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Though it may snow before the spring has really sprung I think we are looking good. There has been wind and rain but that is March, Eh? I’m itching to grow something but I won’t rush it.

The catnip is roaring back. Herbs, the more aromatic the better, sound just right for this season. Tomatoes and also flowers for  butterflys and hummingbirds. Fuschias? Any good ideas, anyone?

Chuck b. over at My Back 40, is growing cherries on trees breed to need less chill. He’s in the Bay area. I need some. Too bad trees take forever to make their sweet fruit.

The rain is still falling and the buds are still popping here in the far North of California. Little violets pop up everywhere. The Iris are growing. Little plants stuck here and there in the thin dirt strip along the walkway to the house are growing. The aloe vera is happy. A desert plant I rescued from the R.S. three years ago is flourishing.  What pleasure to see happy vegetation.

We watched a big batch of Academy Award nominated films last week when Frank was on vacation. I did not care much for My Week with Marilyn. The casting was very weird. Didn’t like Kenneth Branagh as Olivier or Julia Ormond as Vivian Leigh. The story was boring. My big complaint, as always, is the near impossibility of one person being able to radiate the spirit of another. It wasn’t happening with Michelle Williams though I’m sure she did her best.

The Descendants and the Beginners were very nice to watch. Not super mind-blowing but really people, The Artist? Ah, well. Next year.

Haven’t had much energy to do any design related things in the house but did manage this week to add a little more Azteca to the bathroom and why the bleep not? 





It’s Now

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It the day after my last chemo dosing. I’m still high from a combo of steroids, put into the  mix somewhere and at the same time a bit whoozy from last night’s atavan which I took to get some sleep. I’ve decided that having the steroids wake me at two or three a.m. with a strong desire to scrub the bathroom floor with a tin toothbrush isn’t really what I need to be doing, nor is making a giant plate of corn pancake. Both things would me happy but very fatigued afterward and throughout the next day.

Homey don’t play. Get me a scrub brush, Stat!!

Me the day after chemo, full of poison and feel good steroids. So fierce. Sometime I wish I could just be cranking on steroids all the time. I’d surely get into lots of trouble.

I’ve had the energy to get on the phone and straighten out all the dangling elements of various bills. Everything is smooth sailing for now. Not too shabby for Mercury retrograde. It is just spinning now before it appears to walk back through Aries to Pisces.

More good  news. I read in an email from one of the gay newsletters/magazines Advocate/Out, that tonight is the premiere of Jeffrey Lewis’ new show Interior Therapy. Hurray. Followed by Million Dollar Listings New York. Sweet, cheap but brilliant entertainment.

To balance my fierce steroid shots above I’ve decided to share  some beauty shots with you.

Easiest face-lift trick in the book = reclining.

I look like I should be demanding, ever so pleasantly of course,

“Darling, could you put a few more banana slices in my cream of rice.” Later you all, with Love.


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There are new buds on the hydrangea. A little hope of renewel. If the weather doesn’t do something crazy like bring a surprise snow to the valley floor this month they will flourish.

There is also a volunteer sunflower that has been growing through the chilliest nights. It is nestled up against the big pine tree. I guess the squirrels and the blue jays missed it. Maybe a squirrel buried it for   safekeeping. The catnip in my garden boxes is growing back. Guess it’s time for me to follow suite.

Fork in the Road?

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My last fresh post here at DarcyArts was Nov. 3, 2011. The topic was death. I had been so pleased, after decades of reading up on life after death and NDEs, to hear that Steve Jobs last words were “Oh, wow! Oh, wow! Oh, wow!”

I could well imagine the awesome passage he was entering at that moment. Throughout history men and women have experienced spiritual journeys that have enabled them at times to see glimpses of the other world. We have a hunger for those altered states. There are many paths.

This blog is a record of my journey through discovering my own creative abilities. I have occasionally flashed back on elements of my life. I have shared lasting and momentary fascinations. My lapse in posting here has not been due to a lack of interest but rather a very real reduction in my energy level.

Over the course of the last three years, I have been running my Etsy shop, making things, and writing here, I noticed a slow decline. What I attributed to asthma and arthritis, or just getting old has turned out to be the dreaded big  “C.” It took nearly a year to get to get a diagnosis but, finally, last November the word was in.

I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to having my mind far outpace my body. I can think of so many things to do but I can’t physically do them. Very aggravating for an Aries with Gemini rising.

After much reflection I decided that I did not want DarcyArts to become a cancer blog. One can write about cancer when one regains strength. We can recall our misery, the heavy weight of going through chemo, but dude, if I regain some good amount of strength after chemo (last round in two weeks) I want to write about life. I suspect I’ve been living with cancer for years. With or without cancer, I know that I need to bask in the holy carnality of ever single second I have left to breathe and marvel at this journey of ours.

Once again, I hear Allen Ginsberg chanting.

I want to go to the ocean. I want to go the rest of my way here on earth with grace and love and patience. When I slip over I want to be able exclaim ” oh, wow!”