Slow Dolls

It seems like the right time to cop to the fact that I have been slowed in the last few months by sickness. My blogging has suffered and my doll production, too. We (my doctors and I) are still in the process of identifying the invasive bug and I am resigned to this go, stop, sit, rest, sleep routine in place of my usual plow through eight hours work shifts here at DarcyArts.

It has been four days since I took the last pill in my latest round of antibiotics and I am starting to feel human again. The last two days have been good and I have been productive.

This new model doll came out a thinner, winsome Mae West, dressed in an Empire gown. Her facial expression is oddly reflective of how I have been feeling. I don’t take down time easily though I recognize the spiritual need to roll with it in the most graceful way.

Everything is a process which will teach us something. I know I’ve got quite a few miles on my odometer. I’m not complaining. It’s been a swell bunch of trips.

Soon after entering this life I was laid low by tuberculosis. Luckily, after a lengthy treatment, I joined my grandparents for a bit more isolation from siblings and started drinking in the joys of life. Sunshine, the sweet near-constant light of southern California, a loving, empathetic flock of grannies and grandpas, apple trees ans music, music playing everywhere. That’s the long way to say it’s my lungs again.

Tuberculosis,  reoccurred? Pneumonia? Some strange bacteria that is reluctant to let go? Or the Big C. They are all on the table at this point. Now  we journey through this spotty forest until we see the next field of light.

I’m making inventory for DarcyArts as I can. I’ve got eight donut bodies stitched up.

Today I am strong. The bad-ass antibiotic helped a bit and now that it is pretty much out of my system I’m engaged and full of ideas.

[Dang, the classical station is playing  O Fortuna, Carmina Burana. What’s up with that?]

I’m still obsessed/entranced by fanciful mushrooms and will make them as I can. I will definitely indulge my desire. I thought I was being fanciful until I put the phrase “beautiful mushrooms” into Google. Maybe not.





2 Responses to “Slow Dolls”

  1. There’s nothing much more central to life than breathing. I’m sending you some psychic oxygen to bide you over to recovery. Even your Mae West doll looks a bit more cheerful now. Best wishes!

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