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It’s Now

Posted in easy living, esoterica, TV with tags , , on March 14, 2012 by darcyarts

It the day after my last chemo dosing. I’m still high from a combo of steroids, put into the  mix somewhere and at the same time a bit whoozy from last night’s atavan which I took to get some sleep. I’ve decided that having the steroids wake me at two or three a.m. with a strong desire to scrub the bathroom floor with a tin toothbrush isn’t really what I need to be doing, nor is making a giant plate of corn pancake. Both things would me happy but very fatigued afterward and throughout the next day.

Homey don’t play. Get me a scrub brush, Stat!!

Me the day after chemo, full of poison and feel good steroids. So fierce. Sometime I wish I could just be cranking on steroids all the time. I’d surely get into lots of trouble.

I’ve had the energy to get on the phone and straighten out all the dangling elements of various bills. Everything is smooth sailing for now. Not too shabby for Mercury retrograde. It is just spinning now before it appears to walk back through Aries to Pisces.

More good  news. I read in an email from one of the gay newsletters/magazines Advocate/Out, that tonight is the premiere of Jeffrey Lewis’ new show Interior Therapy. Hurray. Followed by Million Dollar Listings New York. Sweet, cheap but brilliant entertainment.

To balance my fierce steroid shots above I’ve decided to share  some beauty shots with you.

Easiest face-lift trick in the book = reclining.

I look like I should be demanding, ever so pleasantly of course,

“Darling, could you put a few more banana slices in my cream of rice.” Later you all, with Love.

Chickens, for Days

Posted in nature, TV with tags , , , on July 21, 2011 by darcyarts

The sprinklers were sprinkling, the sun was up, the breeze cool. I was tending to something when Frank said “There’s a chicken in the yard.”

I looked out and there was a nice looking white chicken walking up and down the little drive.

She is still out there, passing back and forth through the oleander hedge. I put some cracked corn out there. She had a bit but seems to be finding lots of other interesting items to nibble.

What’s odd is that last night Frank and I watched the new Roseanne show on the Lifetime channel. Chickens were a big part of both episodes we watched.

This show is mellower, though the bitching is still part of Roseanne’s natural expression. She and her extended family — son, daughter, grandkids, and Roseanne’s live-in musician boyfriend interact on  a cool macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

Roseanne’s Nuts also has visiting royalty, aka the soulful, funky Bonnie Bramlett, and laid back native Hawaiian neighbors/musicians who perform little narrative tunes in between segments none of which are too loaded with important content.  Johnny Argent, the beau, keeps the chickens. They are his pets/pet project.

I would like to have chickens but I don’t think the landlord would dig  a lawn dotted with little chicken domiciles.

Mondo Flasho

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Mondo Guerra is trying to build up a fan base through his Facebook Page. I’ve already liked it but you can go there and check it out. Join the Mondo thing. I love his design sensibility. It is playful and bold and it incorporates iconography from Mexican culture. That’s a good thing.

(pic from TV guide)

I am hoping to honor Mondo’s good work with a little of my own. I want to make a Mondo Soft Boy.

Here’s a quick sketch.

The super up swept hair will be an interesting challenge. Mondo may also be the first Soft Boy with ears.

Stay tuned.

If ever there was a man  perfectly doll-inspiring, it’s Mondo Guerra.

I’ll definitely put Mondo in shorts and black shoes. I love that look.

Working the black, white and grey can be a soothing antidote to a decade’s crappy aesthetic.

I used those colors  it in the 80s to escape the assault of messed up,  shocking pinks,  turquoises, purples and the horrifying patterns designers tried to foist on us back then. I think they were snorting too much coke and woke up a lot of really ugly visions. It was a scary time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rich saturated color but some how in the 80s the particular shades seemed sooooo tacky.

I think those colors may be trying to come back.

Kids, the eighties style is not, not good. do not go there.

Robyn Hitchcock Art

Posted in Art, esoterica, music, rock n roll, TV with tags , , , on September 7, 2010 by darcyarts

I dreamed of hanging out with Robyn Hitchcock the other night. We were in a very nice space, large rooms and curved areas as opposed to linear flat squares in the architecture. I felt very comfortable with Robyn. We seemed to be very comfortable friends. I was buying a print from him. I asked him to remind me that I owed him for the last print as well, then a total of $40, or $20 for each print.

