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Good Work, Dudes

Posted in Art, design, esoterica, etsy, family with tags , , on April 15, 2011 by darcyarts

Bunny is thinking about the impact of Frida Kahlo’s art. I am working and fake-biking my butt off yet pause, here,  for a moment to drop hot thoughts and nods.

Big Nod to Conan and Team Coco for posting Queens of the Stone Age performance.

To Etsian mugze for these yummy looking bacon caramels. Naughty!

Big Nod to Ruben Xolotl Viramontes beautiful work, rings necklaces, etc!

To Lori Nichols of Birmingham for her sweet, beautiful, amusing cloth critters!

Madrigal Embroidery of San Francisco for beautiful work, cuffs etc. Dig it!

To San Francisco for being the best, beautiful, cosmopolitan, freedom loving, non judgemental city anywhere!!!

Photo by genius child, Jessica Pratt.

To Brian Pratt for being a mountain of masterful mental maneuvering.

To my husband for being the best I ever had and then some.

Gotta get to work. Everybody I love you. ♥

The Gap

Posted in Art, design, dolls, handmade with tags , , on April 7, 2011 by darcyarts

The week is flying by. The dolls will be finished by Monday but there are so many details to attend to before then. All the slow, focused work is making me a little skittish. This is not news. I should change my name to Fretta.

The clothing phase of Soft Girl doll creation is making me especially nervous. I frequently remind myself that one learns through repetition –practice, practice, practice– and that perfection is a delusion.

And then I ask myself — aren’t most artists tortured by the gap between the sparkling initial vision and the finished work?

Today there is no room for doubt only the work and the sincere longing to do the best one can. So, back to the cutting board.


Queen on BOB

Posted in Art, dolls, etsy, handmade, music, projects, radio, rock n roll with tags , , , , on April 4, 2011 by darcyarts

While out running errands recently I tuned in to an FM station with the mild title of BOB FM.

I’d seen a commercial on my television. The mission statement was intriguing.

“BOB plays anything.”

I was please with their initial plays which included Queen. The magnificent Freddie Mercury was in full good voice. It was a sunny, if windy, day. The first in quite a while. BOB played something that added to the pleasure of the first full sun in weeks, the ride to Trader Joe’s and being in the company of my honey, Frank. Good job BOB.

BOB quickly dulled out with the usual radio problem — too many ads! At first they were amusing, sorta of stoner-level humorous but lather them on too thick and it won’t even help that they are funny.

I’ll give BOB, at 107.1  (in norcal), another chance. If I’m on the road in the afternoon and and the NPR stations have switched over to classical (Chico) or a sometimes too-slick, rich-hipster AOR (Ashland).

On that day trip to Trader Joe’s I was stoked to have Queen along for the ride. When we walked up to the entrance Trader Joe was playing Queen on their system.

Sometimes I forget to bring my own music on a drive across town. I may have, in a protective effort, removed the emergency CDs from the car the night before. Dr. John, Gris Gris; David Garza, Euphoria; Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3, Ole Tarantula; Robyn’s Jewels for Sophia; or Queen’s of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyze all back at home sitting on the shelf.

A double blessing of Freddy Mercury just days ago and this morning an inquiry from a beautiful Aussie about a Freddie Mercury Soft Boy doll.

Etsy you are a wonder. I can share my portrait jones with the world! You allow me the most fantastic of opportunities.

Super hot Freddie! Yes. I’d love to be making this very rock n roll portrait doll. ♥♥♥

Little Sprouts

Posted in Art, constructions, dolls, gardening, handmade with tags , , , on April 3, 2011 by darcyarts

The goal is to get these girls’ heads attached. First there is the matter of stitching some comely costumes — red and pink dresses and little tutus.

That is going on this weekend at DarcyArts work space.

Once the bodies are clothed the heads are carefully and securely sewn on. Soon we’ll have four girls ready to met their real life counterparts.

How cool is that?

After finishing the heads I took a bit of time to enjoy my birthday.

Frank and I decided on a quiet afternoon at home with a movie and one of our favorite foods — chile relllenos.

