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Shop, Garden, Crush

Posted in film, finds, food, reading, shopping with tags , , on June 23, 2011 by darcyarts

This morning was dedicated to laying in supplies. The frequency with which this must be done is mind boggling.

I went out early in order to avoid the heat.

Target and Trader Joe’s had pretty much everything we needed including a new garden hose. I was done with the bulk of the task in just over an hour.

One of my stops, actually a monthly treat, was Barnes and Noble to pick up Mojo magazine and The Hollywood Reporter.

I quickly realized the magazines had been rearranged. In the place where I usually find the music mags was a large collection of comic books. That is pretty cool.

Two whole sections are dedicated to, comics, fantasy items, sci-fi, tattoo mags, magazines about music and film and lots and lots of shiny covered heavily pictorial publications on marijuana. I think it’s fair to say that the heads are making their dollars felt.

Crashed and Soaped

Posted in shopping, tech with tags , on March 21, 2011 by darcyarts

With the Sun freshly in Aries and with no help from a retrograde Mercury my hand me down computer crashed. It was a ticking time bomb of disfunction but I kept working it.

This means I will be out in the world looking for help recovering those all important file. the files I kept telling myself I should save on an alternative storage device. I’m also pretty sure I need a fresh replacement for work here in the DarcyArts office. Something through to run the magicjack  and the printer.

I will be picture deprived while in this transition though that could be remedied. Wait a minute!


Dude, this machine, this fine laptop, takes pix and videos for instant postage. Just like Colby Chandler’s laptop on which she slagged her mom, Liza for sleeping with her boyfriend.

In case you don’t know that is a story line in All My Children. That soap is a very guilty pleasure. I often find I lack the ability to suspend my disbelief. It seems that continuity and believability are not required there in AMC land.

Hipster children de Facebook. I now loathe Reverend what’s his name. Slime ball. Never were two characters less believable than he and his accomplice who does nothing. Stupid.

Boy does this office area need better lighting! The brain surgery wattage lights in the “country” style fan fixture are not the thing for flattering photos.

Okay, that is enough of that.

I even figured out how to add photos from my scadisc attachment. See this first photo up there? The office in the blazing too-bright light? Ah. Solutions are great.

Off to work and fix it details. Good Day, y’all.

Puter Jones

Posted in gardening, projects, shopping with tags , , on March 11, 2011 by darcyarts

***Good energy to all those in Japan after your massive earthquake. may the souls of the dead fly swiftly to the light and may the living be uplifted and find peace.***

Work continues on the new portrait doll project. Hours were spent trying to get an virus fighting unit onto the computer after I stupidly clicked on a bogus comment on Facebook. Luckily I had superhero protectors, Brian and Barrack on guard. they warned me immediately to change my password and get AVG.

It’s all good on the ‘puter today. I’m trying to clean up all the detritus that is hogging space so the machine runs smoother.

I really should slap some pix on a few CDs or get a thumb drive or something.

When I have virus protection on this computer is runs very jerkily and more slowly. Boo.

We bought dirt for the garden. Yipee!

Biba Book

Posted in design, esoterica, shopping with tags , on March 9, 2011 by darcyarts

How do I respond to having a little extra cash? In these tough times, with the price of gas skyrocketing, economics uncertain you would think I’d sit on it but I am buying books.

I somehow fell into a recalling of the glory of BiBa and had to have a closer look.

First frank and I watched the documentary on Biba and visionary creator/designer Barbara Hulanicki. Very interesting, especially since it includes her interior design work in Miami. Then I bought the lovely The Biba Experience and Hulanicki’s memoir on those days of the Biba enterprise.

Here are some photos (badly photographed) from the book.

I’m waiting on another BiBa picture book, Welcome to Big Biba.


70s Doll Deelight!

Posted in dolls, finds, shopping, Uncategorized with tags , on March 4, 2011 by darcyarts

Frank and I explored a new thrift shop today with wonderful results. It just a few doors south of the recently vacated space that housed the Discovery Shop for years.

Tresors is a nice little place opened just days ago by Jewell and Tim Totherow on Park marina Drive.

Looking up onto the balcony of their second floor I noticed a very lovely doll.

She looks like the early 70s to me. That time when design artists revisited the wonderful aesthetic of Art Nouvea. It makes think of Mary Quant, Biba and all the vintage shops of my youth. This made me so happy. Thank you, Frank!

Tibetan Bowls

Posted in esoterica, shopping with tags , , on March 1, 2011 by darcyarts

Ever need a sound that can clear your jabbering mind? You are trying to do yoga and, let’s say, there are competing noises in your environment, even if you rise a 4 a.m. The Tibetan Bowls will help you float to a place of blank and peaceful focus.

You can have an hour of this beautifully resonant sound for only 99 cents over at Amazon. Up load the mp3 and clear your mental deck.

Tomorrow, my early morning yoga session, which almost always competes with The soundtrack of the Andy Griffith Show (it’s complicated) will be kept on track thanks to this little bit of instant gratification.

Peace be yours.

It’s a Struggle, Baby

Posted in Art, constructions, design, dolls, rock n roll, shopping with tags , , , on February 23, 2011 by darcyarts

I’m thinking of Keith Richards and that song after spending a solid week trying to find just the right material from which to stitch the clothes for the Brian Jones Doll.

he had loads of luxurious threads from British flea markets, from France, from Morocc and who knows where else.

I chose this picture as the model for his duds after Miss Jess (daughter and doll recipient) described the outfit she imagined him wearing.

I want it to be right and beautiful. I am going to hold off on the in media res photos. We’ll have a look at it in a day or two when the outfit is all fijished and Brian’s head is on his body.

I’ve got the pants done, the fur-trimmed robe nearly done. Next is the shirt, boots and maybe vest.

It appears than Brian is wearing about five shirts in the photo. it is a bit disorienting.

I’ve made him a really nice neck piece that looks as Moroccan as i could manage with things I’ve have around here for years.

Here is another picture in which Brian looks like he did some major shoplifting at a super cool second hand store. Maybe he drifted through the closets of a number of friends collecting garments at each one.

No wonder I’m having trouble focusing on one piece at a time.