The new print was a very cool drawing of three figures two were semi-ghostly and one was more solid and seemed to have a sober, serious demeanor. The eyes were dark and a little sad. The figures were rendered in sepia ink or watercolor. The print measure about 18″ x 24″. I was very happy with the print, happy to have it.

This morning, an email from the Museum of Robyn Hitchcock led me to the site where I found Robyn’s art. There are many images of ghostly figures.

Here is a lovely image from Hitchcock’s site.

There are a few of his father, Raymond Hitchcock’s, paintings there as well. Raymond was an author, too. He wrote many books including one titled Venus Thirteen. Aha.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus Three have a new album –Propellor Time. I am listening to samples right this very minute.

I love Robyn. I was seized by him the very first time I saw him. It was on the great concert show, Reverb. He, dressed in his black and white polka dot shirt, was performing Freeze, so magnetic and odd and sexy it was. I was astounded by him. He was big and delicate at the same time. I was mesmerized by the way he sort of sprung or flung his fingers onto the fret board to play the notes like a praying mantis attack. I loved the way he moved his head and shook his silver hair out of his eyes. I loved the  broken string, thin and silvery, dangling from the tuning peg, sparkling in the stage lights. Chimera, child.

Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip!

He’s Probably Not the One, Kat

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OMG! Kat von D said she thinks Jesse James is the “One.”  Yeah, the one that will cheat on you, too. I don’t think Kat really cares. She’s pretty motivated to keep  things temporary.

The Huffington Post has big photos of the pair at the opening of  Kat’s Wonderland Gallery. Von D’s new enterprise is an art and body art gallery adjacent to her tattoo shop.

I think art comes first for KvD and that may be a good thing. I think she has roamed the planet as a male in most of her past lives and this girl thing is sorta weird for her. She is looking more and more like a drag queen. I’m not saying that is a bad thing. I’m a drag admirer and everything past the naked skin is drag, anyway. 

It seems obvious that her idea of “woman” hangs on the ideal of a painted glamour  that requires plenty of manipulation. It’s all good but who are you when you don’t have the energy to do the full on geisha get up? Do you like that girl, Kat? Would Jesse James like her? is the online name and address of Kat’s gallery because Wonderland Gallery already exists as some mega-corporate looking art enterprise. It’s pretty scary looking uber-modernish over the couch art online art dealership.

Kat probably should have checked google before using that name but I can relate to such mistakes. Etsy let me choose the name DarcyArts even though they have Dizenzo Design out of Brooklyn selling as Darcyart.

And then there is Dame Darcy, lovely dollmaker, artist, musician. The very girl who originally inspired me to think about making dolls when I caught her in action on Crafters Coast to Coast. Dame Darcy has an Etsy shop, too.

I know I’ve been really bitchy about LA Ink lately but, dude, they asked for it.  The transgression against those of us who watched early and devotedly have been named here in this blog ad nauseam.

I’m a little confused by their programming strategy of showing an older episode before the new episode. The older episodes were all about the art, the skill, the human interest of the story behind the tattoos.

Are they testing the ratings of the old programs? The older episodes didn’t make me flinch. I didn’t watch them while filled with bad feelings, aggravation and angst. But still I watch. I hate the tacky cheap drama but I want to watch alterna-peeps. I do not identify with mild nerdology ala The Office. I do not flow with Friday Night Lights. I do not love the foibles of housewives, New Jersey, Orange County or Desperate. LA Ink began with real artists and real people without any of the bullshit of extreme reality TV. I want to go back to there.

As alterna goes I tried to love the L Word. I loved Shane and, anything with Leisha Haley, Pam Grier or Dallas Roberts is really good in my estimation, but once again, the tacky soap opera shit got real old. When writers make characters do things that don’t fit their essence that irritates me. After a while it felt like nothing more than a long, exploitative yet sexy, lingerie ad all too often starring the wanna-be subversive Jenny Schecter. Eeww.

I tried not to get hung up but Queer As Folk was the unspoken value to match and The L Word just got too too carried away with itself. It felt like they only sketched out the characters and then forgot that vague form the farther out in time they traveled. If characters grew they were demoted/divorced from what they had learned to serve the plot of the moment. Well crafted, the L Word was not.

