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Very White

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Finally got some good pictures of the new white papavers.

You have to catch them in just the right light. Too much light and the image blown out. Too little and they look drab.

These are more of the fine crop of Annie’s flowers we got at Eileen Barry’s Wild Thyme in April.

The  tomatoes are doing very well. A closer examination gave e the distinct impression that we did get cherry tomatoes. I hope so. one plant is filled with many, many, little red bulbs.

I also stuck an old onion in a planter from which I expect to see pretty buds soon. Will they be shades of lavender?


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This morning’s picture is a delightful double. Two blossoms.

What a wonderful morning ritual, going out with the camera to catch a photo of the fresh new beauty.

There will be other colors coming soon. I can’t wait to see the white blooms. My long awaited black poppy will probably be the last out. It will be worth the wait.

My daughter and her boyfriend came to visit this last weekend. They filled the house with flowers. Peonies, sunflowers, gladiolas. It is such a treat.

I waited a bit to long to photograph them. The were so full and fresh. The love is timeless.

Morning Emergence

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We have our first beautiful flower from among the plants that Frank bought for my birthday. He watched it emerge this morning. The wind help blow the outer green shell of protective petals away and there she was.

Stunning. We will soon have a second blossom. It looks like it may be dark purple. You’ll see.

There is a little purple near the center of this flower. I can’t wait.

This evening it will cool off and the annual solar eclipse will take place at sunset here in California. Feels like magic.

These lovely flowers are Annie’s and were found at Eileen Barry’s enchanting Wild Thyme.


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The plants in our raised garden boxes are thriving, It makes me very happy! There are poppies galore readying themselves for display. They will be beautiful.

We have at least three kinds of tomatoes out there – Early Girls, Black Prince and I think little yellow cherry tomatoes. I might be wrong about the cherry as I don’t see a little tag for them. We will see.

The Early Girls already have tomatoes. Sweet. Grow, babies.

10 a.m. Rockin’ My Plimsoul

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It’s 10  a.m. and I think it’s the perfect time to listen to Jeff Beck Group’s “Truth.” There is no one to disturb with the loudness. I’m all alone and truth be told, I’ve been watching way too much TV. It’s a bit of a scratchy copy but not bad. Years ago, I found wonderful speakers while checking out the goods at the Discovery Shop.

Yes, I’m spoiled by the iPod, not having to flip records to get the whole album, but the sound is so worth it.  Right now I’m hearing Jeff’s acoustic “Greensleeves” and I know it will soon roll into Rod singing “Rock My Plimsoul.” Ah.

I think I need a round-up of the Grateful Dead’s best versions of “Morning Dew.” Ask and ye shall be given. There is a web site with a list! I need to find them. A trip to Meteor Records in Anderson?


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Spring days, oh so warm, and such a treat to see green leaves and beautiful flowers. I don’t know who planted these. It was before we moved into this house but they look great along the fence on the drive in. Thank you!

Nature is magnificent.