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Beautiful Day

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Today was a very beautiful day. The last of the stormy rainy weather left its imprints. The earth was soaked and the sweet odor of vegetation filled the morning air. After a few quick errands, the Frank and Connie tag team shambled back to the shack and to our respective projects.

Frank is making some beautiful black ink drawings. His work is really captivating. Such great use of  negative/positive space.

For me, the end of June is all about donuts. Currently there are four on the table, three in this picture. I’ll make another tomorrow.

I started making ruffles over the last few days as part of my fancy mushroom project.

The ruffle is made to fit on the underside of the mushroom head. These ruffles will need a big mushroom.

I made a smaller ruffle for mushrooms constructed from donut hole pieces.  Or more exactly the material left over from cutting the holes.

I added lilac dots to the smaller beige  head. Soon I’ll add tiny this ruffle.

Oh, to see a tiny forest of fancy mushrooms soon.

I’m hoping to stock DarcyArts with a glorious selection in the coming months. Does this mushroom remind you of a delicious cupcake? I want one.

Shop, Garden, Crush, part II

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The garden is growing so swiftly. After the late season rainy days all this sun is call forth the green. I snapped a few shots of the planter boxes and their veggie swag. I’m doing the lazy version of a morning watering. I’ve placed the sprayer onto a couple of pieces of bamboo. At that height the spray covers all the plants and the airborne mist waters the grass.

We ended up with 11 healthy Paul Robeson tomato plants.

The seeds were collected from the bunch of delicious tomatoes gifted to us last summer.

I’d spread them out on a paper towel and the them dry, planted them this May and set them under indoor grow lights. Nature is amazing.

 In this sea of green we have two sunflowers, lots of catnip, one beautiful tomatillo with delicate little yellow flowers, and a cucumber plant.

The old hose, plagued by multi-piercings was replaced by a new bright spring green hose.

We’ve dropped from the triple digit weather to the milder 90s. The vegetable enterprise is blossoming. I hear there is cool air coming in from the ocean early next week.


Back to the magazines of Thursday’s post. I bought Mojo and the Hollywood Reporter.

In keeping with the earthy topic of part II I will share these pictures with you. Two beautiful shots of Brian Eno and Eric Burdon. It is the lads in the dewy days of their youth. Mojo Magazine is a treasure chest of fine pictures.


Eno is a gender fuck sex bomb with a whole lotta brain. That is a good combination.

Eric Burdon has been a long time crush. He’s cute as a kitten and funky sexy as any man alive. I like ’em like that.

(My sweet husband, Frank, is a lovely combination of the two. )

Shop, Garden, Crush

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This morning was dedicated to laying in supplies. The frequency with which this must be done is mind boggling.

I went out early in order to avoid the heat.

Target and Trader Joe’s had pretty much everything we needed including a new garden hose. I was done with the bulk of the task in just over an hour.

One of my stops, actually a monthly treat, was Barnes and Noble to pick up Mojo magazine and The Hollywood Reporter.

I quickly realized the magazines had been rearranged. In the place where I usually find the music mags was a large collection of comic books. That is pretty cool.

Two whole sections are dedicated to, comics, fantasy items, sci-fi, tattoo mags, magazines about music and film and lots and lots of shiny covered heavily pictorial publications on marijuana. I think it’s fair to say that the heads are making their dollars felt.

Work and the Summer Solstice

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The sun is grilling the landscape here in the far northern part of California. It has seemed cool over the last few years, or cooler than those that included unbroken stretches — once over a month — of 100 plus degree days.

I don’t know if temperatures will reach 106 today but I’m very glad I work at home with central air.

After an annoying dream a few days back I have been working diligently. I needed to erase the feelings of inadequacy the dream brought up and dropped on me like five pounds of goose poop.

I was back at a job I once loved, later hated (what lyrics are those?), felt I was doing nothing good, wasting my time, wanted to walk out, then found that I was to be given a number of sweet assignments. I could write about things that actually interested me. The first day I had not one but three choices and faced with choice found I could not focus at all on any one of them.

How aggravating. I did not wake up in a good mood. I stumbled out of bed determined to prove my subconscious WRONG.

I hear a kind voice chiming in “Oh, mama, that’s just dementia paranoia.” Ug.

Over the last few days I have been putting the finishing details into my prototype post-Victorian model doll. I have a way to go if they are to resemble Egon Scheile’s sketches.

She definitely looks more like a model who would have inspired Edouard Manet. What I like about Scheile is the complete informality, simplicty and funkiness of the girls, their dress and the settings.

My clothes here on my model aren’t well worn enough. I’ll work on it.

this is my second doll will sculpted form hair. I did add tendrils. Elvis was my first sculpted-form hair doll.

The model doll is the first to have cloth lips. The number one most work intensive element of The Soft Boys and Girls I have created is the mouth.

I’m talking ’bout you Mick Jagger!

Freedom to really work this doll for myself was a lovely experience. I tried new permanent markers on the eyes and got a good effect.

Pretty Little Mushrooms

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This morning I will amuse myself by posting more photographs of things I find interesting.

I feel tormented by some olderly annoyance like bursitis but it will only slow me down. It will not put much of a dent in my need to be active.

Mushrooms are one of my favorite things. I like to eat them, see them, draw them and make soft sculpture based on them.

My dear Frank Miller alerted me to this massive lot of  fungi. The two mushrooms here, growing from a connected base reminds me of our love. Aw. XOXO

“A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus. They are not plants,” says wiki.

Last Stop Pix

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These pictures were taken  in an old graveyard in Sebastopol.

Travel is Good for the Soul

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It had been a while. I really needed to take part of a day, in this case, a few very early morning hours, and get myself to the sea.

Last week on my son, Brian’s big day — graduation from law school — I managed to get myself from the Santa Rosa foothills to Highway 12 and then head west. 

The last time Frank and I visited the coast was last August when we met up with friends from 70s San Francisco.

That was a beautiful trip. We had breakfast in Tomales. Yum.

This trip Frank had to stay home for elder care and school.

I missed him. We both love the ocean and I know he needs a periodic fix of sea air and negative ions, too.

I brought home lovely beach detritus and filmed the ocean waves at the turbulent point of Wright’s Beach.

It is my favorite because of the beautiful, smooth, multicolored pebbles created by all that crashing, powerful water. Each wave deposits another layer of treasure.

Passing through Sebastopol, home of Guayaki mate, I thought of our summer “geezer fest”. I  thought of Kevin and David’s homestead. Someday there will be goats.

It was a rainy weekend but the beach still looked heavenly.

The West Coast is a long, gorgeous, visual feast.

During our 2010 trip Frank and I had made our way to Bodega Bay. It’s pretty upscale. 

The state park feel is more my speed.

I wanted to find Wright’s Beach and after tripping along Highway 1 only to turn around before the scary construction zone  through a rebuild of a a corroding cliff, I found the spot.

Wright’s beach is only about 10 or 12 miles from the turn off onto Highway 1. Now I have it memorized.