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Work and the Summer Solstice

Posted in Uncategorized on June 21, 2011 by darcyarts

The sun is grilling the landscape here in the far northern part of California. It has seemed cool over the last few years, or cooler than those that included unbroken stretches — once over a month — of 100 plus degree days.

I don’t know if temperatures will reach 106 today but I’m very glad I work at home with central air.

After an annoying dream a few days back I have been working diligently. I needed to erase the feelings of inadequacy the dream brought up and dropped on me like five pounds of goose poop.

I was back at a job I once loved, later hated (what lyrics are those?), felt I was doing nothing good, wasting my time, wanted to walk out, then found that I was to be given a number of sweet assignments. I could write about things that actually interested me. The first day I had not one but three choices and faced with choice found I could not focus at all on any one of them.

How aggravating. I did not wake up in a good mood. I stumbled out of bed determined to prove my subconscious WRONG.

I hear a kind voice chiming inĀ “Oh, mama, that’s just dementia paranoia.” Ug.

Over the last few days I have been putting the finishing details into my prototype post-Victorian model doll. I have a way to go if they are to resemble Egon Scheile’s sketches.

She definitely looks more like a model who would have inspired Edouard Manet. What I like about Scheile is the complete informality, simplicty and funkiness of the girls, their dress and the settings.

My clothes here on my model aren’t well worn enough. I’ll work on it.

this is my second doll will sculpted form hair. I did add tendrils. Elvis was my first sculpted-form hair doll.

The model doll is the first to have cloth lips. The number one most work intensive element of The Soft Boys and Girls I have created is the mouth.

I’m talking ’bout you Mick Jagger!

Freedom to really work this doll for myself was a lovely experience. I tried new permanent markers on the eyes and got a good effect.