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Boa Bowie Doll

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Ah, here are the things in my work space that caught my eye this morning in the mild light.

I took special pleasure in this red, sparkly star as I rode the exercycle in the adjacent laundry room. I pulled the bike inside this week because it’s mostly been very cool, very early in the morning. Not the best thing for the muscles.

I have some super keen vacuuming in my future as I prepare an alternate indoor space for yoga.

These mild summer days were fantastic out on the lawn. September brings change.

I’m finishing A Ziggy/Bowie head this weekend.

I’ve got to embroider the nose elements and get the hair shaped up in the mullet precursor do.

Yes, folks, the hairdresser that gave that cut to Bowie started it all.

Read a little about Suzi Fussey over at the Ziggy Stardust Companion.

I  learned she married Mick Ronson. Yummy.

I am using this picture for the second Ziggyesque David I make and His the inspiration for the first David’s costume:

I’m definitely dipping into the pink eyeshadow. Now, where can I find a small aqua boa?


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Dried Flowers

I may have mentioned that I was very surprised to find myself addicted to Flipping Out. I’m growing fond on Jeff and I love Jenni.

I can’t watch shows about remodeling and interior design without experiencing deep pangs of envy. I find myself wanting to transform my environment.

I try from time to time. It’s always a really big challenge because I won’t spend more than a few of my freedom bucks.

I’m trying to make my retirement dole last as long as possible while still spending too much on cable and other indulgences.

My biggest design problem was my ridiculously large-for-the-space TV.

I don’t really watch it while I’m working but I sometimes turn it on to keep up with something on MSNBC. On the weekends I like to “watch” Design shows.

I need a flat screen for this space but don’t want to spend the money when I have a perfectly good TV.

WorkStationAThis is a shot of the whole space. Though it’s not apparent in the first pic it is really getting a lot of light today.

I decided to keep the chair at the end of the table after realizing that granny is habituated to sitting there. She came into the kitchen yesterday and nearly sat on a plastic basket holding my stuffing. Yikes. Broken hips are so out.

Looking at the second pic has inspired me to break down and buy an attractive waste basket. No more cardboard for me!

It needs to be tall enough to cover up the rusting wire rack that is holding up that end of the workbench.

SunnyWorkstationI push the sewing machine out of the way when not in use.

I was finishing a hat today.

The little chair I sit in to work at the machine is an ancient (50s?) office chair. It’s heavy, metal, well made and pretty comfortable for the first six hours after that I need a stretching break.

The best thing about the chair is that it can be used for a numer of positions. I can now roll it back to an open space and lean back for hand stitching in the morning light.

HatCLI have another table top to use. No one really eats in the kitchen so it’s not like I lost a dining space. This is snack ville. Get a bowl, plate, cup and sit anywhere is our rule.


Supercharged and Flipping Out!

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Up ridiculously early and raring to go!

IMG_8807I caught images of last Saturday from Washington DC as gays protested the foot-dragging efforts to get America on track with human rights.

I thought to myself  “Hey, people! You really missed an opportunity to shine a light and make a statement. You all could have been wearing my rainbow caps.”

I should have taken out a Facebook ad. Just kidding, kinda.

Oh, well. Marla was on it.

I’m waiting for the sun to rise and making a list of what I need at JoAnn’s this morning.

I have a trip to the post office to send off a really cute dragon order and to get my damn money back!

Packages sent by two-day guaranteed Express Mail with a special $15 Holiday bump failed to  make it to Atlanta, Georgia on time.

$250 for four boxes of Chimp. All is well. They finally made it safely a day late.

New Work.

I’m trying my hand at simple black zombie kitties today — big crazy eyes, a little red mouth with sharp little teeth. I’ll do a head wrap of bandaging and maybe a necklace of little rats and brains.

Prolonged creaking of large heavy door. Whoooo . . .

