10 a.m. Rockin’ My Plimsoul

It’s 10  a.m. and I think it’s the perfect time to listen to Jeff Beck Group’s “Truth.” There is no one to disturb with the loudness. I’m all alone and truth be told, I’ve been watching way too much TV. It’s a bit of a scratchy copy but not bad. Years ago, I found wonderful speakers while checking out the goods at the Discovery Shop.

Yes, I’m spoiled by the iPod, not having to flip records to get the whole album, but the sound is so worth it.  Right now I’m hearing Jeff’s acoustic “Greensleeves” and I know it will soon roll into Rod singing “Rock My Plimsoul.” Ah.

I think I need a round-up of the Grateful Dead’s best versions of “Morning Dew.” Ask and ye shall be given. There is a web site with a list! I need to find them. A trip to Meteor Records in Anderson?

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