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Posted in Art, constructions, dreams, millinery with tags , , , on August 28, 2009 by darcyarts

Folk and rock musicians of the 50s and 60s incited desire  in the hearts of many and gave birth to a massive army of players. It seemed everybody had a guitar.

The democratization of art has come about with the DIY,  low brow phenomena and now everyone has a paint brush or Wacom pad.

There are new buildings being constructed for ART here at Shasta college and elsewhere.  That’s cool.

The coolest young man who ever worked at Barnes and Noble, a real lover of books, ideas and literary pursuits confided yesterday that he is off to Art School. Kudos and blessings upon your name, son.

Despite the mindless squawking of  ignorant haters this is a time of high creativity.

My Frank, a natural born artist, is taking art classes and loving it.

Right now I’m feeling my Mars-in-Taurus need to make something useful. Hats enchant and I imagine a world where all the young dude artists of all genders habitually wear head gear.

This week was all about trying the Top Hat and the Edwardian women’s version which is softer, more rounded and deliciously, elaborately decorated. Will the dandyish Edwardian style of dress creep back into vogue?

I want to try my hand at making fleece and velvety flowers for my bigger hats.

I’m waiting for the sun to come through the window so I can get a couple of good shots of my latest Top Hat prototype.

This is the tallest so far. The brim is a little floppy. Next time I’ll use a layer of stiff material between the two layers of black.


This hat is made with some stretchy denim I found at the thrift store.

I’m finding the black hats are a bit hard to capture on film.

I was ready to snap new pix this morning.

I had about two minutes of sun before the clouds came in.

I got a few shots of the top hat with a glittery rainbow sash before the gray came on.

This gauzy material is so beautiful. Glimmering Rainbow dots on black net material. I want to buy more but I must fight my urge. I’m amassing materials at an alarming rate.


Later in the day, after I’d sent off a handmade dragon, I bought some rasta hair for her.

HeadwWigFullShe’s looking pretty cool.

For seven bucks I got a thick “Bob Marley” pony tail that covers her head.