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Steve Jobs’ Last Gift

Posted in esoterica, reading, tech with tags , , on November 3, 2011 by darcyarts

“Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh wow”.

These were Steve Jobs’ last words.

It has to be my favorite quote of the decade. Can you imagine what he was seeing?

My husband, Frank, brought me that news knowing how much I would like it. I have been collecting scraps of  “evidence” about the passage between worlds most of my life. It’s very much like my very own giant ball of twine composed of every loose string I ever encountered. It is the treasure of my heart/mind.

Two stories from the Washington Post: Brad Hirschfield and Hayley Tsukayama.

Here is a page on Dr. Melvin Morse from the NDE site. Interesting information from neuroscientist, Andrew Newberg, too.


Changing Formats – Vinyl, Tape, Digital

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I have always loved music, rock n roll, anything really interesting, sincere, sexy music and a deep appreciation for those who make it.

What I do not like are the regular innovations that give industries new material to pedal. Planned obsolescence –>Yuck.

What was wrong with vinyl? There is nothing like the sound of it pouring through large speakers filling a room. Being bathed in sweet, warm sound had been one of the great pleasures of my life.

In the 80’s,I was forced to move off vinyl and onto cassette tapes. I resisted as long as I could. A turntable and a cassette player were required to hear my complete catalog. Too much stuff.

Yes, records are heavy, they take up space but the art and info is so, so superior. I could whine all day about cha cha cha changes. Sometimes you just have to yield and wait for the creamy versions to return.

Come the late 90s, I’ll admit I was fully committed to the short glorious dawn of Napster.  I was gladly dealing in digital. Yes, I know that musicians sometime lost money but when big changes rumble though your time you gotta hold on tight.

Poverty stricken, then, I drooled at the thought of an endless supply of music.

Finding Napster was just like that scene in the Shirley Temple movie, The Little Princess. A  well-off child is reduced to a tattered, perpetually hungry scullery maid by a cruel boarding school mistress after her father’s apparent death. Shirley is banished to the attic  to live with another  neglected orphan. One Christmas morning they wake to find sumptuous fur-trimmed robes, warm slippers and a table full of beautiful food.

Cesar Romero, playing the handsome, wealthy and empathetic East Indian man  who lives next door to the boarding school,  is their secret benefactor. this picture of Cesar is actually from the film Wee Willie Winkie. He looks as fab as ever.

Napster made me a pirate desperate for treasure. With my measly 56k internet connection it was a full-time enterprise. It was a blessed enterprise, coinciding with my Jeff Buckley mania. I captured so many bootleg shows.  Napster fed my obsessions. Thanks Sean Fanning.

Mountains of  free bread and cheese are manna from heaven to the starving, ill-gotten or not. The question of “how”, “who” is shoved aside until after the goods have been devoured.

“I ain’t no monument to justice.”

Now the magic of technology will allow me to  take hundreds of seldom played cassette tapes and convert them to a digital format. At least I’m hoping so. It was the cheapest solution involving the fewest elements. I’ll probably lose sound quality but  it’s simple and time’s a wasting.

I have so many good things on tape. Now I will be able to put them on CD and play them in the car or in my kitchen work space. All my cassette player/boom box combo have bitten the dust. They were space hogs anyway. Adieu, old technology.

I think I’ll make art out of the old material.


Crashed and Soaped

Posted in shopping, tech with tags , on March 21, 2011 by darcyarts

With the Sun freshly in Aries and with no help from a retrograde Mercury my hand me down computer crashed. It was a ticking time bomb of disfunction but I kept working it.

This means I will be out in the world looking for help recovering those all important file. the files I kept telling myself I should save on an alternative storage device. I’m also pretty sure I need a fresh replacement for work here in the DarcyArts office. Something through to run the magicjack  and the printer.

I will be picture deprived while in this transition though that could be remedied. Wait a minute!


Dude, this machine, this fine laptop, takes pix and videos for instant postage. Just like Colby Chandler’s laptop on which she slagged her mom, Liza for sleeping with her boyfriend.

In case you don’t know that is a story line in All My Children. That soap is a very guilty pleasure. I often find I lack the ability to suspend my disbelief. It seems that continuity and believability are not required there in AMC land.

Hipster children de Facebook. I now loathe Reverend what’s his name. Slime ball. Never were two characters less believable than he and his accomplice who does nothing. Stupid.

Boy does this office area need better lighting! The brain surgery wattage lights in the “country” style fan fixture are not the thing for flattering photos.

Okay, that is enough of that.

I even figured out how to add photos from my scadisc attachment. See this first photo up there? The office in the blazing too-bright light? Ah. Solutions are great.

Off to work and fix it details. Good Day, y’all.

Chore No More

Posted in tech with tags , , on January 13, 2010 by darcyarts

Finally! The small stack of ancient computer parts have left the garage! The trip to the City of Redding ewaste station was postponed again and again since wat before the holidays.

