Little Sprouts

The goal is to get these girls’ heads attached. First there is the matter of stitching some comely costumes — red and pink dresses and little tutus.

That is going on this weekend at DarcyArts work space.

Once the bodies are clothed the heads are carefully and securely sewn on. Soon we’ll have four girls ready to met their real life counterparts.

How cool is that?

After finishing the heads I took a bit of time to enjoy my birthday.

Frank and I decided on a quiet afternoon at home with a movie and one of our favorite foods — chile relllenos.

It was a beautiful sunny day and all was smooth on this Saturday. I needed to relax. I take far too little time for just chilling down. Work is almost always on my mind when I am conscious. I do get plenty of sleep but once I’m awake it’s GO.


Once the sun is here to stay we’ll start adding to this years garden. It looks like we will have a lot of delicious tomatoes  to devour.

We are up to nine Paul Robeson tomato seedlings so far. We’ve got them inside under gro lights where they seem to be quite cozy.

We have one little pot  is still unproductive but how many tomato plants can our small container garden accommodate?

I think I can get three plants into the deep soil box, two into the last remaining blue rectangular bucket/box and I have two additional empty pots. I’ll have to pickup a few more before these guys are ready for outdoor living.


This week will also see the start of custom made Big Prince and Elvis dolls. Good fun, there. Whoo hoo! Pix next week.


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