There are after affects of days of stitching the latest batch of chimps. Oh, yes, there are the aches and stiffness that come from too many hours at the task but there’s something else. Something unexpected.

It only took two weeks. I started because I wanted something simple, something undemanding, something that would get me through.

Before I knew it I was strung out. It really snuck up on me!

I was Flipping Out on a regular basis.

Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis are my new (imaginary) best friends.

I’m loving everybody. I love Jeff’s pulling-the-wings-off-flies cover for tenderness. I love Jenni and her cute way of trying to amuse Jeff out of his demanding monster manias. I love Chas and his tri-bungalow salon project. I was sad about Spirit, amused by Jeff’s Rhumba torture technique. I think Vlad should turn into a blue collar vampire and disappear. I’m on the fence about Ryan but it’s all good. Chloe is divine and very smart. Zoila rules.

Bravo TV. Tuesday evenings. You’ll like it.

Still On

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I’m still on the exercycle. It’s been over a week straight. I think I started right after my last check up with the MDs.

Blood work showed me edging closer to a “pre-diabetic” zone. I do not want to be physically undermined by my own sloth.

I could stand to lose 15 pounds so I’m on it everyday.

BlackHandAI’ve enjoyed long days of working through craft, art, millinery projects. I’m exhausted two or three hours earlier when I start my morning with a 12 mile “ride.” It has it’s benefits. I probably think a bit more clearly.

I activated the Genius function on my iPod. It works very well for occupying my mind while on the bike.

I’m so very curious about what tune will come next. I never look at the list it generates. That would spoil all the fun.

I know music helps me stay on the exercycle and now the element of surprise makes it more exciting.

I wonder how Genius works.  I will be bummed if it’s as simple as a rhythm track. I was almost annoyed yesterday when it chose two or three songs with the same drum sound.

It was super hard getting started this morning. My legs were not ready to plow.

Modest Mouse and QOTSA saved me, drove me on through the thick muck.

I spent the better part of yesterday photographing my head model in the caps I have listed on Etsy. Then I posted them on the listings.

EdwardianCatSashFrontTiltAI also added top hats and an Edwardian hat, some with Halloween appropriate sashes.

TopHatRedSkullSashFrontLowI’ve got the hats and caps listed, mostly, as make to order but I think that may freak people out.

I may just list generic sizes for a particular hat. Tweak it,till it’s right.


Full Moon

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The Moon has moved into Pisces and will be full. The Sun is in Virgo at this time of the year. Opposites. This is a good combination. I can flow with the water sign and get busy with attention to detail and an enhanced desire to work, work , work that comes from the Earthy Virgo.

Yesterday’s aggravation (just stuff) has gone and I’m ready to float in the dreamy waters of Pisces.

Pisces is always a creative faucet for me. I will tackle . . .  no, I will roll with my stitching work today, or imagine designs not yet implemented.

I finished a cakebox cap for my Marc Bolan Slider print.

MarcBolanBlogCutHere’s the cap on my head form. I need to name this handmade head. She kind of looks like an old friend named Diana from my UNM days.

She was a Sagittarius. A real mover and shaker. We ran the cinema for a short time.

An evil, evil Republican right-wing nut went up against our appointment. He, Dan something, went into law with the intent of harming humans rights where ever possible.

Yuck. People who crave power are messed up cookies.

BolanCapCLA close up of the Bolan Cap shows the tiny red stars I felt I should add.

“I got stars in my beard and I feel real weird,” said Marc.

There was a time when enchanted boys and girls frolicked on the greens of Britain, heavily glittered and glamorous.

What is glamor? One definition: hex: cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something.

Your magic enchants others to see you as sparkling and beautiful.

From John McIntyre at the Baltimore Sun: “The word glamour came into English by way of Scotland, where it originally meant, the OED says, ‘Magic, enchantment, spell; esp. in the phrase to cast the glamour over one.’ It made its way to beauty by way of magic, since the allure secured by magic was illusory and dangerous.”