 Maybe everyone was just too perfect and lived in too high-rent a set up for me. The writers did not convincingly sell me  the L world. Constructive criticism, folks. Love your characters enough to ground them in a solid sense of self.

Vince Gilligan and crew are the masters. Emmy voters, are you listening? Next year.

LA Ink, Ruthless?

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As discussed in this recent post I’m into the new season of LA Ink. I was foolishly hoping that the drama between Cory Miller and Kat von D would smooth out but I guess the powers that be thought ” what’s reality TV without a train wreck?”

Kat was embarrassed, the help was bummed, Cory was working off his wounded pride.

It looks like the real tacky drama will transfer to American Electric where the amazingly eccentric Craig will probably not let it get too out of hand but DUDE!!!! WTF is up with Ruthless. I think assuming she is a victim of some sort of childhood abuse is a safe bet. Well adjusted, loved people do not usually threaten to beat their coworkers head on the curb.

could Ruthless just be acting out her wanna be outlaw presumptions about the tattooing world? Is she a tweeker with a really low threshold for the sound of the human voice?

I like Amy. She is styling big and doing pretty good work. She seems like a person who is fairly calm and has a sense of fairplay. Ruthless seems to be under the impression that we here on planet earth are meant to eat or be eaten. I really thought we moved beyond that one after the saber tooth tigers roamed the land.

If you are truly in love with what you do and are able to focus on and commit to your work you do not need to throw down and engaged in shit-talking ‘tard* fights over imagined “territory.”

Reality TV, I hate you. You folks out there willing to “act” as if we are still drooling and walking on our knuckles, grow up! Bleep all the tacky bridezilla, the hater housewives of  backwardville.

Oh, Mike Judge, how deeply you hit the nerve with your Idiocracy. I am still trembling.

TRASH TV. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE WOMEN that fall for this trope???  Don’t do it. You are setting us back hundreds of years.

Amy, dear, just ignore Ruthless. Dont’ hang back with the beasts. Let her flounder in her own vitriolic stew. Maybe she’ll spontaneously combust.

*by “tard” I do NOT mean people  with any sort of brain anomaly. If you have known anyone  intellectually or genetically challenged you know that they are very special teachers fully in possession of great, shining spirits unlike the creeps who want to act like dumbasses just to annoy others. You know who you are, dumbass. Just STOP.

LA Ink, Implanted Irritant, No Pearl

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Reality TV could be so great. It could be giving us information. It could be teaching us. It could be sharing lives in which the participants are doing good positive, uplifting things. But it’s not.

Reality TV, like soap opera, relies on the most simplistic of dramatic motivation and that is the struggle of binary oppositions. We start out with a fairly calm set up, a group in balance and then we drop in the irritant. There is always at least one person meant to cause trouble, to undo bonds, to stick in one’s craw.

While the grain of sand that makes it way into a clam shell is covered in layers of protective coating which eventually makes a beautiful pearl, me thinks the product of reality TV is not so enchanting. The only value of the irritant in TV is to get viewers to watch. We viewers can’t produce coatings to protect us from the trashy invasion in our heads.

I have managed to watch the first two episodes of LA Ink and I have spotted the irritant or should I say irritants. The biggest one for me in just two shows is definitely Rooftop. What a fucking negative wanna-be ass bite. The nickname undoubtedly comes from some crazy stunt observed by his buds, something involving a rooftop, right? So very teenage bad judgement and so very boring.

He makes fun of Nikki Sixx for speaking lovingly of his and Kat’s romantic getting-together moment.

“That’s sickening. I thought you guys were rock stars,” says Rooftop, the Poison Dwarf.

Dude, I think you have rock starts confused with drunken, dumb-ass, not-even-frat-boys.

The other irritant, over at American Electric is new-girl tattooist, Ruthless. It really disgust me to think LA Ink is going to employ catfight antics between the fine Amy and the paranoically territorial, Ruthless.

Should I be disgusted? Or should I get a grip and realize we have entered the old-timey circus, freak show territory. Wrestling, Roller Derby, Tattoo Bitch Fights — all low brow entertainment. All in fun. If only I could push myself to an ironic, all for giggles place. I mean, really, I need to get with it.

I think if Poison Dwarf, Rooftop, stays on board I will be able to hang in the pits and make appropriately ugly roaring noises. Still, the crude creeps seem to win or at least maintain their equilibrium for far too long in this show. Their divisive presence only squelched at the very last moment. This smacks of some kind of rudimentary dawn-of-film silent movie ploy. Ooh, ahh. That train’s going to run right into us. Run!

