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In the Middle

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There are signs that I may have fallen down the rabbit hole of holiday sales season 2010. It’s a rush and at the same time that it is just a little bit frightening.

I am well into fulfilling an order for 11 big double chocolate donuts and I’ve got a Stevie Wonder doll to start.

Will the velocity of sales at the DarcyArts shop increase?

Will it be a gas, gas, gas, cranking out my little lovelies for all the fans of DarcyArts? Yes, it will.

I think I’ve got the hang of spreading my energies evenly over all the tasks at hand. It’s freedom of movement  that comes from employing the carousel method of creation. I ride a different painted pony every few hours.  I switch it up — sew, cut, stitch, stretch. When my eyes need to stretch their vision to a far horizon I’ll run an errand. Get myself  to the health food store, JoAnn store for more stuffing, or check the thrift stores for the things on my list. 

Then back to work. After the morning  NPR programs are finished I’ll turn on the sweet trashy Bravo TV shows or HGTV as background noise. I look up occasionally to see whats going on but keep my eyes on the project at hand.

When I need a little outside energy I’ll have another cup of tea and play some good music to push me through — Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age, some good old Rolling Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Love, Robyn Hitchcock, Iggy Pop.

I’ve been slowed a bit by a virus my honey and I picked up  last week. My immune system is doing its job of kicking its ass. I have not been really down with it. At first it felt like I was being invaded by a load of tiny aliens but I’ve been able to work plenty and sleep plenty.

I’m still up early, before the sun shines, Checking for orders, setting up my work for the day. I get my materials ready, have a glass of tea, and this week, eat way too much carrot cake.

Things are rolling along. I am so happy to be working at producing things that I dreamed up, so pleased that I finally managed to make something out of nothing. February 2, 2011 will be the second anniversary of quitting my day job.

I feel good about the things I do. I have an open mind. I’m learning all the time and I am making people happy.

No more sour apples.


DarcyArts Diaspora

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DarcyArts studio has a new map of the United States. Here, we will keep track of all the places Soft Boys, Big Donuts, Curly Stars and plush critters have gone.

There is a map of the world, too. Watched over by my two favorite Brits — Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry. As it should be, doll.

It’s very nice to have a visual record of the diaspora of DarcyArts pieces. Such a thrill to be scattering seeds across the globe.

I’ve sent donuts to England and squids and donuts down under. Canada, oh, Canada, close at hand and on the USA map, has taken quite a few items as well. Thank you, handmade-loving people of the world! You are making my dream come true.


It had been a while since I snapped any pix for the ol’ blog. I’ve been very busy stitching.

Yesterday I  photographed the beautiful cloud-filled sky.

Rain, dew covered things in the yard.

It was so cool outside in the early morning hours.

Frank and I dug it completely and were very grateful for such a cool summer.

The squash I planted late in the season do not agree.

These beautiful squash are from K and D’s lovely haven in Sebastopol. We are using up the veggies and my bod is digging it. I am saving seeds while telling myself I must start fresh with a new dirt trough next year. I think I’ll invert a big crate on which the pots sit and fill it with nice soil. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh.

Fred Janis Memorial Pirate Chicken

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Walking in the local grocery store a few weeks back I showed Frank my new favorite dog toy. 

You may not know it but dog toy design can get really interesting. I have been imagining the designers who were responsible for my favorites.  I don’t have a dog but i do have a long beautifully rendered purple and beige snail and a big orange carrot with dashing smile and a sombrero. Both these toys look like they could be the work of Gary Panter, the artist responsible for set and creature design on Pee Wee’s Playhouse

The Capt. Jack Chicken is right up there with the carrot and the snail. Spied on an earlier solo grocery-getting trip, I talked myself out of buying it. On the trip with Frank the Capt. Chicken joined our ranks. 

“Fred would love this,” Frank said. ” He would hang it on his rear-view mirror.” 

That’s we’ve stashed our Capt. Jack Chicken, or as we’ve dubbed him, Capitan Pollo con uno oyo. 


Our friend, Fred Janis, was on a mission. He was blessed to be sure of his path through life. He was a smart, passionate, visionary hard-core writer/musician. He gave it everything he had. Everything. 

