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Tomato harvesting yesterday. This represents under half of what we have had the pleasure to devour so far this season! The first big batch thrown in  a pot to boil became tomato soup thanks to Frank’s suggestion that we try it.

It was very simple — cook, remove skins, blend, add a little cream — and we had a delicious homegrown, homemade tomato soup. Like back in the days of our agrarian past before the super market came into existence.

The real flavor of freshly prepared food kicks the skinny butt of long-hauled produce but I am addicted to the convenience of the big stores.

I’m within walking distance of the city hall farmer’s market location. I wanted to go the first weekend but it was insanely crowded, so much so that the checkers at Raley’s were talking about it.

I still haven’t gone but I think I’ll try the Churn Creek Blvd location instead.

I sometimes take photos at the grocery store. Not of produce. Just things that strike me as curiously set. The pix here are from my last trip.

I thought these Jesus votive candles were interesting. He is so wide-eyed, like a pretty twink but with super soft beard hair. He does not seem to have any gravitas.

I was amused by these fake foods with really big eyes. They seem happy and excited about something I don’t quite get.