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Bitchy Giggles

Posted in cute, family, film, photos, reading with tags , , , on October 21, 2011 by darcyarts

Egad! It seems that  a childhood illness I once suffered may have made a late-life return. The doctors agree that it looks like tuberculosis. That is the good news, assuming that we can agree, TB is preferable to the big C.

This is the point in my once workaholic creative life where I am trying to convince myself that slowing down is not so very awful.

So I’m fiercely independent. So I can’t sit still. I’m a doer. I do have a  list of tasks that constantly self-generates.

I’m wracked with maker-guilt at the measly amount of blog posts I’ve managed this month but my body demands that I take a frickin’ break.

I spent the summer arguing with myself about when I was going to chill. I planned long hours of peaceful reflection, film viewing, hours of devouring all the unread books I’ve got stashed but his leopard is finding it nearly impossible to change it’s spots.

I am impatient with myself. Work and care taking happen a little bit at a time and that will have to be okay.  I will get better at knowing my limits.

And now for the giggles (gifts from my daughter ♥):


Posted in constructions, cute, design, handmade with tags , on September 3, 2011 by darcyarts

DarcyArts has a new mushroom. This one has a striped candy print top, pink and white striped stem and a red-striped, fringed edge.

It’s only about five inches tall.  Cute fits in five inch packages sometimes.

Black Alien Squid

Posted in cute, dolls, gardening, handmade, plush critters, projects with tags , , on August 18, 2011 by darcyarts

This morning was spent cleaning up my harvested catnip.

I started a series of Black Alien Squid catnip toys early this year and haven’t got back to them yet. Here are a few photos. I need to be schooled on how to shoot black! Frank is taking a digital photo class. He will be able to teach me.

The little strips of stripes are amusing.

Can I rock that adornment? Later.

The squid on the left in the group photos looks a little guilty.

What did you do?

Beautiful Day

Posted in constructions, cute, design, etsy, food, handmade, projects with tags , , , on June 29, 2011 by darcyarts

Today was a very beautiful day. The last of the stormy rainy weather left its imprints. The earth was soaked and the sweet odor of vegetation filled the morning air. After a few quick errands, the Frank and Connie tag team shambled back to the shack and to our respective projects.

Frank is making some beautiful black ink drawings. His work is really captivating. Such great use of  negative/positive space.

For me, the end of June is all about donuts. Currently there are four on the table, three in this picture. I’ll make another tomorrow.

I started making ruffles over the last few days as part of my fancy mushroom project.

The ruffle is made to fit on the underside of the mushroom head. These ruffles will need a big mushroom.

I made a smaller ruffle for mushrooms constructed from donut hole pieces.  Or more exactly the material left over from cutting the holes.

I added lilac dots to the smaller beige  head. Soon I’ll add tiny this ruffle.

Oh, to see a tiny forest of fancy mushrooms soon.

I’m hoping to stock DarcyArts with a glorious selection in the coming months. Does this mushroom remind you of a delicious cupcake? I want one.

Brian Jones Cloth Doll, Y’all

Posted in constructions, cute, design, dolls, handmade, rock n roll with tags , , on February 25, 2011 by darcyarts

The Brian Jones doll is finished.

This is a cool shot of the face that makes him look very cute.

I made him a faux Moroccan necklace, gave him green eyes and the desired shiny, fur-trimmed robe jacket.

I like his nose line and the mouth.

I gave him little lines around his mouth and did not give him bags under his eyes.

This is a doll that could have a complete wardrobe. You’d never get bored dressing him up in little flag shirts and velveteen pants. There are so many styles and he looked good in them all.

Tomorrow Brian Jones is off to San Francisco.

And, Jessica, while orders are slow I’m getting David Crosby under way. His face is drawn and his little dark eyes are sewn on.

Fringe deerskin shirt I think. That’s going to make want to make Neil.

Robyn! Will I ever get to you?

A Prince of a Doll

Posted in cute, dolls, etsy, handmade, projects, rock n roll with tags , , , on January 25, 2011 by darcyarts

This morning Prince gets a last-minute improvement. I had stitched a brown ruffled shirt to go under a faux suede, thigh-length vest but it was just too much brown and not enough pop. He’ll be in the mail today but first he needs a new top.

Prince 1 was shirtless early this morning when I did this mini photo shoot.

You can see Robyn Hitchcock in another photo, looking out at us, waiting so patiently to be made into a Soft Boy doll.

He’s looking pretty fierce with those big eyes! I like the tousled locks of black hair. His mustache is a little dark, not the fade shade in the pix but I could not find any dark gray embroidery thread at the JoAnn store.

I could have looked on-line but it’s hard to judge color accurately and time is of the essence.

I have sunglasses for Prince, too. They are tinted a brownish color. That will cool the fierce just a little. Put some coy on the boy.

He’ll be rocking stripes and polka dots as only Prince can do. It will look fine. More pix later when he’s all put together.

Off to stitch now so good day to you all.

Update: He’s done!

Prince 1

Funky, Cool, Crazy

Posted in cute, dolls, etsy, handmade, rock n roll with tags , , on January 4, 2011 by darcyarts

Thank you, all you Soft Boy fans!!!!! You have given my New Year’s resolution  — to concentrate more fully on my dolls — a quick ride toward success.

I will be creating these dolls in January. Crazy, funky, cool.

Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski!

Stevie Wonder number two. One of my favorite musicians and favorite dolls.

And Prince! Very cool! This is the work I truly love.

Robyn, I’m going to get to you soon.