Like so many young men of his generation his encounter with San Pedro’s  the Minutemen struck him like a thunderbolt. 

D. Boon, Mike Watt and George Hurley were committed to their vision. Non materialist speakers of truth who seized the moment, the music, the pulpit and took it on the road. They jammed econo, for sure and Fred Janis and his band, Zero Tolerance Task Force, followed the Minutemen’s lead. 

Frank and Fred were friends in Tucson, Arizona. I visited Frank there in 1998. Fred dropped by Frank’s one day and, as is my way, I loved him at first sight. A rumpled, comfortable Taurus, sweet, calm (Libra Rising) and impulsive from the Aries. 

Fred loved Pete Townshend. Pete Townshend is a Taurus with Aries in his chart. It makes for men/boys who are whip smart, pleasantly bratty, outspoken, driven. I could dig it. 

These pix are taken from my computer screen with my Canon Power Shot digital. The images come from Zero Tolerance Task Force videos on YouTube. Go there and check out the band in action. 

They have a dreamy, ghostly quality. That’s what we have now of Fred. Fuzzy memories but a heartful of affection for a really cool guy. He loved his people, especially his daughter, Kyla. 

Here is a post from Kyla on one of the YouTubed Task Force videos

“Seven years today. I love you dad. Fred Janis was so important to so many people. And the best dad ever. Derek is missed so much as well, Derek was like my uncle. I love both of them so much.” 

Fred had problems sleeping. When he and his band for the new century — drummer Derrick LeVeque and bassist J.J. Styles — went on the road he always choose to get to the next town right after leaving the show. No sleep, drive on, go. 

From Toxic Tombstones SAD NEWS: Two of our dearest friends. Fred Janis and Derek Leveque of ZERO TOLERANCE TASK FORCE are no longer with us. They were involved in a fatal car accident in New Mexico about 2am Sunday July 27th 2003 while on tour. Fortunately, JJ survived and is back in Tucson. If you never had a chance to know Fred or Derrick, you are the loser. Fred was a unique Tucson punk icon and in the 13 years we’ve known him, he was the kindest, most unselfish person we’ve met. We will miss his sense of humor and his unmistakable laughter and of course, his music. Even if you think his band ZTTF sucked, Fred Janis embodied Tucson more than anyone I know. Face it, for many people this is a town of poverty, menial jobs, drug addiction and boredom. Zero Tolerance Task Force, in its various incarnations with Fred at the helm made Tucson a more interesting place to live. For anyone who mocked his efforts or put down his band, you only made yourselves seem all that more insignificant and are undeserving of our respect. Anyone who took the time to know Fred and Derek will find their own life’s a little emptier now. I know ours will be. Even if you only caught one ZTTF show, you’ll know what you’ll miss in the future. No one can fill their shoes.please, take care and drive safely!!
Bill and Julianna of Toxic Ranch records 

Frida Forever

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Happy Birthday, Frida.

She was strong, smart, beautiful, passionate and a great artist.

Her power is obvious. She still touches many lives and hearts.

Women still look to her to understand how we might unfurl our flags.

Oh, that we could be so bold and sure.

Oh, that we could light up Coyoacan with our energy force, be such a graceful, sharp presence.

Dreams and Sound

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Monday night my daughter, Jessica, finally got to see Anton Newcombe’s Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Fillmore in SF. This a sacred passage for her, a teen dream come true, the satisfaction of a longing that spread fog-like over years.

Brian Jonestown Massacre  came into our lives via the blessed Napster, back in the day when Napster was gratis for all. I saw the name on someone’s lineup of tunes and just had to check it out.

Bang! What a beautiful sonic world. Yes you could hear the influences but they were absorbed and transformed into something special — a hypno trance delight. Oh, how well Anton and his boys can generate an ephemeral thread of sound that transports the listener to a warm, meaty, oft-melancholy space.

Jess, Frank and I went together to the big city to see the premiere of  Ondi Timoner’s Dig! That was very cool.