BolanCapBackI’m sure Marc Bolan knew this. He was a good soul.


Black, White and Magenta

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MBScreenI finally made prints from my Marc Bolan silkscreen.

The pix of the black and white image came out kinda blue. I was shooting in morning light. It must have been very early.

MBPrintDuoI will use these on a top hat even though that seems redundant -picture of a top hat on a top hat.

Boogie children.

Today is day two of what I aim to make a solid year of morning stationary bicycle riding.


If I get up, plug my iPod into my ears and hop on the bike I’ve done 5 miles before I even realize it. I suspect the meter that records miles is a bit off but maybe it goes so fast because I have it set for more resistance. Peddling backwards is harder, too. I try to do a couple of minutes of backward peddling. I include arm and torso stretches from my sitting position.

I just ripped through it this a.m. I’m certain it was the Roxy Music. Do the Strand got me off to quite a start. By the time I reached in Every Dream Home a Heartache I was ready for the day.

Hours later I feel ready for a nap. Maybe too much?

I’m working on chimp faces while top hats spin in my brain.

I have laid in so many great materials that I could compose hats for days and days.

Magenta4TopHatThe furry magenta I found at a thrift store. The patterned magenta I found at a different thrift shop.

I think a furry brim would be great and the rainbow sash will add just the right touch to an already over the top top hat.

Maybe a green circle of leaves and flowers  would make a nice contrast on the hat band. I’ can make them of fleece.

I don’t think I can give it up. It will be one of a kind unless I find that I can squeeze two brims from the small patch of furry material.

I say, bring back Edwardian dress. I see that Target has white ruffled long sleeve shirts and little black vests.


Art Army

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Folk and rock musicians of the 50s and 60s incited desire  in the hearts of many and gave birth to a massive army of players. It seemed everybody had a guitar.

The democratization of art has come about with the DIY,  low brow phenomena and now everyone has a paint brush or Wacom pad.

There are new buildings being constructed for ART here at Shasta college and elsewhere.  That’s cool.

The coolest young man who ever worked at Barnes and Noble, a real lover of books, ideas and literary pursuits confided yesterday that he is off to Art School. Kudos and blessings upon your name, son.

Despite the mindless squawking of  ignorant haters this is a time of high creativity.

My Frank, a natural born artist, is taking art classes and loving it.

Right now I’m feeling my Mars-in-Taurus need to make something useful. Hats enchant and I imagine a world where all the young dude artists of all genders habitually wear head gear.

This week was all about trying the Top Hat and the Edwardian women’s version which is softer, more rounded and deliciously, elaborately decorated. Will the dandyish Edwardian style of dress creep back into vogue?

I want to try my hand at making fleece and velvety flowers for my bigger hats.

I’m waiting for the sun to come through the window so I can get a couple of good shots of my latest Top Hat prototype.

This is the tallest so far. The brim is a little floppy. Next time I’ll use a layer of stiff material between the two layers of black.


This hat is made with some stretchy denim I found at the thrift store.

I’m finding the black hats are a bit hard to capture on film.

I was ready to snap new pix this morning.

I had about two minutes of sun before the clouds came in.

I got a few shots of the top hat with a glittery rainbow sash before the gray came on.

This gauzy material is so beautiful. Glimmering Rainbow dots on black net material. I want to buy more but I must fight my urge. I’m amassing materials at an alarming rate.


Later in the day, after I’d sent off a handmade dragon, I bought some rasta hair for her.

HeadwWigFullShe’s looking pretty cool.

For seven bucks I got a thick “Bob Marley” pony tail that covers her head.


Hats Galore

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This week, so far, has been about getting a soft top hat together.

The first try had a brim that was a bit large. This is with the top of the top hat pushed in a bit. I like the way it looks. This is without a decorative band or any kind of extra adornment.

WideBrimAboveLtThis shot angle finds Millinery Marilyn Manson looking very demure.

