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Fork in the Road?

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My last fresh post here at DarcyArts was Nov. 3, 2011. The topic was death. I had been so pleased, after decades of reading up on life after death and NDEs, to hear that Steve Jobs last words were “Oh, wow! Oh, wow! Oh, wow!”

I could well imagine the awesome passage he was entering at that moment. Throughout history men and women have experienced spiritual journeys that have enabled them at times to see glimpses of the other world. We have a hunger for those altered states. There are many paths.

This blog is a record of my journey through discovering my own creative abilities. I have occasionally flashed back on elements of my life. I have shared lasting and momentary fascinations. My lapse in posting here has not been due to a lack of interest but rather a very real reduction in my energy level.

Over the course of the last three years, I have been running my Etsy shop, making things, and writing here, I noticed a slow decline. What I attributed to asthma and arthritis, or just getting old has turned out to be the dreaded big  “C.” It took nearly a year to get to get a diagnosis but, finally, last November the word was in.

I’ve had plenty of time to adjust to having my mind far outpace my body. I can think of so many things to do but I can’t physically do them. Very aggravating for an Aries with Gemini rising.

After much reflection I decided that I did not want DarcyArts to become a cancer blog. One can write about cancer when one regains strength. We can recall our misery, the heavy weight of going through chemo, but dude, if I regain some good amount of strength after chemo (last round in two weeks) I want to write about life. I suspect I’ve been living with cancer for years. With or without cancer, I know that I need to bask in the holy carnality of ever single second I have left to breathe and marvel at this journey of ours.

Once again, I hear Allen Ginsberg chanting.

I want to go to the ocean. I want to go the rest of my way here on earth with grace and love and patience. When I slip over I want to be able exclaim ” oh, wow!”


Rainy Morning with James Franco and Spiders

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Up early and actually finding time to read the Advocate article/interview with James Franco.

It’s very good.

An excerpt:

It was hard for us to imagine anyone being able to embody a young Allen, but James just threw himself into the role and knew what was going on emotionally and intellectually for Ginsberg in every line of the script. He so gets into Allen’s skin. It never feels like impersonation. It feels like a deep, nuanced understanding.”

That first impression doesn’t surprise Vince Jolivette, Franco’s close friend and producing partner. “James is probably more similar to Ginsberg than any other character he’s had to play,” Jolivette says. “They’re both writers. They’re both poets. And they’re both fascinated by art and who gets to decide what art is.”

Men after my own heart!

Now, I want to share a visit from a spider. The creature explored a portion of the plushie terrain in the DarcyArts kitchen studio. It was a very interesting looking spider. Hello Kitty and Ninja Squid 1 were the plushies explored.

“Creep, crawly, creepy crawly . . . “

Boris the Spider

Have a good day. I’m off to the work space to make a doll face.

Purple Candles and the Starry Dynamo

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It is usually dark when I get up. In the cool weather I light candles to brighten the space a little and to remember my connection to the starry dynamo.

Yes. I am burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the stilled machinery of  black morning.

Thank you for your brilliant, bodhisattva spirit, Allen Ginsberg.

There was a time when Allen Ginsberg was everywhere, always with the hipsters, as generations passed, and children bloomed into ecstatic, hopeful adults. I miss his curly-haired, bespectacled physical presence though I don’t feel that he is really gone.

I gave this fabulous plant, rescued from the lunchroom at Record Searchlight, a bigger pot. It has done so well since coming to Hamilton Street. It’s little gnome buddies keep it company. It’s in my main work space, where the southern light shines in the windows.

This plant is completely agreeable and asks for very little, unlike some other plants I know.

It’s time to go to the workspace but I linger a bit.

I stayed up late last night sewing a donut and squiddies and watching Flipping Out and The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo.

I am way too caught up in the soft Virgo drama of Rachel Zoe’s life. Balance, Rache, balance. You’ve blossomed in the outer world. Now you need grow a bigger heart emotionally. Babies will do that. Don’t miss out. Listen to Rodger, honey. 

If I’m not careful this will become an advice blog for “Reality” TV stars that I do not know in real life. That would be sad.

I did have a moment of  inspiration this morning. I was enchanted by a sort of creepy YouTube video of  David Bowie at Andy Warhol’s Factory. David is way dorky, trying too hard to be odd, and wanting, oh, so badly to be noticed by Andy. He fails.

I would like to make a set of dolls from these images. I confess, I have an imaginary love/hate relationship with David.

Ginsberg Gnome

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Ah, sun! I sing of you. With the light comes motivation and with fresh commitment come ideas.

Today I imagined a new series of gnome dolls.

What’s new about gnomes, you ask.

I hear you but imagine Beat Gnomes.

I’m going to create literary gnomes. Gnomes have been on my list and this morning I envisioned Allen Ginsberg as a gnome.

I think it’s a good thing that Ginsberg be made in the form of a gnome. I will give him love beads and a white flowing long shirt.

“Put on my shirt and took it off in the sun walking the path to lunch.”

Ginsberg from 136 syllables at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center.

A long, thin William Burroughs gnome seems a good companion. He, too, will have a white shirt but in contrast to Allen’s East Indian shirt Burrough’s will be more business-like. I might use a little plastic gun I have to make a necklace for Burroughs because he was such a freak about those things.

Walt Whitman would also make a good gnome and I would make him britches.

Whitman: “A PROMISE to California,
Also to the great Pastoral Plains, and for Oregon:
Sojourning east a while longer, soon I travel toward you, to remain,
to teach robust American love;
For I know very well that I and robust love belong among you, inland,
and along the Western Sea;
For These States tend inland, and toward the Western Sea–and I will
also. ”

A new skectch for a new day. Tomorrow.