Monday night I was feeling so happy for Jess, knowing that she was realizing a real life dream, and she was not disappointed. She said the show was great. Anton had reteamed for the night (?) with Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

When I was 15 I dreamed of getting up the road from Orange County to LA to see my favorite band. Where Jessica dreamed of San Francisco, I dreamed of Laurel Canyon.

The Buffalo Springfield were among many bands making good music in the mid 60s but they had managed to capture my undivided attention during a Sam Riddle( a Boss Jock on LA radio station KHJ) extravaganza of pop.

It was the first concert I’d ever attended. 1967. I was 14.

My friend Rita Blevins invited me this shindig. We were avid radio listeners, rock fans, suburban teens hungry for life. It would be the first of many shows. I couldn’t get enough.

“You want to go see the Buffalo Springfield?” asked Rita.

“Who?” said I.

“You know. They do that song For What It’s Worth.”

“Oh, okay.”

I had never though about going to a venue to see music. I watched it on TV, listened to the radio but I was intrigued –live music.

 Lots of bands played that night. I don’t remember many. I think a local band with the amazing Bob Gully opened that show but I could be mistaken. I can no longer remember their names. There was a soul act. I’m remembering them as Sam and Dave but wouldn’t I know for sure if it was? They were so good.

There was a band named Gordian Knot whose name I remember only because Sam Riddle introduced them thusly:

“Here’s a band with a name you will never forget, The Gordian Knot!” I have never forgotten. Not because the band was good or memorable just because Riddle cemented the name in my mind with his suggestion that I would always remember. Maybe I should say this to myself about things I don’t want to forget.

Also on stage that night were either Chad and Jeremy or Peter and Gordon. I think Chad and Jeremy but I can’t be certain. Both duos made nice music but nothing mind boggling.

More impressive were the Troggs. They were beefy young men full of footballish energy. Yes, they did seem to me quite like Bill Hicks would peg as soccer hooligans.They weren’t my kind of sexy, I was only 14, but they rocked the hell out of “Wild Thing.” Check them out here at Amandeep Gisa’s blog. Great Pix.

The acts pretty much did one number — their big hit– and then were off. The big summer show had to keep up the excitement.

Once the Buffalo Springfield started playing nothing else mattered. They looked great and the music was hypnotic. I was in the third row had no protection from the Taurus charm of  rhythm guitarist, Richie Furay. Sweet voiced and good-natured, Richie would be my first Taurus obsession. All the band members had charisma and heart. The band made unique and, mor importantly, passionate music. They weren’t playing at being Beatle imitators. They were the real thing.

Of course I noticed Neil Young, too. His leather fringe and intense demeanor could not go unnoticed.

 I bought their first album and played it till it wore out.  Eventually, I bought everything they recorded. I saw them as many times as I could before they broke apart. It was all good.

Live music.

Yoga Fish

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In the last week I’ve returned to practicing yoga. I encountered its beneficial stimulation and powerful help in staying limber years ago in Costa Mesa. My then boyfriend, George R. Cox, an Aquarius with a touch of  Virgo, signed us up for yoga classes led by a guru instructor who taught us in a little store front space.

That guru dude was radiant, obviously high as a kite on his own meditative and yogic practices.

I really liked the experience. It felt great and I learned interesting things.

 We were taught by the guru’s athletic young yogi helpers that we should never sit with out feet facing the guru. Our energy shot out through the bottoms of our feet and this was disturbing to the guru.

It was a good thing to bring flowers to the guru. Yes it was. The flowers were beautiful and their scent was enchanting.

As I sat at my yoga practice this morning, outside on the grass with the sun peeping up over the tall hedges

I invented a mantra — I am a flower with a lotus heart and a diamond mind.

What is more beautiful than flowers turning their faces toward the sun?

I turn my heart toward the light. I stretch and melt and float and breathe into the yoga positions, deeper and deeper and let me tell you, what a great reward for the tiniest effort.

Energy flows through my tired old body, freshening up all the molecules. I absolutely must confess that yoga gets one high while removing, slowly but surely the killing stiffness that rob our vital forces.

