Post Victorian Tall Bods

This is the result of  increasing the size of the basic body pattern  roughed out for my other dolls.

A very leggy, long torso-ed invention that made me think of the early post-Victorian images (1900-1910) of women that have been rattling around in my head since I dreamed I would make them from plastic creamer bottles.

The beige color and the black stockings, to be used here in a different context, would be perfect for a crop of dolls similar to Egon Sheile women. His long lines and his bratty aesthetic have always appealed to me.

This first image is a simple drawing, actually a poster image from AllPosters. They have lots of Egon Scheile. These two are some of the least erotic poses.

I will dress the long-bodied dolls in natural cotton camisoles, pantaloons, slips and the long black stockings.  I will give them each a big messy up do with dangling tresses to surround a long diamond shaped face. Eyeliner and red lips, too and I may give them painted eyes although I could do tiny brown or black buttons, maybe with lids and protruding lashes.

I will do this.


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