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Rolling out the projects and delighting in construction, composition, design of all kinds!

It’s been hot as Hades here in the north country. It was close to 100 degrees yesterday. I worked inside all day until getting word that my donuts were okay for shipping to North Carolina. I went out the car to find the battery dead. Disaster was averted thanks to AAA. They sent out a battery fixing unit and we soon had a new unit and I was off to the post office. The battery dude was really nice.

Here is a picture of my little soft sculpture tableau. I call it “Hello Bliss.” It includes (in my mind) the muslin paint and glitter testing strip to the left in the picture. I made the hand stamped follow your bliss flag and the yellow mushroom ( I will make mushroom, I will make mushrooms!). I did not make the Hello Kitty.

Seeing this little assemblage makes me happy.

I’ve got the Bellatrix face going on, y’all. It’s coming together very well. She will look great when she has her curly long hair. Tune in next week for the reveal.

I’m working and trying to breathe deep in the summer air. It seems harder to do in the last few years. It seems my on again, off again asthma has been persistently dogging me since last fall. Please, lord, don’t let there be any fires despite how desperately the city editor at The Record Searchlight may pray for them.

Errands this morning will prevent me from sharing the wasp/spider story until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Keep On Movin’

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The air is hot and creepy. In the summer I just want to hibernate like an ol’ bear.

Still, I move on.  My desire to make more post-Vic models was stymied by donut orders.

This week I finished three custom donuts and a fourth for another person.

Making donuts is really fun and I love them so it’s not really a bad interruption. I’ll be working on a blonde with blue eyes when I return to that project. I need to work up some nice under things for the girls, bloomers, camisoles, all out of some vintage cotton.

I managed to wrangle up all the colored, 14mm tube beads I could find, in fact I think there are more coming in the mail this week, for the donut projects. I couldn’t spare the time to hand-roll cloth sprinkles. They don’t look as good as the beads.

I am having trouble finding a big supply of the Czech glass tube beads. in the bright colors. Those at my local bead store are very pale. I’ll keep looking.

Ignoring my sluggish temperament this afternoon I started my Bellatrix face. I’ve got a little body made up.

I love the eyes on this face. I’ll start her lips tomorrow and other facial details. She’ll look smashing with long tresses of hair. I may use some weave hair for her. We will see.

I can’t wait to do Snape.



Good Luck Rain

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Good Day, all. The rain continues to fall here in Northern California. It could well be in the high 90s by now so we’re digging the rolling thunder.

I am taking a few minutes here on the blog to share the good news of a rock musician Soft Boy who went all the way!

I must share this picture first. The squirrels have breached the bird dish!!!!!

I should have never, ever, put peanuts in there.

My most recent project, which I was not at liberty to reveal was intended as a gift for beloved New Jersey rocker, Pat DiNizio. Pat has been making great music with his buds in The Smithereens since the 80s. Lately one of his true-musician enterprises has been in home concerts! DiNizio makes house calls.

I was lucky enough to see the Smithereens when they played The Backstage in Seattle. I worked there at the time and they rocked the house! Great energy and really friendly, good guys.

My most faithful patron, JK, took this picture of Pat D. with his newly arrived little Soft Boy Pat DiNizio.

It was Pat’s icon on Facebook over the weekend.This doll was one of those projects that just flowed so smoothly.

All the bumps were external. On the last day, in which I nail down all the little details, I was running short on time (kids, do not procrastinate, even a little). This last-minute work was done with gardeners’ lawn mowers, and gas-powered leaf blowers howling outside my workspace windows. The noise and the exhaust fumes made my head swim but I kept my eyes on the prize. Post office by 5:15 pm or bust!!

Everything went off without a hitch. Blessings were bestowed. The little rocker kept good time.

Dylan, Oprah, Pixar

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Okay. Oprah’s shindig grossed me out for its orgy of everyone’s shameless self promotion. Madonna just had to let you know that she’s building a school in Malawi. Madge will not be out humanitarianed! Tom Cruise was all over Oprah like they were slumber party buddies. Eww! How could these ego maniacs resist? How many people will be watching these last two goodbye shows. Beyonce kicked A$$. Bumping and grinding to raise feminine consciousness. She was very fierce, really.

It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday  — the big 70. Bet Bob is a bit creaky but I think he was always that way though he does look angelic in those Woodstock photos surrounded by Sara and his sweet little babies.

And me, I’m putting the finishing stitches into my latest doll project and finishing a big plush pink donut.

Last night I was thrilled to find an order for a donut to be sent to Pixar Animation Studios! Yes — people who appreciate the cartoony dream world I try to inhabit. It makes me feel happy!

I love this work but my hands and arms need a vacation. A good night’s sleep will fix everything.

Prayers for healing from the violent chaos that is the weather these day, for healing the mean ignorance of those who think they know all the answers and prayers for more love and light.

Everybody I love you.


Mexican Cinema Poster

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I am nothing if not inconsistant. Even if i try to get into a steady groove I cannot purposely repeat the same activities or adopt a routine.

So here is my Mexican Cinema Wednesday offering (something, in my mind, I started on Facebook last week)  two days late.

These artists are spectacular!

Here is a previous post with mucho mas.

Mercury Rising

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In the first week of May I am deep into contemplating the elements of Freddie Mercury’s face.

While building my last planter boxes and getting the crops in I mulled it over.

The boxes came out very nicely considering I am no monument to exact measuring.

Thank god for my electric drill. It made fastening the wood screws so much easier. One must hove power tools.

Tomatoes are all in. I think the very warm sun overwhelmed a couple of them yesterday. I will drape a thin cloth over the newest transplants today before noon.

The catnip has such large leaves. I know I should crop it. I’m trying to grow a little sunflower just north of the biggest plant and it needs more sun.

