I wish there was a quicker way for humans to absorb knowledge. Something like plugging in your brain into a main source and choosing material to add to your lineup of knowledge, like adding songs on your iPod.

I want to know everything about mushrooms.

I tuned into a radio show last week and heard the most interesting things about mycelium. I believe one of the people I heard was Paul Stamets. I have just ordered his book Mycelium Running.

Did you know that mushrooms/mycelium were the first plant on the planet earth, that they came from star material? I guess we are all star material, really.

I cant wait to read this book.

I have been somewhat obsessed by mushrooms and have created some fantasy versions in cloth.

Tremendously fun to blend the textures and colors.

Learning everything about this early visitor would be so cool.

The Mayans were into mushrooms. Terence McKenna, too. Aldous Huxley, etc.


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