The tomatoes are growing so well.

Six containers worth of delicious tomatoes. Better yet some are staggered so they won’t all pop at once.

I’m guessing that the temperature difference between here and Sebastopol is keeping the purple colors at bay. We shall see though. We have many more to ripen in the future. 

They are sweet and full of taste which is why we grow our own in the first place. 

We put them in a pan with olive oil to cook fish. We will eat them on nice bakery bread with a bit of mayo or ranch dressing or have them sliced on a plate with feta cheese. Oh, yum.

A little reserve bud on the sunflower is kinda small and appears to be a bit nibbled on.

The cucumber plant has given us two cukes and there is a third but new growth seems stunted. All the little cuke starts are drying up. Boo.

I’ll add some fertilizer.

It’s such a pleasure to see these things.




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