Things are looking quite neat on my patio garden. It must be that way. I can see it from the window of my kitchen work space (where we have all the natural light) and I really get distracted when things are messy out there.

Gone are the blue, sun-rotted buckets and now we have nice wooden containers.

I love to build things. I used scrap wood from Home Depot’s shit bin.

They us green spray paint to mark the ends of the reject pieces –bent, ugly, split. I managed to turn those blotches to the inside.

Various 51 cent pieces and one found palette bottom forms the box with the red wave pattern on the side.

The chicken wire is not too pretty but it is essential for keeping out the pesky squirrels. They want to bury their nuts for those cold, blustery, nut-less days to come.

We’re along way off from their return. Happy Springtime is upon us.

Back to Freddie.

I ponder my dolls long and thoroughly in order to get to the point where I can feel it. This must happen before I can see it. It is a little bit mystical but that is the way my mind/brain works.

My eyes see but somewhere inside this machine of  mine emotion, desire and curiosity must come together to coax out a vision.

After the mulling, I do a sketch as a rough guide. I exaggerate the features on the page so I  am easily reminded of what I want to emphasize. Then I draw the face and finally begin to embroider.

Luckily I have lots of music to back to inspire and remind me of a subject’s musical gifts and a deep catalog of Mojo magazines with their plentiful luxe photos.

I’m going to give Freddie Egyptian eyeliner to play up the inner corner of the eye. I’ve been using Prismacolor’s buttery pencils for eyeliner on the dolls. It adds a nice touch. Keith Richards looks smashing in it.

Freddie’s hair will be a long shag or gypsy cut with a short fringe bangs.

I can feel it coming into view. Back with the results soon.

Post Victorian Tall Bods

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This is the result of  increasing the size of the basic body pattern  roughed out for my other dolls.

A very leggy, long torso-ed invention that made me think of the early post-Victorian images (1900-1910) of women that have been rattling around in my head since I dreamed I would make them from plastic creamer bottles.

The beige color and the black stockings, to be used here in a different context, would be perfect for a crop of dolls similar to Egon Sheile women. His long lines and his bratty aesthetic have always appealed to me.

This first image is a simple drawing, actually a poster image from AllPosters. They have lots of Egon Scheile. These two are some of the least erotic poses.

I will dress the long-bodied dolls in natural cotton camisoles, pantaloons, slips and the long black stockings.  I will give them each a big messy up do with dangling tresses to surround a long diamond shaped face. Eyeliner and red lips, too and I may give them painted eyes although I could do tiny brown or black buttons, maybe with lids and protruding lashes.

I will do this.

Good Work, Dudes

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Bunny is thinking about the impact of Frida Kahlo’s art. I am working and fake-biking my butt off yet pause, here,  for a moment to drop hot thoughts and nods.

Big Nod to Conan and Team Coco for posting Queens of the Stone Age performance.

To Etsian mugze for these yummy looking bacon caramels. Naughty!

Big Nod to Ruben Xolotl Viramontes beautiful work, rings necklaces, etc!

To Lori Nichols of Birmingham for her sweet, beautiful, amusing cloth critters!

Madrigal Embroidery of San Francisco for beautiful work, cuffs etc. Dig it!

To San Francisco for being the best, beautiful, cosmopolitan, freedom loving, non judgemental city anywhere!!!

Photo by genius child, Jessica Pratt.

To Brian Pratt for being a mountain of masterful mental maneuvering.

To my husband for being the best I ever had and then some.

Gotta get to work. Everybody I love you. ♥

The Gap

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The week is flying by. The dolls will be finished by Monday but there are so many details to attend to before then. All the slow, focused work is making me a little skittish. This is not news. I should change my name to Fretta.

The clothing phase of Soft Girl doll creation is making me especially nervous. I frequently remind myself that one learns through repetition –practice, practice, practice– and that perfection is a delusion.

And then I ask myself — aren’t most artists tortured by the gap between the sparkling initial vision and the finished work?

Today there is no room for doubt only the work and the sincere longing to do the best one can. So, back to the cutting board.


Queen on BOB

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While out running errands recently I tuned in to an FM station with the mild title of BOB FM.

I’d seen a commercial on my television. The mission statement was intriguing.

“BOB plays anything.”

I was please with their initial plays which included Queen. The magnificent Freddie Mercury was in full good voice. It was a sunny, if windy, day. The first in quite a while. BOB played something that added to the pleasure of the first full sun in weeks, the ride to Trader Joe’s and being in the company of my honey, Frank. Good job BOB.

BOB quickly dulled out with the usual radio problem — too many ads! At first they were amusing, sorta of stoner-level humorous but lather them on too thick and it won’t even help that they are funny.

I’ll give BOB, at 107.1  (in norcal), another chance. If I’m on the road in the afternoon and and the NPR stations have switched over to classical (Chico) or a sometimes too-slick, rich-hipster AOR (Ashland).

On that day trip to Trader Joe’s I was stoked to have Queen along for the ride. When we walked up to the entrance Trader Joe was playing Queen on their system.

Sometimes I forget to bring my own music on a drive across town. I may have, in a protective effort, removed the emergency CDs from the car the night before. Dr. John, Gris Gris; David Garza, Euphoria; Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3, Ole Tarantula; Robyn’s Jewels for Sophia; or Queen’s of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyze all back at home sitting on the shelf.

A double blessing of Freddy Mercury just days ago and this morning an inquiry from a beautiful Aussie about a Freddie Mercury Soft Boy doll.

Etsy you are a wonder. I can share my portrait jones with the world! You allow me the most fantastic of opportunities.

Super hot Freddie! Yes. I’d love to be making this very rock n roll portrait doll. ♥♥♥