From page 55 of Yoga for Dummies:

“The Sanskrit word for relaxation is shaithilya, which is pronounced shy-theel-yah and means “loosening.” It refers to loosening of bodily and mental tension — all the knots you tie when you don’t go with the flow of life. These knots are the kinks in a hose, which the water from flowing freely. Keeping muscles in a constant alert state expends a great amount of your energy, which then is unavailable when your muscles are called upon to really function. Conscious relaxation trains your muscles to relax their grip when you don’t use them. This relaxation keeps the muscles responsive to the signals from your brain telling them to contract so that you can perform all the countless tasks of a busy day.”

Free flowing energy vs. contraction/stiffness —> death. Okay.

Back in the Costa Mesa storefront yoga space there were trinkets to purchase. They were just little things — beads and neck charms, scarves — and they seemed so invitingly exotic. Pieces of India, products from that part of the world that has always seemed familiar  to me.

I bought an om symbol carved from sandalwood. It smelled so great. It made me remember all the great feelings from my yoga sessions.

Most of the yoga class focused on how to do a simple routine of beginner yoga moves. It was gentle but effective.

I was in my 20s so I always felt great anyway. It was harder, then, to feel its physical effects. All these years later it’s much easier to feel the improvements.

I did yoga during my first pregnancy, in the first few months. Once I had them  I was very busy. I’m was a full-time mom, hands on, no babysitters, no nannies.

As an infant my son Brian slept very little. Instead of yoga I relaxed with kid’s programs. All day PBS TV viewing was kind of  like yoga very relaxing,a visual aural mellowing agent, an inducer of kinder gentler thoughts. You have to stick to the good stuff though — Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow — I think you can get a crappy, bad trip from Barney.

Other lifestyle changes gave me an excuse to wake, drink a bowl of  Italian roast and run my mind and body all day (college) with little spirit backup. In place of yoga I had a regular diet of cinema to consume but I chose to put myself under enormous amounts of stress.

To get the kinks out I’d occasionally sneak in a couple of easy and essential-for-me yoga positions but mostly I operated on nervous energy.

This period of forced forward movement caused me to have a recurring dream. I would walk by a fish bowl and notice or know that the fish were suffocating. I’d realize in the dream that I needed to give the fish some fresh water. The good part was that as soon as I did, even just a glass of water poured into the bowl, the fish revived. This seemed to be symbolic of forgetting to take time to feed my spirit.

 At the University of Iowa I had lots of bad weather, poor nutrition, marital stress and academic demands while trying to raise my young children. By the time I got to the University of New Mexico I managed to find healing practices. We had a great apartment in student housing, great sky, great weather, the beautiful smell of the Southwest, good free food in the summers. I’d burn Tibetan rope incense and listen to Native American songs, chants, mojo on the local public radio station. It gave me strength to get through some insecure times and some hairy changes. Still I dreamed of suffocating fish.

One night I dreamed that my son Brian slept on his bed. The wall rising above him was actually a very large aquarium with beautiful healthy fish swimming freely. That image was so comforting.

I have had long periods of not taking the best care of myself, of not doing yoga and even though I know that when I return I feel the positive flow immediately.

Why do I ever stop?

4 20 Donut Day Drool

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Last season’s green onions are doing their thing. The blossoms are a lovely shade of pale purple. It looks particularly fetching beside the pale orange petals of the flower-shaped whirlygig.

This photograph is from our last sunny day. Rain has fallen in goodly fashion this week. The plants are loving it. My catnip crops are thriving, too.

It’s good to grow my own so I can offer kitty lovers cat toys stuffed with fresh organic catnip.

Today I will remember the warm as I wrap a big custom pillow order and, in addition, send off my first first donut!!!!!!

I am utterly stoked. I love making these pillows. I swear, I will not eat donuts but I will create big soft plush versions for the delight of the people!

My first is going to Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Australians have been avid buyers of my big red catnip Squid.

Thanks for digging squiddies and donuts down under!

This morning I selected my Voodoo Donuts T-shirt for the day’s attire and then found that Big Donut sale at Etsy. Cosmic? You be the judge.

As I drove back from dropping Frank at the college I daydreamed about making my first bacon maple bar pillow and sending it to Voodoo with one of my business cards. Maybe I will.