About C Dillon

Welcome, readers!

I am a native Californian, now living in the Northern region.

My mother’s family goes back at least five generations in Santa Barbara to before the 2oth century began. Santa Barbara was, at that time, a place full of local and migrant workers, pickers, ranch and farm hands. Some of my relatives came from Mexico and further south and some were the offspring of the natives “trained” at the mission by the Californio elite. Some from over the far northern border in Canada. Many generations of my fathers family collected in the midwest.

I grew up in Orange County. I think surfing is one of the most beautiful things I’ll never do. It’s my favorite “sport” to watch though surfing strikes me as more a worshipful, full-body yoga meditation than a sport.

I have studied the art, history and criticism of Film, American Studies, and Art History. Ana M. Lopez, a Latin American Film professor at Tulane once told me I was an iconoclast. I take that as a huge complement.

I have quirky ideas about what makes sense.  I insist on thinking for myself, asking questions and living life in a way that is authentic for me. I’m immature for my age in a good positive way.

I believe it is our duty as human beings not to tread on the liberties of others. I crave privacy and solitude yet love to share. Blogging feels like a great fake-secret confessional.

I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life where I am organized enough to give play to most of my creative impulses. I love to make things and always try to have fun in the process even if it requires subversive tactics and momentary distractions.


2 Responses to “About C Dillon”

  1. hey connie,
    just figured out that you are D’arcy Arts. How cool. I am putting your blog at my site. Would you do the same? I am trying to get more hits and a wider readership (viewership? but views don’t exactly = reading). I use the comments (what few I get) as feedback for my in-work book.

  2. hi there! came across your blog and really liked the grainy photo i saw of the tibetan prayer flags. did you take it? i’d like to ask permission to use it for a meditation residency i’m doing next month… please let me know if this is ok! thankyou!

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