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Chores this morning included cutting the  top section of an old couch into what I hope are acceptable pieces to be collected by the waste management service. I think it will go. Cross your fingers and I’ll cross mine.

This is a bit of putting off the inevitable. Someday soon I will have to call a junk man, a guy with some muscle and a truck, not too expensive, to haul away our collection of outdated electronic machines.

TVs used to be so big and heavy. Computer parts, too.

Dorm refrigerators will die if you stab their cooling line accidentally while in a cleaning frenzy. It’s bad.

I would love to clear it all out and I will eventually . . . soon.


Come On, Fall

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There is coolness in the morning air and if you look closely you will see leaves turning colors. Autumn is slowly slipping in.

The weather channels have Redding in the high 90s for all of next week but that can change.

Looking at these photos from November 2009 let me cheat a bit on getting a bit of that fall feeling.

Marla in her grand Afro fright wig. Scaredy Kat freaking in my old work space.

Pumpkin muffins are a real good bet. Can you smell them, warm and fresh from the oven?

We must wait a few more weeks.

Our black inanimate dog is now sporting the grand afro. He looks great.

Most of yesterday was spent rearranging the living room and the attached work space.

Resisted televisuals in the living room for years but no more. I love big screens and I can feed it all from my computer.  Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu. I am a documentary hog. I love learning about all kinds of stuff. Kinda semi-heavenly.

Mind Women

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Inspired by Egon Scheile’s women I decided to see if I could make something in my simple cloth doll format.

It is pleasurable to make the faces in a new way — Prismacolor pencil and permanent marker around the eyes, cloth lips hand stitched into place and slightly embellished with embroidery thread. The hair is in sort of block form, just shapes with tendrils, to represent and up do.

They are dressed in Fin de Siecle under garments. I’m working on getting them to look right having scored lots of nice materials.

I think the underwear will be most successful in all white, off white. For this first try I used this pale brick color for the top but it’s cut and color are too modern. I need to keep them simple and yet sort of voluminous.

The women are the project I do in between Etsy orders of Donut andCurly Star pillows.

I’m making three curly stars this weekend. I will get back to the women later. I also have biz taxes due soon. Paperwork and doctors appointments and errands . . .


I managed to make a blonde head that is pleasingly Mae-West like.

I am working on a series of girls for the DarcyArts shop.  A redhead is next. She’ll have green eyes.

I gave the blonde lavender eye shadow and a little purple star tattoo high up on her cheek.

And, by the way, LA Ink starts next Thursday. Will it be frustration or fun?


Noir for the Soul

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While browsing Netflix Saturday I realized they have a huge selection of good old film noir available for instant view. Frank and I began watching them that afternoon.

One of the things Frank really misses from our shunned cable usage is Turner Classic Movies. Both of us grew up on Hollywood’s classic black and white films. We had become aware of their absence.

I Wake Up Screaming was the best of the two we watched on our kick-off Noir film day. I fell in love with the strange, beautiful energy of Laird Cregar.

He was big — 6′ 4″ — beautiful and gay. Sadly, he died young trying to lose too much of his ever-present and generous weight.

I think it’s fair to say his presence was mesmerizing. He made a compelling dark character. He was both good and bad in the aforementioned film noir, ultimately, a sympathetic character, at least, in my eyes.

Look at his eyes in this still from his last film Hangover Square. He had been punishing his body with radical dieting, amphetamines, etc. He died before the film was released following a weight-loss related surgery.

Laird plays a Jack the Ripper-like character in The Lodger .

We’ll have to wait for that one to arrive by snail mail. I can’t wait!

He plays the Devil in the 1943 version of Heaven Can Wait.

Though Laird looks the part in this photo (3rd on page) from the film Rings on Her Finger.

Here is a piece on Laird, from the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

In the Middle

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There are signs that I may have fallen down the rabbit hole of holiday sales season 2010. It’s a rush and at the same time that it is just a little bit frightening.

I am well into fulfilling an order for 11 big double chocolate donuts and I’ve got a Stevie Wonder doll to start.

Will the velocity of sales at the DarcyArts shop increase?

Will it be a gas, gas, gas, cranking out my little lovelies for all the fans of DarcyArts? Yes, it will.

I think I’ve got the hang of spreading my energies evenly over all the tasks at hand. It’s freedom of movement  that comes from employing the carousel method of creation. I ride a different painted pony every few hours.  I switch it up — sew, cut, stitch, stretch. When my eyes need to stretch their vision to a far horizon I’ll run an errand. Get myself  to the health food store, JoAnn store for more stuffing, or check the thrift stores for the things on my list. 

