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Very White

Posted in gardening, nature, photos, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 31, 2012 by darcyarts

Finally got some good pictures of the new white papavers.

You have to catch them in just the right light. Too much light and the image blown out. Too little and they look drab.

These are more of the fine crop of Annie’s flowers we got at Eileen Barry’s Wild Thyme in April.

The  tomatoes are doing very well. A closer examination gave e the distinct impression that we did get cherry tomatoes. I hope so. one plant is filled with many, many, little red bulbs.

I also stuck an old onion in a planter from which I expect to see pretty buds soon. Will they be shades of lavender?

10 a.m. Rockin’ My Plimsoul

Posted in Uncategorized on May 7, 2012 by darcyarts

It’s 10  a.m. and I think it’s the perfect time to listen to Jeff Beck Group’s “Truth.” There is no one to disturb with the loudness. I’m all alone and truth be told, I’ve been watching way too much TV. It’s a bit of a scratchy copy but not bad. Years ago, I found wonderful speakers while checking out the goods at the Discovery Shop.

Yes, I’m spoiled by the iPod, not having to flip records to get the whole album, but the sound is so worth it.  Right now I’m hearing Jeff’s acoustic “Greensleeves” and I know it will soon roll into Rod singing “Rock My Plimsoul.” Ah.

I think I need a round-up of the Grateful Dead’s best versions of “Morning Dew.” Ask and ye shall be given. There is a web site with a list! I need to find them. A trip to Meteor Records in Anderson?


Posted in Uncategorized on March 27, 2012 by darcyarts

Though it may snow before the spring has really sprung I think we are looking good. There has been wind and rain but that is March, Eh? I’m itching to grow something but I won’t rush it.

The catnip is roaring back. Herbs, the more aromatic the better, sound just right for this season. Tomatoes and also flowers for  butterflys and hummingbirds. Fuschias? Any good ideas, anyone?

Chuck b. over at My Back 40, is growing cherries on trees breed to need less chill. He’s in the Bay area. I need some. Too bad trees take forever to make their sweet fruit.

The rain is still falling and the buds are still popping here in the far North of California. Little violets pop up everywhere. The Iris are growing. Little plants stuck here and there in the thin dirt strip along the walkway to the house are growing. The aloe vera is happy. A desert plant I rescued from the R.S. three years ago is flourishing.  What pleasure to see happy vegetation.

We watched a big batch of Academy Award nominated films last week when Frank was on vacation. I did not care much for My Week with Marilyn. The casting was very weird. Didn’t like Kenneth Branagh as Olivier or Julia Ormond as Vivian Leigh. The story was boring. My big complaint, as always, is the near impossibility of one person being able to radiate the spirit of another. It wasn’t happening with Michelle Williams though I’m sure she did her best.

The Descendants and the Beginners were very nice to watch. Not super mind-blowing but really people, The Artist? Ah, well. Next year.

Haven’t had much energy to do any design related things in the house but did manage this week to add a little more Azteca to the bathroom and why the bleep not? 






Posted in Uncategorized on March 5, 2012 by darcyarts

There are new buds on the hydrangea. A little hope of renewel. If the weather doesn’t do something crazy like bring a surprise snow to the valley floor this month they will flourish.

There is also a volunteer sunflower that has been growing through the chilliest nights. It is nestled up against the big pine tree. I guess the squirrels and the blue jays missed it. Maybe a squirrel buried it for   safekeeping. The catnip in my garden boxes is growing back. Guess it’s time for me to follow suite.

July Spiders

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on July 9, 2011 by darcyarts

Here we have a spider hanging out at the entrance of a wasp’s mud nest. Is that a good idea? Would they work together? Do they have a plan? Would the spider be eaten or would the wasp be stilled?

I never got to find out because the bug guy came and spray and swept away the spiders. I guess they have to do it. The landlady likes things neat. The poison is scary.

Spiders have a purpose in the garden.

This one is spinning a web for him/herself in the tomatoes.

Thank you spider.

Shop, Garden, Crush, part II

Posted in Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 by darcyarts

The garden is growing so swiftly. After the late season rainy days all this sun is call forth the green. I snapped a few shots of the planter boxes and their veggie swag. I’m doing the lazy version of a morning watering. I’ve placed the sprayer onto a couple of pieces of bamboo. At that height the spray covers all the plants and the airborne mist waters the grass.

We ended up with 11 healthy Paul Robeson tomato plants.

The seeds were collected from the bunch of delicious tomatoes gifted to us last summer.

I’d spread them out on a paper towel and the them dry, planted them this May and set them under indoor grow lights. Nature is amazing.

 In this sea of green we have two sunflowers, lots of catnip, one beautiful tomatillo with delicate little yellow flowers, and a cucumber plant.

The old hose, plagued by multi-piercings was replaced by a new bright spring green hose.

We’ve dropped from the triple digit weather to the milder 90s. The vegetable enterprise is blossoming. I hear there is cool air coming in from the ocean early next week.


Back to the magazines of Thursday’s post. I bought Mojo and the Hollywood Reporter.

In keeping with the earthy topic of part II I will share these pictures with you. Two beautiful shots of Brian Eno and Eric Burdon. It is the lads in the dewy days of their youth. Mojo Magazine is a treasure chest of fine pictures.


Eno is a gender fuck sex bomb with a whole lotta brain. That is a good combination.

Eric Burdon has been a long time crush. He’s cute as a kitten and funky sexy as any man alive. I like ’em like that.

(My sweet husband, Frank, is a lovely combination of the two. )

Work and the Summer Solstice

Posted in Uncategorized on June 21, 2011 by darcyarts

The sun is grilling the landscape here in the far northern part of California. It has seemed cool over the last few years, or cooler than those that included unbroken stretches — once over a month — of 100 plus degree days.

I don’t know if temperatures will reach 106 today but I’m very glad I work at home with central air.

After an annoying dream a few days back I have been working diligently. I needed to erase the feelings of inadequacy the dream brought up and dropped on me like five pounds of goose poop.

I was back at a job I once loved, later hated (what lyrics are those?), felt I was doing nothing good, wasting my time, wanted to walk out, then found that I was to be given a number of sweet assignments. I could write about things that actually interested me. The first day I had not one but three choices and faced with choice found I could not focus at all on any one of them.

How aggravating. I did not wake up in a good mood. I stumbled out of bed determined to prove my subconscious WRONG.

I hear a kind voice chiming in “Oh, mama, that’s just dementia paranoia.” Ug.

Over the last few days I have been putting the finishing details into my prototype post-Victorian model doll. I have a way to go if they are to resemble Egon Scheile’s sketches.

She definitely looks more like a model who would have inspired Edouard Manet. What I like about Scheile is the complete informality, simplicty and funkiness of the girls, their dress and the settings.

My clothes here on my model aren’t well worn enough. I’ll work on it.

this is my second doll will sculpted form hair. I did add tendrils. Elvis was my first sculpted-form hair doll.

The model doll is the first to have cloth lips. The number one most work intensive element of The Soft Boys and Girls I have created is the mouth.

I’m talking ’bout you Mick Jagger!

Freedom to really work this doll for myself was a lovely experience. I tried new permanent markers on the eyes and got a good effect.