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Chuck B. My Favorite Blogger

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Chuck B. blogs about gardening and about his environment which happens to be  San Francisco, specifically Bernal Heights. Chuck is very bright, multi-talented. He takes wonderful photos wherever he wanders and shares the most interesting places, vegetation, landscaping, art and architecture with us.

Right now he’s posted wonderful photos from an amazing trip to the Albany Bulb, north of Berkeley.

Check out his blog My Back 40 (feet). But I warn you, it’s addictive. Beautiful work, Chuck.

Rusty Star

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The moon was in Scorpio. I was feeling the intensity in my creative flow. I readied myself to run errands. After a quick glance in the mirror at my now copper colored hair, my brown-red beads and my big bare arms I felt something was missing. I needed a tattoo.

My attitude toward them has varied. My father had a bunch of really ugly jailhouse markings. Yuck. My sister had a nice commemorative tat done in a fancy script — Michael Por Vida. She chose to brand herself with name of the father of her children. That wasn’t for me.

A former college newspaper editor and true rocker, had a slew of tattoo. A willing victim of his brothers desire to take up the skin art, his tats were a bit rough. I admired the shit out of him. He was after it.

I really began to see tattoo artists doing fine work thanks to TLC’s LA Ink. Kat von D is not a celebrity just because she’s sexy, smart and driven. She is a master portrait artist. She is a master of shading. Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh rocked color in an amazing way.

Hannah’s brother Guy Aitchison, along with his partner, Michele Wortman, has tread new paths in tattoo art. Shawn Barber is using his painting skills to make  a smooth transition to skin art. Painter Michael Hussar’s work, featured on LA Ink in one of the earlier segments boggles the mind.

I have seen much good art through LA Ink. As my enthusiasm for the art swelled in my breast I did not rush out and get a tattoo. Trends come and go. I think the ancient art of the tattoo had successfully and unalterably permeated the mainstream. That is not why I decided, last week, to take the plunge.

I have always felt that my arms are too big. I’ve kept them covered when out in public. Here in Redding, the summer heat makes that nearly impossible. I finally got to the point where I just can’t worry about this perceived imperfection another minute. That day last week I looked in the mirror, felt good about myself and thought “I need to see color right in the middle of my arm.” Ah, but what form should it take. I am far too fickle. My inability to commit to a permanent message, image or  symbol has kept me from getting permanent body art.

I have a tendency to over decorate my surroundings. I’m always cramming in more, filling every space. When it comes to garments, though, I can barely tolerate any sort of patterned material.  Anything too bright or  busy is distracting and irritating. I like it plain and preferably earth toned.

Though I have a Rococo heart I knew I couldn’t go for anything too ornate.

I love Bernini’s The  Ecstacy of St. Teresa (photo from giancarletto’s flickr stream). I love the radiant lines.

I’m a dork. I love hearts and stars.

I was not going to get a heart tattoo but a star, a symbol that brings to my mind the relativity of time and space, a symbol of the place where the physical and metaphysical worlds meet, was good for me.

Tattoo2I wanted red but a rusty red in celebration of the decision to once again color my hair. The gray hair, though perfectly nice and attractive, was just too wan.

Yes,  my vital energy is fading. I am moving into the olderly stage of life but color is my irresistible mistress. I must have her.

As my dear friend Patti used to say “Wild women never die they just dye their hair.”

Starday3Now, I’ll admit, I moved impulsively. I went down to Nathan’s because I had seen the work of one of their artists on that clerk at JoAnn’s. I didn’t choose my artist carefully or make an appointment.

I’d seen photos at the Shasta Arts Council of tattoo art from Nathan’s.

The galleries were down on the Nathan’s website when I went to look. They still are. That’s pretty lame and unprofessional. I went anyway determined to get color.

I walked into Nathan’s on a weekday. It was about 1 p.m. so I guess people could have been at lunch.

“Be with you in a second,” said a disembodied voice from a back room.

Eventually, the low man on the totem pole greeted me. He was able to give me basic info about how much the tattoo I envisioned would cost and whether or not I needed an appointment.

He said he’s be doing the tattoo. I liked his vibe. It was far less virulently macho than the guy who kept going out to stand in front of the shop, to smoke, to show off, the one that kept loading up the bros-ova-hos music selection.

