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SunTime Soon

Posted in food, gardening, nature on April 17, 2012 by darcyarts

Frank went to Wild Thyme this morning to fetch some more beautiful poppies, white this time, and brought home some beautiful red salvia  for the delight of hummingbirds and butterflies. The sun was out when we planted them but it has grown cloudy and gray.

We planted six tomato plants and some chives. We can hit the Farmer’s Market for other veggies. We’re just around the corner from the Saturday market at City Hall. It was busy every single Saturday last season. Good for us all.

The warmth is due this week. Temperatures will get into the 80s. Great and groovy.

I will be taking pictures of the new plants. It is going to be so nice to have flowers to see from the kitchen windows.

Apple Architecture

Posted in design, food, photos with tags , , on October 26, 2011 by darcyarts

Interiors of my apple.


Posted in finds, food, gardening with tags , , on September 7, 2011 by darcyarts

Tomato harvesting yesterday. This represents under half of what we have had the pleasure to devour so far this season! The first big batch thrown in  a pot to boil became tomato soup thanks to Frank’s suggestion that we try it.

It was very simple — cook, remove skins, blend, add a little cream — and we had a delicious homegrown, homemade tomato soup. Like back in the days of our agrarian past before the super market came into existence.

The real flavor of freshly prepared food kicks the skinny butt of long-hauled produce but I am addicted to the convenience of the big stores.

I’m within walking distance of the city hall farmer’s market location. I wanted to go the first weekend but it was insanely crowded, so much so that the checkers at Raley’s were talking about it.

I still haven’t gone but I think I’ll try the Churn Creek Blvd location instead.

I sometimes take photos at the grocery store. Not of produce. Just things that strike me as curiously set. The pix here are from my last trip.

I thought these Jesus votive candles were interesting. He is so wide-eyed, like a pretty twink but with super soft beard hair. He does not seem to have any gravitas.

I was amused by these fake foods with really big eyes. They seem happy and excited about something I don’t quite get.


Got Heart?

Posted in esoterica, food, gardening, nature with tags , , on August 27, 2011 by darcyarts

Clipping fresh sweet tomatoes off the vine this morning I found a pretty little heart.

The heart tomato has it’s punky side, too. So complete in it’s metaphoric suggestions.


Posted in food, gardening, nature with tags , , on August 22, 2011 by darcyarts

The tomatoes are growing so well.

Six containers worth of delicious tomatoes. Better yet some are staggered so they won’t all pop at once.

I’m guessing that the temperature difference between here and Sebastopol is keeping the purple colors at bay. We shall see though. We have many more to ripen in the future. 

They are sweet and full of taste which is why we grow our own in the first place. 

We put them in a pan with olive oil to cook fish. We will eat them on nice bakery bread with a bit of mayo or ranch dressing or have them sliced on a plate with feta cheese. Oh, yum.

A little reserve bud on the sunflower is kinda small and appears to be a bit nibbled on.

The cucumber plant has given us two cukes and there is a third but new growth seems stunted. All the little cuke starts are drying up. Boo.

I’ll add some fertilizer.

It’s such a pleasure to see these things.




Posted in food, gardening, nature with tags , , on August 8, 2011 by darcyarts

The grasshopper nibbled away the biggest sunflower reserve bud and this morning I banished him from the garden.

I cut the big head and set it by the tree where the squirrel gang vacuum up pounds of black sunflower seeds. I think the big sunflower can grow another flower. There is bud remaining.

You can see the discarded shells beneath the big head. The grasshopper was on the head when I moved it and I do not know his whereabouts at this time. Are squirrels carnivorous?

I hope the squirrels will find out that the sunflower head contains a bounty of seeds. They may be a little less than ripe but, hey, these are tough times.

If the squirrels don’t get it the clever blue jays will.

Squirrels have definitely knocked the head about some, to get to their seed stash. They’ve torn a bit of its flesh away and loosened a few petals.

We will see what happens next.

Do you think the grasshopper’s on his way back to the planter boxes?

Critters What Linger

Posted in food, gardening, nature with tags , , , , , on August 6, 2011 by darcyarts

They are still here, turning beigy-brown and having moved onto the bamboo sticks for cover.

There are two. they have changed so much I do not recognize them from the pair – large and small — I first spotted in the garden.

These grasshoppers seem to have limited themselves to the sunflowers. The face of the small sunflower was partially nibbled when the pair of invaders were growing.

The face of the big sunflower remains unmarred. It seems only a matter of time. The second grasshopper hangs out inside an inverted plastic cup I’ve used to corral the bamboo stakes in one planter box.

On closer inspection (the head is facing downward) I think I see some gnawed parts.

Dang you, grasshoppers! I’m going to have to chocolate coat yur butts

They have nibbled up three or four sunflower leaves and also dotted the down-turned head with waste material. Nice.

The busy little bee/fly creatures haven’t been back to the sunflower face. At least not that I’ve noticed.

The big black bumble bee has taken his fill of the catnip blossoms. I guess the sweet fresh pollen days have waned.

The fruits of the garden are readying.