Shop, Garden, Crush, part II

The garden is growing so swiftly. After the late season rainy days all this sun is call forth the green. I snapped a few shots of the planter boxes and their veggie swag. I’m doing the lazy version of a morning watering. I’ve placed the sprayer onto a couple of pieces of bamboo. At that height the spray covers all the plants and the airborne mist waters the grass.

We ended up with 11 healthy Paul Robeson tomato plants.

The seeds were collected from the bunch of delicious tomatoes gifted to us last summer.

I’d spread them out on a paper towel and the them dry, planted them this May and set them under indoor grow lights. Nature is amazing.

 In this sea of green we have two sunflowers, lots of catnip, one beautiful tomatillo with delicate little yellow flowers, and a cucumber plant.

The old hose, plagued by multi-piercings was replaced by a new bright spring green hose.

We’ve dropped from the triple digit weather to the milder 90s. The vegetable enterprise is blossoming. I hear there is cool air coming in from the ocean early next week.


Back to the magazines of Thursday’s post. I bought Mojo and the Hollywood Reporter.

In keeping with the earthy topic of part II I will share these pictures with you. Two beautiful shots of Brian Eno and Eric Burdon. It is the lads in the dewy days of their youth. Mojo Magazine is a treasure chest of fine pictures.


Eno is a gender fuck sex bomb with a whole lotta brain. That is a good combination.

Eric Burdon has been a long time crush. He’s cute as a kitten and funky sexy as any man alive. I like ’em like that.

(My sweet husband, Frank, is a lovely combination of the two. )

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  1. Eric Burdon!!!

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