Mercury Rising

In the first week of May I am deep into contemplating the elements of Freddie Mercury’s face.

While building my last planter boxes and getting the crops in I mulled it over.

The boxes came out very nicely considering I am no monument to exact measuring.

Thank god for my electric drill. It made fastening the wood screws so much easier. One must hove power tools.

Tomatoes are all in. I think the very warm sun overwhelmed a couple of them yesterday. I will drape a thin cloth over the newest transplants today before noon.

The catnip has such large leaves. I know I should crop it. I’m trying to grow a little sunflower just north of the biggest plant and it needs more sun.

Things are looking quite neat on my patio garden. It must be that way. I can see it from the window of my kitchen work space (where we have all the natural light) and I really get distracted when things are messy out there.

Gone are the blue, sun-rotted buckets and now we have nice wooden containers.

I love to build things. I used scrap wood from Home Depot’s shit bin.

They us green spray paint to mark the ends of the reject pieces –bent, ugly, split. I managed to turn those blotches to the inside.

Various 51 cent pieces and one found palette bottom forms the box with the red wave pattern on the side.

The chicken wire is not too pretty but it is essential for keeping out the pesky squirrels. They want to bury their nuts for those cold, blustery, nut-less days to come.

We’re along way off from their return. Happy Springtime is upon us.

Back to Freddie.

I ponder my dolls long and thoroughly in order to get to the point where I can feel it. This must happen before I can see it. It is a little bit mystical but that is the way my mind/brain works.

My eyes see but somewhere inside this machine of  mine emotion, desire and curiosity must come together to coax out a vision.

After the mulling, I do a sketch as a rough guide. I exaggerate the features on the page so I  am easily reminded of what I want to emphasize. Then I draw the face and finally begin to embroider.

Luckily I have lots of music to back to inspire and remind me of a subject’s musical gifts and a deep catalog of Mojo magazines with their plentiful luxe photos.

I’m going to give Freddie Egyptian eyeliner to play up the inner corner of the eye. I’ve been using Prismacolor’s buttery pencils for eyeliner on the dolls. It adds a nice touch. Keith Richards looks smashing in it.

Freddie’s hair will be a long shag or gypsy cut with a short fringe bangs.

I can feel it coming into view. Back with the results soon.

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