The aggressive, misogynist rap, created an eat-this-dirt-sandwich, bitch vibe. The shop had lots of plants. That’s good. Lots of buddha like figures. Good. Comfortable chairs that allowed one to rock out to the music. They were bouncy and the sounds did have a good rhythmic element.

Wen I finally went in for my first tattoo the artist apologized for the “music”. As the experience was nearing it’s end a female employee came in and stood behind the counter. Is she an artist, apprentice? I won’t assume either way but I doubt that would happen at Nathan’s.Please, correct me if I’m wrong, boys.

I’d been in two other tattoo shops in in Redding. All male, lots of attitude.The only girls were the dolled up fake-titted girlfriends of the the tattoo slinging dudes.

I didn’t mean to spend so much time on gender bias or critiquing the atmosphere at Nathan’s but I think a real nice uber woman tattoo shop is just what Redding needs.♥ Come on, girls. Anybody up for making that happen?

Craft Junk Sale

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It’s nearly 8 a.m. and that means only two hours remain before the door open at the Discovery Shop. They are having a craft and sewing notions sale today and I will be there.

They will have lot’s of quilting things, yarns, sewing tools and craft supplies. I am not a quilter but I can always use thread. The Discovery Shop ladies bundle together lovely bags of thread. Rainbows of colored thread, often on old wooden spools, are my fave find.


Now that I have managed to sell a few vintage items on Etsy along with my handmade things, I can browse through thrift shops guilt free. I’m pretty good at finding the cute. Everybody loves owls, cute deer, kitties.

I have to be careful not to buy anything too heavy. I’m really bad at guessing shipping costs. I should really buy a scale. And then there is breakage to consider if the item is fragile.

Still, I only go thrift store shopping when I really need a break from the psychic and physical rigours of chimp contruction. When I need to stretch my vision and my legs. Or when Miss Jessica Pratt is in town.

MissJessFramedI got two of these elaborate looking frames at All Saints thirft store,  my favorite. This is a picture of Jessica in her high school era days. She was very into her 19th Century Poet drag. Go Rimbaud.

She’s always been an artist and seems to have inherited by thrift-store eye. She finds very good things.

I have one for Mr. B, too. He has asked me to create a laptop case for him. His old one is wearing out. He is sending me images of lawyers to use in the cover.

It will be a challenge to construct something sturdy and cool looking. I may use my first zipper. I may not. The design will dictate.

Brian possesses a judicial mind. He has Libra rising. The astrological sign, Libra, is represented by the scales of justice. In addition to a deep love for argumentation, debate and intellectual wrangling he is a born peacemaker and diplomat. He is brave. He is forthright in speech but always considers the feelings and sensibilities of those to and for whom he speaks. He loves politics and sense-making. His motivations to engage in matters of law come from a lofty place.

Mr.BFramedI know one day he will do good work for others.

Mothers, if you ever worry about your children spending too much time with the video games, fear not. Brian and his best friend Barrack spent endless hours on World of Warcraft and other games. What they learned was to work well with others and the importance of prioritizing time and resources.

They learned that not all participants are capable of bringing their “A” game. They learned patience and the art of negotiation.

They learned to read a situation, intuit a variety of possible outcomes in a given scenario and they excelled at these things.

I think that is a good thing.

Rainbows of Delight

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Today is the last day of my vacation and these days have been a wonderful milestone along my creative path.

I can see the light at the end of the dragon-filled tunnel and will ship them by this next Friday.

dragontableclThis is my listing for the special order.

They are very cute.

fourdragonheadsaHere is a little gaggle of dragons waiting to be completed.

I hand stitch the heads to the bodies, sew on the legs and arm. Each is given great care and attention.

I will shut up for good about the dragons after telling you that I have created a dragon listing in my Etsy shop. Now on to other things.

Yoko D’Holbachie is an amazing Japanese artist featured in Hi Fructose magazine last year.

dholbachiecoverHer work is very colorful and I love that.

My pictures aren’t nearly as bright as the work.

The page looks fuzzy and glares under the lights.

But , still, dig it if you will.

A quote from the mag:

“d’Holbachie says she has always had a maternal feeling toward her images, that she thought of her creations as her children.”

dholbachiepile“Her attitude seems to be changing.

‘Now I take each of then for my twin brother in a sense becausewe have been ever together since we were born. Some one has told me __ all of your pictures are your self-portaits. It might be true in the sense that he is my twin brother.’ ”

These images seem to be related to stuffed creatures.