Then back to work. After the morning  NPR programs are finished I’ll turn on the sweet trashy Bravo TV shows or HGTV as background noise. I look up occasionally to see whats going on but keep my eyes on the project at hand.

When I need a little outside energy I’ll have another cup of tea and play some good music to push me through — Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age, some good old Rolling Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Love, Robyn Hitchcock, Iggy Pop.

I’ve been slowed a bit by a virus my honey and I picked up  last week. My immune system is doing its job of kicking its ass. I have not been really down with it. At first it felt like I was being invaded by a load of tiny aliens but I’ve been able to work plenty and sleep plenty.

I’m still up early, before the sun shines, Checking for orders, setting up my work for the day. I get my materials ready, have a glass of tea, and this week, eat way too much carrot cake.

Things are rolling along. I am so happy to be working at producing things that I dreamed up, so pleased that I finally managed to make something out of nothing. February 2, 2011 will be the second anniversary of quitting my day job.

I feel good about the things I do. I have an open mind. I’m learning all the time and I am making people happy.

No more sour apples.

Mick 3

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I finished my third Mick Jagger doll all except for the scarf. I’m waiting to hear from the uncle who will give this Soft Boy to his 4-year-old niece. I want to make the scarf in her favorite color.

Mick is fun to do. His lips are time-consuming but it’s so worth it.

The 4 year old who will receive this doll loved the one her uncle had.

She said she knew she loved him because he had lipstick on.

That is glam.

This Mick has a hip belt of faux leather with a real leather lace.

I may make him sockies to match the scarf when I find out what color to use.

This Mick’s hair is pretty wild.

I gave him darker eyebrows, too.

I’m thinking on the next Mick I may use pasted on fleece eyebrows.

My little redheaded alterego wanted to have her picture taken with Mick 3 before he goes to New Jersey. I should definitely put this on Facebook.

Frank and I pigged out on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of DC yesterday. The episode where the Salahis crash the White House dinner and take pictures of themselves with D.C. stars as if they were posing with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at Disneyland. So crazy. People whore-out for fame. Why? Who want’s attention when it can go so bad? Fame = Loss of Freedom. Boo.

Ask Mick. He knows the drawbacks.

Retro Halloween with Thurman and Moss

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This is the stuff of a really great retro Halloween for all those young at heart and fond of silly, naughty, goofy comedy.

I was 13 and they were my heroes Jim Thurman and Gene Moss. I watched Shrimpenstein every day after school.

 I loved them both but I was particularly fond of Jim Thurman

He made a few appearances on the Muppet Show, worked on Sesame Street ( voiced Tiny Little Super Guy) and he and Moss did Roger Ramjet. These guys were brilliant, Check the run down at muppet wikia.

Here is a cool piece on Gene Moss from WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

Corey Miller’s Owls

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This is an image of a Corey Miller owl tattoo is from a tremendously cool blog out of Nottingham, UK, that posts pix of Owl Tattoos!!

If you ever considered getting an Owl on your bod this is the place to check out. There is a serious gallery of good photos of tattoo artists, owl by owl, from all over the world.

Corey Miller did another owl tattoo for Amy at American Electric and it was so cute. It had sweet girly eyes, perfect for Amy. Here’s a link to that photo.

Corey Miller is so very talented. Here is a link to his shop Six Feet Under.

I am watching LA Ink but I am watching it a week late to catch it at 9 p.m.

Still getting up really early. It’s so nice and quiet before the sum comes up.

I still can’t stand some of the high jinx on the “reality” tv show. Rooftop sucks. I hope Kat got really tired of his crap. I wondered if he really stayed at her house or if that was faux reality TV bullshit. I hope so.

Kat seems to be maturing and damn, she really tries to get her thing going on in a major way. Gotta respect that, for reals.

Purple Candles and the Starry Dynamo

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It is usually dark when I get up. In the cool weather I light candles to brighten the space a little and to remember my connection to the starry dynamo.

Yes. I am burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the stilled machinery of  black morning.

Thank you for your brilliant, bodhisattva spirit, Allen Ginsberg.

There was a time when Allen Ginsberg was everywhere, always with the hipsters, as generations passed, and children bloomed into ecstatic, hopeful adults. I miss his curly-haired, bespectacled physical presence though I don’t feel that he is really gone.

