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Major Props for B

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Major props are due to my son Brian Michael Pratt as he  makes a serious, life-changing transition. This last weekend I traveled to Santa Rosa to see Brian graduate from law school. He and his longtime pal, Barack Arnold, have , in the last year devoured combined 3rd and 4th year law curriculum. Bravo, boys.

I would give credit to the photographer of these pix but there was such a mad orgy of photo taking with so many cameras that I do not know which is which. That is not completely true all my photos completely sucked. Blur for days in the low light, no tripod and no time to capture an image.

Camera troubles were meaningless. There was a beautiful energy to the whole event. Everybody was ecstatic, proud, amazed by the mighty feats accomplished.

Despite the uber serious tone befitting such passages Brian managed to inject humor. Yea, him.

He chose just the right moments for little bouts of visual comedy. Moon in Leo people love and need an audience. Brian is a tower of good cheer.

It was kind of mind-blowing being in the midst of B’s world at such a moment. I was so very proud and as always humbled and moved by this life I’m living. Great gratitude fills my heart.


Why I Hate the Mall

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The decision to walk through the Mount Shasta Mall and take photos of amusing/repulsive corporate displays seemed a good one. Better than waiting in the very smelly waiting room of the tire store while they replaces worn tires on the family vehicle.

An impromptu art blog project seemed just the thing to fill the hour. I never go the mall to shop or to see the latest fashion trends. I still remember quality cotton items, well made. Even as a teenager I used to buy things from the Army Navy store because everything else seemed a cheap and tacky manipulation. Plain old super soft cotton army pants have always been my favorite item. Basic Navy work bells — 100 percent cotton denim were heavenly to me. Lame synthetic shifts, dorky coo-lots, no thank you Penny’s, Zody’s, KMart.

Thrift store have more exotic choices and, yes, far better quality items.

Very few people are in the mall at 8:30 a.m. A few olderly walkers taking advantage of the smooth floors and the “safe” environment. You might catch sight of a janitor.

Some pleasant merch could be seen in the windows of Old Navy.

“Hello, Kitty.”

I encountered a flock of funny faces frozen in delight. Ah, Summer! At least Old Navy seems to have a sense of humor about how they market their cheaply produced yet refreshingly basic items. They were pretty much the highlight of this photo hunt. Most other windows were dark and dull.

Another teenage dream store filled their windows with fairly tacky post-porn chic meets Housewives of New Jersey tight jeans and spangled, sparkly t shirts.

Why did this store put their ugliest candy next to the window? It looks like a surreal prison photo, or an element of the Toy Story 3 dystopia.

The quiet, lonely atmosphere was nice.  Most malls should have the shops closed 2o hours out of every day. I say, keep it spooky.

My peaceful rummaging for images was soon interrupted by the authorities.

A middle-aged mall defender, whose job it is to keep terrorists from casing the joint, came up to me while I shot this super shiny mushroom. It was located in a children’s play area adjacent to where the music shop used to be.

“You can’t take pictures in here.”

We were standing just outside the storefront window of  the local TV station whose tele-reporters routinely prowl the mall with cameras in hand.

In another incarnation, I was allowed to prowl  the mall — camera in hand –asking the question of the week for the local newsrag.

I argued for a while with the mall man about these obvious trespasses of  the alleged no-photos rule. He threatened to call security. I decided the shitty pictures were not worth escalating this retarded situation. The menacing silver-haired lady, armed with her flashless point and shoot made for the exit. It turns out security was a very nice red-headed woman. We had a talk about the instances in which photography was allowed, about the repercussions of 9/11 and then I left for less hostile grounds.

I did get a picture of See’s Candy  —  always sweet and tasty. Beware the Happy Habit. But . . . caramel  . . . drool.

My parting shot at the mall, just outside the west entrance is appropriately an X.

I do not ♥  the mall.

LA Ink, Ruthless?

Posted in socialization, TV with tags , , , on September 2, 2010 by darcyarts

As discussed in this recent post I’m into the new season of LA Ink. I was foolishly hoping that the drama between Cory Miller and Kat von D would smooth out but I guess the powers that be thought ” what’s reality TV without a train wreck?”

Kat was embarrassed, the help was bummed, Cory was working off his wounded pride.

It looks like the real tacky drama will transfer to American Electric where the amazingly eccentric Craig will probably not let it get too out of hand but DUDE!!!! WTF is up with Ruthless. I think assuming she is a victim of some sort of childhood abuse is a safe bet. Well adjusted, loved people do not usually threaten to beat their coworkers head on the curb.

could Ruthless just be acting out her wanna be outlaw presumptions about the tattooing world? Is she a tweeker with a really low threshold for the sound of the human voice?

I like Amy. She is styling big and doing pretty good work. She seems like a person who is fairly calm and has a sense of fairplay. Ruthless seems to be under the impression that we here on planet earth are meant to eat or be eaten. I really thought we moved beyond that one after the saber tooth tigers roamed the land.

If you are truly in love with what you do and are able to focus on and commit to your work you do not need to throw down and engaged in shit-talking ‘tard* fights over imagined “territory.”

Reality TV, I hate you. You folks out there willing to “act” as if we are still drooling and walking on our knuckles, grow up! Bleep all the tacky bridezilla, the hater housewives of  backwardville.

Oh, Mike Judge, how deeply you hit the nerve with your Idiocracy. I am still trembling.

TRASH TV. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE WOMEN that fall for this trope???  Don’t do it. You are setting us back hundreds of years.

Amy, dear, just ignore Ruthless. Dont’ hang back with the beasts. Let her flounder in her own vitriolic stew. Maybe she’ll spontaneously combust.