In Japan, according to David Sedaris in his latest book When You are Engulfed in Flames, the department stores all have handmade stuffed toys. I heard him say this on the radio. I would like to know more about this.


Love and Work

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 I’ve been keeping myself busy this week getting holiday greetings and packages together, shipping off Etsy orders.

I sent another giant red squid to Australia. The third one!

These squid are stuffed with a lot of organic catnip. Granny’s cat loves his squid.

I have stopped a couple of times at the local thrift stores.  I found two packages of rainbow yarn that I will use to affix my darcy arts tags to squid and other critters like the Squidopus:

Also found at the thriftstore this week is this strange little box. Strange I think mostly because I found it in Redding.

It is a small box (3″ x 2.5″) with a picture of Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera on on the top.


The bottom is adorned with little blue drop shapes.


fridaboxtopsideWho made this box and then gave it away?

hjbackdropbPictures of Halloween Jack in mysterious Victorian disquise also took up some of my time. I did a photo shoot with this fellow on Tuesday.

hjstudioshotaStill haven’t got around to coloring the beautiful Arthur Lee but I will after the holiday bustle is loosened.

Hearing all the mind-boggling news about the wipe-outs in print journalism causes me to imagine that tensions at the old news factory will continue to escalate.

I pray to the beings of light that each in their heart can intuit the massive changes that are roiling and crashing to bring about a different world. It’s got to happen people. Lets be giving and shine our love on one another as the old ship rocks on the waves.

Did we think it was going to be easy for this massive sea vessel to transform itself into a small speed boat while negotiating a stormy sea?

Tisk Tisk. What ever we do let’s do with humor and love. Is that asking too much?

Tibetan Art

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Tibetan prayer flags flying with the bluegreen mountains on the horizon.


I bought another book.


I found this one at Barnes and Noble. I Love Tibetan religious art. It is almost as strange and kick-ass as the Mayan stuff. Sometimes they seem similar.





tibetskullguywblueclothThis skull guy reminds me of the crazy Mayan skull dude from the wall carving with his little rat friend and the severed heads. Check previous post Rock Blocks and Mayan Peyote.

These colors are so rich. That is something I love about the Tibetan art.

I just had to share this stuff with you because we sometimes forget how far out our ancestors were.

When I look at these people, the Tibetan people, I find them very familiar and very handsome. The clothes are so cool and the stones they wear, turquois and coral, are totally Native American. Their beautiful hair and features are, too.



What a crazy beautiful place they live in.

China! Do not fuck with these people!

Back Off Imperialist Moties!


skulltentEarly Tibetan paintings represent the visions encountered by the departed soul as it journeys beyond physical incarnation.

This part of the painting is very weird and cool. Part macabre circus, part pirate ship voyage out in the ether.

It’s got one of my favorite details — the curly clouds. I love the necklace-like designs too.

These half circles seem to adorn many of the demons.

 This sculpture reminds me of Mexican art:


Picking and Choosing

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I am still working on what itemsto send to Old City Hall.

I brought out these two paintings:

Redheads — the first came out looking like a hot chick form the 40s that Homer Simpson’s dad my have been in love with back when he was young and frisky.

The second is a modern chick with glasses and a penetrating gaze.

Boys, I know you know what you did to deserve it.

I love red and pink and explored those colors a bit here.

Another thing theses imaginary portraits have in common is the use of rhinestones in the pupils.

I have also added a piece of red pipe cleaner to the bottom pic.

I’m thinking about taking in two of my decorated candles.

There is the glitzy Elvis:

And the sparking Dos Charros for which I used a repurposed Mexican movie poster image:

For these I mixed water color, Dr. Martin’s dyes, with mod podge to make a translucent color that would dry hard. Yes, there is some glitter glue thrown in for good measure.

You can see the gold on the sombrero and red glitter on the woman’s dress. I put a line of mirrors and beads on the top and bottom of this candle, too.

I have been really inspired by Mexican cinema. The poster art is very cool. I’m waiting for this book to arrive from Oregon so I can familiarize myself with the artists.

The image used for the cover of the book is one of my favorites.

I made a candle from this image too. I gave it to my former RS editor, Pat Butler, as a going away present. I love him. It’s odd to note but the RS exodus started with his departure.

How flipping cool is this?