As an optimist I keep hoping that story threads will some how lead to the high road even though I know they never will. I really want to see things grow in a positive way but that ain’t the script they are working on LA Ink.

In the real world I already know that Kat and Nikki, attractive, rockin power couple are dissolved. I can’t help but imagine that the poison dwarf  irritant worked its evil magic on that pairing though I know that it’s probably more that Kat von D is just hopelessly self-absorbed and that probably gets real old for the boyfriend. Nikki knows a thing or two about being self-absorbed but he’s pretty cool and very cute and maybe even a little bit smart.

Artists often need to be self-absorbed and to lose themselves in their work but on top of the self-absorption there is a real heavy helping of  brutish bad taste. Why would you befriend a creep like Rooftop or any of those mini- testosteroned mutants Kat seems to enjoy. It must be the modern short-man’s complex. No more Napoleon. They’ll just jump off rooftops and staple their balls to our thighs or whatever crap these brainless crapped -out dorks dream up. I’ll admit that my impression of  the post-modern Jackass-type dudes is not based in real one to one knowledge. Would you hang out with these idiots? I just have to assume that one should never mistake, as I once did, Kat’s ambitious, artistic, rockin’ presentation for wit or intelligence.

And now, dear readers and modern reality soap opera lovers, the icing on this creepy foul cake is this: Kat von D is rumored to be close with and sympathetic to the poor misunderstood Jesse James.

I think she was quoted as saying something like “Anybody can make a mistake.”

This quote from alledged “friends of Kat” from Popeater:

 “Jesse just has this way with women that makes you melt. Plus, Kat feels bad for him. He’s the most hated man in America, after what he did to Sandra, which she finds kind of sexy.” Ewwww!

Why is this shit even in my head??????? The bear baiters have got me. RAAAAAW!

AMC Confession

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I have been watching All My Children, off and on, since it started in 1970.

There have been years when I did not tune in and I admit that I have little patience with the whole set up of soap opera. I want people to be happy. I like it when couples stay together. The soap opera makes drama from messy breakups, out-of-character cheating and unrealistic character flaws. It’s irritating but sometimes they do a storyline that is attractive.

Bianca’s fling with Zoe/Chloe was very interesting.

I always had a soft spot for Tad and Dixie. I loved Trevor Dillon before his wife Janet went off the deep end and stashed him in the freezer.

My current faves are Jake (so cuddly) and Amanda. After all these years my affection in always tempered with a sort of  cringe. Jake and Amanda are perfectly happy. When will their love be destroyed, smashed to bits?

I like Damon, Tad’s new out-of-nowhere son but not nearly as much as Ricky Paull Goldin’s Jake.

I will be very interested to see what Michael Nouri does on AMC. His confession-of-lost-love scene broadcast Wednesday brought tears to my eyes. Pretty cool, Nouri.

Breaking Bad, Eek!!

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It’s Saturday, or as I call it this time of year, the day before Breaking Bad.

Sunday night is the last episode of the third season. I was literally stunned by the ending of last week’s episode. You think Walt and Jesse can’t get in any deeper but they just keep sinking into risk.

I am excited to see this episode and so bummed that the season is already over. It will be a year before I can catch a repeat of the season 3 episodes. They are usually rerun just before the new season starts. That will be Feb. 2011?

Maybe they’ll get the season 3 onto DVD for Christmas. That would be fab.

 Vince Gilligan’s writing on this show is superb. I am always amazed by the visual richness and the completely believable. character-based dramatic tension of each show.

I have proposed that Frank and I begin watching the Gilligan-written episodes of the X Files and trying out the Lone Gunmen series in Breaking Bad’s absence. Somehow I’ll get through the summer and closer to February one Gilligan-penned piece at a time.

Morning Sky

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Couldn’t resist running for the camera.

Good morning and it’s going to be warm.

All is well in my world.

Work, dig life, love.

Trees are graceful friends. If I didn’t love Frank or know him, I’d marry a eucalyptus.

I’ll miss the sunrise when we move to a later summer schedule but I’ll be able to dig Conan.

One has to set one’s priorities.

Breaking Bad will be more enjoyable viewing when I’m not fighting sleep.