*by “tard” I do NOT mean people  with any sort of brain anomaly. If you have known anyone  intellectually or genetically challenged you know that they are very special teachers fully in possession of great, shining spirits unlike the creeps who want to act like dumbasses just to annoy others. You know who you are, dumbass. Just STOP.


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If you can think for yourself, are passionate about questioning assumptions and open to a bit of subversion read this book! Here is your chance to have your mind opened if you will allow it.
Gilbert gives herself to the conundrum of commitment as only a very bright questioner of authority could. She gamely challenges her own nagging doubts about the institution of marriage. She explores the twisted route (or roots) of its transformation, and maps its frequent changes over the last few centuries.
If you are perfectly comfortable following the prescribed societal routines, if you are deep-fried in any kind of fundamentalist religious beliefs and opposed to discovering historical context that might rattle your adamantine notions, if you expect this book to sing the praises of the bloated undertaking that is currently assumed to fulfill all a girl’s princess-shaped fantasies, go elsewhere.

That’s the Amazon review I wrote this morning for Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed: A Sceptic Makes Peace with Marriage. I was irritated by reviews obviously written by a.) People who were pissed that this book wasn’t Eat, Pray, Love 2 or b.) jealous academicians who wished they could have gone to Italy,India and Bali, met a beautiful Brazilian man and had to research marriage before doing the deed with their passionate lover.

Come on, haters! Open your hearts. Go buy a buddha at Two Buttons Import meditate, chill. Let go of your anger.

Getting what you want in life does have something to do with surrendering your lame fear-based plans, opening up to what life/god/providence will offer if you can let go of your assumptions, see the real thing and grab it.

LGBT friends, this book is full of good information that may potentially correct the mind of fundamentalist-blind or uninformed anti-gay marriage folks to whom you may be related in some way.

Excerpt from committed after Gilbert has realized people have always created the secreted, loving  unions they need and want  inspite of what the man says in recognizable in the name of the state, law, or religion.

pg. 264 — “It is not we as individuals, then, who must bend uncomfortably around the institution of marriage; rather, it is the institution of marriage that has to bend uncomfortably around us. Because “they” (the-powers-that-be) have never been entirely able to stop “us” (two people). from connecting our lives together and creating a secret world of our own. And so “they” eventually have no choice but to legally permit “us” to marry, in some shape or form, no matter how restrictive their ordinances may appear. The government hops along behind its people, struggling to keep up, desperately and belatedly (and often ineffectually and even comically) creating rules and mores around something we were always going to do anyhow, like it or not.”

Silent Prayers and Heartfelt Thanks

Posted in Art, constructions, dolls, etsy, family, handmade, rock n roll, socialization with tags , , , , , , on August 23, 2010 by darcyarts

This week I’m working on a number of my favorite projects for Etsians.

I am finishing off two lovely fat donut pillows, a joy to create each and every time. These donuts go down under for a repeat Australian buyer, custom chocolate icing with sprinkles.

Thank you Eymael!

 I get to make another Mick Jagger doll.

This Soft Boy will be the first  to Canada. Thank you, Frewfan! 

This morning I found an order for a Big Red Catnip Squid. I’ll be sending this squid duo to Austin, Texas. Thank you, Illustratedink!

I have been uttering a silent prayer this year for work to keep me living on the natch, living free and arty.

Things were kicked things up a notch when Paste Magazine  included a big plush donut in an online piece. Thank you, Paste!

Last week I sent a big pink plush donut and a big maple bar to Ontario, Canada. Thank you Jekjek !

And 4 orange star pillows went to Tallahassee, Florida. Thank you, Kensy!

No thanks would be complete without a big nod to Jordan3000 for his patronage of the DarcyArts  Soft Boy series. Jordan rocks! Thank you.♥

Last winter I lit my devotional candles each morning with a prayer in my heart for the chance to make cute things that bring a smile and a little joy to others.

I wanted to spread the love and I hope I am doing so.

Thanks to every single person who has, through their Etsy purchase, helped me see my little homemade dream coming true. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I’ve been able to care for those I love, tend to their needs and desires, keep a close eye on them each day, while making funny soft sculpture. What could be better?

I hope we learn, as a society here in America to do more small-scale exchanges, to grow, think, live and create and share local knowing that these days, via technology, “local” can be a very big community. Local is in the heart and the intention.

“One world,” said Mr. Marley. Hey, I think I have a new Soft Boy to do.

Good Times

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This weekend was magnificent and mellow and heartwarming as Frank and I mingled with dear souls from decades past in San Francisco. We gathered at the farm homestead of Kevin and David. These generous hosts shared their abundance with us and we were grateful and glad.

Go here to see the photos.

The trip was dreamy and Frank and I got to the beach, too.

I communed with my beloved eucalyptus trees. Found a stand of blue gum along  the road to Dillon Beach. Heavenly.

Found a lovely old catholic cemetery with beautiful statues.

It was a cool misty morning. I was delighted to be wearing long pants, a couple of shirts and my Led Zeppelin sweatshirt. So cool.

Is that Saint Christopher with the baby?

There were lovely fauna and flora everywhere.

So many beautiful things to see and smell and remember.

Dillon Beach seemed much more of a town this time and the waterfront was locked up. There was no access.

Frank and I had a great breakfast in the little cafe in Tomales and then drove on to Bodega Bay.

We just had to get to the ocean. It had been a long time.

Great to hear the waves crashing on the shore, to get sand in my shoes and pick up little pieces of driftwood.

They have been placed in our bathroom. We’ll see them everyday and think of the beach.

Frank was so happy to be there.

It was a great morning.

Off to Reunion

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Frank and I will be leaving this afternoon for Sebastopol. We are going to join up with old friends, some we have not seen for decades. This will be an amazing and a moving experience.

It has been dubbed Geezerpalooza.

Ready set go. I’ll be back Monday.