It was a beautiful sunny day and all was smooth on this Saturday. I needed to relax. I take far too little time for just chilling down. Work is almost always on my mind when I am conscious. I do get plenty of sleep but once I’m awake it’s GO.


Once the sun is here to stay we’ll start adding to this years garden. It looks like we will have a lot of delicious tomatoes  to devour.

We are up to nine Paul Robeson tomato seedlings so far. We’ve got them inside under gro lights where they seem to be quite cozy.

We have one little pot  is still unproductive but how many tomato plants can our small container garden accommodate?

I think I can get three plants into the deep soil box, two into the last remaining blue rectangular bucket/box and I have two additional empty pots. I’ll have to pickup a few more before these guys are ready for outdoor living.


This week will also see the start of custom made Big Prince and Elvis dolls. Good fun, there. Whoo hoo! Pix next week.

Bolan in Top Hat

Posted in Art, design, handmade with tags , , on March 31, 2011 by darcyarts

As I’ve skipped  merrily through as many art projects as I could get together mini embroidery hoop silk screens are one of my favorite.

You get to use Mod Podge, cheap gauzy, thrift store curtain material and any size embroidery hoop you want/need.

Here is the set up. See the weave on the old curtain material? You can find this stuff at any cool old thrift store, lots of it, cheap.

Just lay it over your image (flat side to image) and sketch.

This is a homemade post card of my Andy Warhol painting. He looks beautiful.

Just cover the elements of the sketch that you do not want to ink with the ModPodge.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours. You can wash it out and reuse it over and over.

The suggested method of inking is to hand stipple the silkscreen fabric ink over the finished silkscreen. I use a big, fat, stiff brush and daub it all over the image.

Here is my Iggy silkscreen patch and my Marc Bolan in top hat patch. I sell them as patches so they can be sewn onto anything. But you can make you own silkscreen, too.

Born Impatient

Posted in Art, constructions, dolls, handmade, projects with tags , , , on March 30, 2011 by darcyarts

Work is humming along here in the DarcyArts studio. In fact I’ve got work lined up for the next six weeks. I know my lovely buyers are patient and good tempered. It is my impatience that constantly nips at my heels. I was born that way.

Time is so fluid, sometimes speedy, fleeting, sometimes as thick and lazy as honey. Hours of focused work produces good results. I should be happy, happy, happy. It must just be living in the contemporary world of insta-gratification that messes with my mind. My expectations defy the reality of the slow art form I’ve chosen. Hand stitching is a meditative task. I can loose myself there. Placing each stitch in exactly the right place to achieve the desired effect. Pulling out every line of stitching that fails to do so.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a little bit of Virgo in my astrological chart.

My First Doll

As it is, I was born when the Sun romped through Aries — impulsive, restless, crashing headlong into everything and so impatient!

Each Soft Boy/Soft Girl doll takes at least two weeks to create. I know that but when I get excited and have an order for multiple dolls it’s like my brain fritzes. Expectations defy the logic of time tick, tick, ticking away. The clock is steady, unrelenting but not any more so than my disappointment that doing it right just takes so long.

A good job cannot be rushed

I need to make that sign and hang it in my workspace.  It would greet my impatience each day with a nod and a wink. Oh, chill thee little tweeker.

Wrangling art projects over the last decade has taught me that I must slow down and focus my attention, laser-like on the work at hand. I love being locked in that big fat  groove, making things that will amuse and please others.

love the lesson the work teaches me and I believe in personal transformation but it goes sooo slooow.

Booked! Elvis and Prince!

Posted in Art, constructions, dolls, etsy, handmade, projects with tags on March 19, 2011 by darcyarts

Dudes and Dudettes — I am booked! I’ve got Soft Boy doll orders to take me, easily, through May! I am totally stoked.

Thank you, dear Etsians. You are rocking my dreamy world.

After finishing four portrait dolls of the loveliest little girls I will be creating large (about 36″) versions of Prince and Elvis.

How cool is that? Elvis will be so fun to do. Lovely lips!  It will be a challenge to manage a comb back do and sideburns.

I need to figure out how to soften the Prince eyes a bit. I need to make them a bit more “come hither” and less “what are you looking at?” My first Prince is pretty fierce.

My dreams are coming true.