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Mexican Cinema Poster

Posted in Art, design, film with tags , , on May 20, 2011 by darcyarts

I am nothing if not inconsistant. Even if i try to get into a steady groove I cannot purposely repeat the same activities or adopt a routine.

So here is my Mexican Cinema Wednesday offering (something, in my mind, I started on Facebook last week)  two days late.

These artists are spectacular!

Here is a previous post with mucho mas.

Robyn Hitchcock Art

Posted in Art, esoterica, music, rock n roll, TV with tags , , , on September 7, 2010 by darcyarts

I dreamed of hanging out with Robyn Hitchcock the other night. We were in a very nice space, large rooms and curved areas as opposed to linear flat squares in the architecture. I felt very comfortable with Robyn. We seemed to be very comfortable friends. I was buying a print from him. I asked him to remind me that I owed him for the last print as well, then a total of $40, or $20 for each print.

The new print was a very cool drawing of three figures two were semi-ghostly and one was more solid and seemed to have a sober, serious demeanor. The eyes were dark and a little sad. The figures were rendered in sepia ink or watercolor. The print measure about 18″ x 24″. I was very happy with the print, happy to have it.

This morning, an email from the Museum of Robyn Hitchcock led me to the site where I found Robyn’s art. There are many images of ghostly figures.

Here is a lovely image from Hitchcock’s site.

There are a few of his father, Raymond Hitchcock’s, paintings there as well. Raymond was an author, too. He wrote many books including one titled Venus Thirteen. Aha.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus Three have a new album –Propellor Time. I am listening to samples right this very minute.

I love Robyn. I was seized by him the very first time I saw him. It was on the great concert show, Reverb. He, dressed in his black and white polka dot shirt, was performing Freeze, so magnetic and odd and sexy it was. I was astounded by him. He was big and delicate at the same time. I was mesmerized by the way he sort of sprung or flung his fingers onto the fret board to play the notes like a praying mantis attack. I loved the way he moved his head and shook his silver hair out of his eyes. I loved the  broken string, thin and silvery, dangling from the tuning peg, sparkling in the stage lights. Chimera, child.

Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip!


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Catherine James.

Nice name and one that you would have heard if you had been very interested in the special girls who were close to the creative poeple in the 60s and 70s. Some call them groupies.

I never had any real or personal information about her. It seemed she was talked about in hushed tones. A sort of reverberant regal “ahhhh!” hovered around her. She was the queen. 

A contemporary of Pamela Des Barres, they’ve nowbeen friends for years.

Catherine now has a book about her very strange and wonderful life. In this photo you can plainly see that she is the offspring of great Hollywood beauties but see that sad look in her eyes? Don’t you want to hug her? 

Catherine’s story is insanely compelling. Her mother, though beautiful, was cruel and abusive. She never had a stable home but did have short periods with a loving grandmother. Catherine has a deep spiritual core that kept her together during the crazy childhood she endured. She had beautiful dreams.

By the age of 15, to be true to herself, after having had some deep conversations with Bob Dylan about freedom, she went alone into the world and relied upon the kindness of strangers. And there were plenty of amazing strangers, all of whom took her under their wing for a moment.

You have to read this story. You can read the first page here.

 Note to Jess: I read half way through in one sitting. It’s on it’s way to S.F. as soon as the last page is turned.

An Astrological Aside

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I have always had a strong attraction to Taurus men. I wasn’t able to define this phenomenon in the early days but as I continued to experience it’s power I realized it was undeniable.

Now that I know, I posit the theory that even back in grade school the sweet-tempered boys that attracted my attention were most likely Taurus boys.

It started early. It happened through film, photos as well as in person.

In cinema, I loved Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart.

In my elders’ pop music era I loved Perry Como, then Bobby Darin, then Roy Orbison’s beautiful voice.

In Cream, it was all about jack Bruce. Gee, what’s that I see just south of the right side horn of Jack’s SG ?

 In the Buffalo Springfield, it was Richie Furay.

 Here is Richie with his girl, Nancy. She wrecked my teenage dreams. Taurus men are loyal and he’s still with her. At the Springfield’s last concert I gave Richie a satin scarf from the thrift store. He kissed me on the cheek. I was in a daze for hours.


In Roxy Music, it was Brian Eno. Brilliant men are hot.

In Queens of the Stone Age it is Josh Homme, a true musician and great voice.

This is a photo by Nick Wilson.





 Here, I made him up in the style of Mel Odom.  I painted the eyes to look dreamy and the lips are accentuated in Odom’s style. 

It’s all about the eyes with Mel Odom.






Mel Odom is a very interesting illustrator. He has done a lot of very sexy images like this red-headed couple. He also makes beautiful collectible dolls with a super old school, Hollywood, gay aesthetic.


 I’d finally get my very own Taurus.

 Jack White with his hair combed back?

Naw, but Frank (Santa Barbara, 1979) was definitely all that and a big, big bag of chips. Nice shoulders, too.

Still is.



Here we are as New Wave hot bitches thinking about “Baby’s on Fire.”


On the pro Art front Hi-Fructose Vol VIII out this month has some really interesting things in it.

Rockin’ Good Fun

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I have made a few historical pop culture candles. I mean I’ve decorated a few devotional candles with celebrity elements.


 elvis.jpg and Michael Jackson jackson.jpg are both on

Yesterday I discovered someone else doing alterna devotional candles and she makes her own labels for them!

Vicki Berndt is a talented artist in Los Angeles. Check out her etsy shop BERNDTOFFERINGS.

She has a great Johnny Thunders devotional candle. She includes prayers on the back, too. You need to see it. You need to love it.

Berndt also does custom big-eyed portraits ala the now-famed Margaret Keane stylie thing.

Visit Berndt’s web site to find out about getting yourself done big-eyed. Too cool. I’ll bet you will be ecstatic to know that such an opportunity exists.

I added touches of bright pink to my semi-anime Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

animejeffreyleecl.jpg I guess he looks more like a Disney prince with a subtle 5 o’clock shadow.

But no matter cuz out in the ether of time as it ripples through the universe Jeffrey Lee continues to wail and preach the blues.