact of Frida Kahlo’s art. I am working and fake-biking my butt off yet pause, here,  for a moment to drop hot thoughts and nods.

Big Nod to Conan and Team Coco for posting Queens of the Stone Age performance.

To Etsian mugze for these yummy looking bacon caramels. Naughty!

Big Nod to Ruben Xolotl Viramontes beautiful work, rings necklaces, etc!

To Lori Nichols of Birmingham for her sweet, beautiful, amusing cloth critters!

Madrigal Embroidery of San Francisco for beautiful work, cuffs etc. Dig it!

To San Francisco for being the best, beautiful, cosmopolitan, freedom loving, non judgemental city anywhere!!!

Photo by genius child, Jessica Pratt.

To Brian Pratt for being a mountain of masterful mental maneuvering.

To my husband for being the best I ever had and then some.

Gotta get to work. Everybody I love you. ♥

Tax Time Flash Time

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Looking over DarcyArts sales over the last year was a real reminder of the amount of work I single-handedly managed. A bit of self-congratulation is definitely in order.

Bravo, Constance! you kicked ass. 110 items. It seemed to me that I did little else and now I can see why.

Here is what I created over the last six weeks.

Boy, that seems like a long time but it really does take me two weeks to do one doll. So I’ll have to admit to myself  that I was a tad ahead the whole time I was feeling miserably behind.

Curses, self-doubt. You must be pushed away from from my breast. Get thee gone!

I love every minute of this struggle to get clear.

The Gap

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The week is flying by. The dolls will be finished by Monday but there are so many details to attend to before then. All the slow, focused work is making me a little skittish. This is not news. I should change my name to Fretta.

The clothing phase of Soft Girl doll creation is making me especially nervous. I frequently remind myself that one learns through repetition –practice, practice, practice– and that perfection is a delusion.

And then I ask myself — aren’t most artists tortured by the gap between the sparkling initial vision and the finished work?

Today there is no room for doubt only the work and the sincere longing to do the best one can. So, back to the cutting board.