The light in the room is very schizophrenic. I can catch the sunlight just right at a certain angle and then at another it is much darker. White balance?

WidebrimFull2I got a wonderful book, a pictorial history of hats from the 17 Century to the 1970s. It is full of great illustrations and pictures of all kinds of head gear.

We should all wear hats whenever possible.

WidebrimBackLtI like the gray hats.

I made a puffier, more Victorian-style ladies top hat today. This one is a shape I really wanted to try. I think this brim is a bit too narrow. I’ll make the next one wider.

I’m using the snipped plastic ties as stays in the bands of the hats and it’s working very well.

I tried to sew circles into the brim of today’s hat. It seemed to intensify the curls.

IMG_8886It looks kinda cool. I used the sleeves of a very plastic blouse for the trim. I really liked the pattern but hated the feel when I wore it.

I’ve added a fake pink flower that I found near a mail box where I deposited  our latest Netflix DVD Scott Walker: 30th Century Man.

That film was very interesting but touched with Capricornian dourness.

ShortBrimPinkFlwrNow that I’vebeen looking at my head form for a few days I really like it. Still, it may be too jarring to be an effective model.

I’ll try another head form and my goal will be to create a very smooth surface before I put the face on. I did not gesso this first one. It may have evened out the rough spots a bit.

I need to make a head that is a bit smaller. Only my large hats fit this one.

I made a cute cap from some nice, oddly polka dotted fleece Sunday.

BrownPolkaDotLeftAThe pattern of these dots are very strange. I love the sherbert colors with the chocolate brown.

BrownPolkaDotTopBackBrownPolkadotTopCLThis is a small cap. I have enough of this material to make two more. I want to keep one.

I’ve got a really nice taupe to use for the Victorian ladies puffy hat and some killer pink furry material for a tall top hat.

I have really cool Halloween-themed netting with spider webs and skull and cross bonedsto drape on black top hats. I may try a top hat in white.

These are all things I’ll delight in engineering in the coming days.

I just love this work.

I’m working on having at least four chimps ready for Mail Chimp’s chief primate wrangler when he’s back in September so I have to keep a handle on my time.

Both enterprises are valid.

I sent in an application for the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday craft sale in San Francisco. I will be utterly stoked if I get to participate. They notify applicants on Sept. 30.

Send me your good energy folks.


Weekend Head Update

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Friday, I applied more  layers of paper onto my DIY head form. I used pages from last year’s telephone book, thin boxes from crackers, cereal, etc, and finished it off with nice white printer paper I once knicked from the Record Searchlight recycle bins.


My impatience shows in this face I have created. I didn’t work the papier mache until I’d smoothed the surface. My head is very craggy and rough.

It may not be too noticeable from the distance required to have my hats in the photo. In these photos I was close up on the head.

HeadFormOmCapAThis head started out very German Expressionist. I was feeling a George Grosz vibe in the beginning. The eyes and the pink softened it.

Now, I think it looks like Marilyn Manson.

This is a really interesting painting by George Grosz.

His work is often focused on the seedier elements of urban life.

I dig the anchor tattoo on this guys bald head. I can’t really tell what else in on his head.

The skinny red tire is cool, too.

The man appears to have on lipstick but I think that is the artist’s touch.

Marilyn Manson wears lipstick well.

I love Marilyn Manson’s face. He has a nice big nose and great lips.

When he doesn’t have those contacts on his eyes you can clearly see a lot of kindness in his warm hazel eyes. That’s what won me over.

Tenderness. I believe I see tenderness in those eyes. I know he loves dogs. He just took on a strange personae for his rock thing.

I would love to do a book of glamour shots of Marilyn and contacts would be forbidden. So would grimaces. He would have to lay back and look enchanting and calmly sensual. Damn, I wish I could really do that project.

Marilyn Manson, dude, can you hear me?

Oh, yes, and Marilyn Manson is most definitely an artist.