Today Frank and I loaded up the cast off computer towers and huge old monitors thereby lightening our load considerably.

The next big chore will be doing taxes. I made a call to the IRS this afternoon to make sure I know which forms I will need this year to report my new-to-me tax realities.

I’m getting started early. Soon I will receive my W2 form from my old employer and I’ll be ready to go.

Guess I better get caught up on my small business tax reading.

Time the Thief

Posted in family, tech, travel with tags , , , on May 27, 2009 by darcyarts

A new computer was one of the reasons I traveled to the Bay area. The real reason, the human reason, was to see my kids.

I didn’t know it when I pulled out of our driveway here in Redding but I had some unfinished business as a mother.

My children had left the nest “for reals” after we had moved to this house in late 2006. Jess left as soon as she had the money saved to go set herself up in San Francisco. She was so anxious to get into her real adult life.

Brian, a being with great and august past life history I am sure, took his time and went when he had a deal he could not pass up. Law School Arnold style. More about that later.

Jessica convinced me to make the Memorial Day weekend a travel adventure. I had wanted to go to break up my long string of seriously dedicated days of working. I’d been cranking and focusing very earnestly every day of this year and the last year, too.

I needed a break from everything just to clean my psychic lenses. That’s what I told myself and yet I hesitated. I shouldn’t go. No, I should go. My brain was scrambled.

But finally I went adventuring alone for the first time in a very long time.

I spent a Saturday night and a Sunday morning with Jessica and her man, Colby. It was cool, great to see her and Colb and to meet their roommate, Moises, the lovely sprite boy artist, in the flesh.

Sunday afternoon I left to go have dinner with Brian and Barrack Arnold then spent a lovely night at the Arnold’s beautiful house in Santa Rosa. It was a cozy comfortable visit.

I always feel comfortable with my kids. They are both so generous and affectionate toward me.

Still, I felt was a monster wave of sadness roiling in me. It was pulling itself into shape as the weekend progressed ready to curl and break.

I left Santa Rosa with mommy tears at having said goodbye to Brian. I love him so dearly.

The tears rolled down my cheeks and nearly blurred my vision as I took the curves on highway 29. I was finally grieving for their absence from my life. I had felt little spurts of pain for years but now I really knew with my whole heart that the kids were well launched in their own lives.

It was a strange combination of  joy and a deep sadness. Such a weird feeling. I was standing on the threshold of the rest of my life.

We will always be close and have great love and affection for one another. Now I can see that even when I put myself in their physical presence I can never really be in their world.

In this river of time we are all in separate boats. We may be able to wave hello or pull up next to one another and talk for a bit but our time together on the water, in the flow, will be fleeting. Time is a thief.

Walk it Off

Posted in tech with tags , , on May 18, 2009 by darcyarts

Have to go take the car for repair. We’re bound for Athens repair shop and will enjoy a nice walk back to Freebridge.

I will try to communicate my need to have only one thing repaired, try to readiate the I’m-not-a-sucker vibe. I’ll tell them I have the Car Guys’ home phone number.

Watched Frost /Nixon last night.

Frank Langella was fantastic. Michael Sheen was distractingly goofy looking (no disrepect). I think they gave him fake bags under his eyes. It was like looking at a chipper 13 year old aged to look 35. He’s got a dazzling smile.

Sam Rockwell is one of my favorites.

Had a very interesting dream about the RS.

More later.

Lists and Miraculous Changes

Posted in Art, dreams, family, projects, tech, television on January 21, 2009 by darcyarts


It is a time in my creative life when I am keeping lists. I have a lot to get to and I must keep my flow going.


It was inauguration day and I watched with delight. We had the TVs on MSNBC all day.

Every part of watching people joyfully gather to celebrate the official arrival of their new first family was life-affirming. Obama! Obama! Obama!

I spent hours cutting out dragon parts while looking in on the proceedings, the refreshingly earnest pagentry.

 Today as President Obama signed into law his fist bill, a salary freeze starting at the top, I was moved to tears to think that all the things that we know deep down in our hearts need to be addressed probably will be.

It took a whole day to get dragon parts ready for sewing.














I spent the later part of the day putting files onto data disks. I purchased Windows XP for the “new” refurbished Tiger Direct computer that was F’ed Up from the start. I’d like to be able to buy music downloads so I must update.


Still, this here Compaq is the work horse we’re on, and so I bravely and cautiously ran the JV16 Power Tools registry cleaner on it.

It seems to have made a world of difference.

You may recall my having complained in weeks past about its slowness. It was loaded with old programs and files that bogged it down. I managed to choose those I knew were defunct and so far so good.

In the past few days we had numerous circuit breaker overloads. Unfortunately the wall plug the computer is using is on the kitchen circuit.

When the simultaneous microslave, television, fairy lights, electric stove usage trips the switch, there goes the computer, too.

I don’t think it was too good for this old computer to repeatedly have the electrical rug pulled out from beneath it.

By the time I downloaded the power tools it was limping in the weeds.