I gave this fabulous plant, rescued from the lunchroom at Record Searchlight, a bigger pot. It has done so well since coming to Hamilton Street. It’s little gnome buddies keep it company. It’s in my main work space, where the southern light shines in the windows.

This plant is completely agreeable and asks for very little, unlike some other plants I know.

It’s time to go to the workspace but I linger a bit.

I stayed up late last night sewing a donut and squiddies and watching Flipping Out and The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo.

I am way too caught up in the soft Virgo drama of Rachel Zoe’s life. Balance, Rache, balance. You’ve blossomed in the outer world. Now you need grow a bigger heart emotionally. Babies will do that. Don’t miss out. Listen to Rodger, honey. 

If I’m not careful this will become an advice blog for “Reality” TV stars that I do not know in real life. That would be sad.

I did have a moment of  inspiration this morning. I was enchanted by a sort of creepy YouTube video of  David Bowie at Andy Warhol’s Factory. David is way dorky, trying too hard to be odd, and wanting, oh, so badly to be noticed by Andy. He fails.

I would like to make a set of dolls from these images. I confess, I have an imaginary love/hate relationship with David.

ReDo # 99

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I must admit a fondness for change but it often stems from a practical need. In my work spaces I try different things usually to gain more space, have things more readily at hand and, yes, so that things look interesting.

I’ve redone the kitchen work space for about the fifth time. This redesign gave me the most space and the most desk top area.

Lots of light for a portion of the day. Lots of lamps when the sun is farther to the west.

Everything is within reach and I got rid of the claustrophobia-inducing dark shelf and the table set up that cut into in the middle of the small space.

I back slid and bought a little HDTV for the space. It was ridiculous to have TV in this room when the TV was as big as a safe. This little screen is nice and I can listen to and occasionally glance at my favorite HGTV and Bravo shows.

I’ll tune into MSNBC when Tamron is on, or when the President is speaking, or if there is something really important going on but I can no longer take the nattering of most weekday politi-news shows.

I’ll tell you something though, I ♥ Florida Congressman Alan Grayson!

This man speaks his mind in a ballsy straightforward and, yes, theatrical way. He’s smart and I like his intelligent no-bullshit way.

I love all the little crap I collect in my workspace, too.

This little robot lights up when you push on his head, I gave him a little red plug buddy.

Here is my yellow mushroom with spools of pink embroidery thread, an old photo booth pic of Frank and I and a decorated matchbox I did around 2004 or 2005.

Color, baby! I love it so much.

I made my first plush, beaded mini-donut from the hole cutouts from the giant donuts.

It came out nicely. I had slightly smaller tube beads to use for sprinkles.

You can see the small donut against my new storage shelf. Above it is a bag of patterns for my dolls, mushrooms and a dragon tail.

My old heavy cardboard shelf fell over earlier in the week so I grabbed up my remainder pieces of wood and cobbled together this shelf. It was made to fit in this space. It’s long and narrow and I’m glad I had just the right pieces.

I took out nearly all the materials for doll cloths. I had big plans to make a million dolls with skirts and blouses made of cute, glittery socks.

I’ll get to that if anyone buys one of my Soft Girls.

I am giddily happy and thank the beings of light every day that I have a patron for the Soft Boys. My rock n roll dreams made into goofy, embroidered 3D portraits of my favorite musicians. ♥♥♥

It’s easier to do in this new space.

Here I will create donuts and dolls. Joe Strummer with a mohawk, David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust, Robyn Hitchcock and Marc Bolan must come next!

I’d like to do other Mick and Keiths, Frida Kahlos, women artists and just plain ol’ weird cute dolls. I will.

I got an idea yesterday for some crazy little kid lamps surrounded in plush critters I want to try soon. That means a trip to the thrift stores.

I may stumble upon just the materials I’m looking for.

I was reminding myself that I need to get it together to find garage sales soon. There have been a few in my neighborhood over the last month that I have just blown off. I don’t need more junk, I tell myself, but there could be treasures I could share with my Etsy friends. Maybe this weekend I’ll go out early with a pocket of cash and hut for good finds. The latest check of Etsians selling in the north state reveals I’ll have lots of competition out there. Game on, eagle-eyed buyers. Scavenger hunts as recycling is the mode o day.

It will be hot soon so I better end this long blog post.

Frank and I want to catch Inception later today.