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Big Love and Milk

Posted in family, film with tags , , , , on January 25, 2009 by darcyarts

Frank and I went out to Prime 11 Cinema Friday to see Milk.

Of the the five movies that have been nominated for academy awards Milk is the one I really wanted to see.

I love Leonardo Di Caprio so I was all ready for Revolutionary Road, too, but the Academy has failed to acknowledge Leo and that bums me out.

I guess I’ll still see the film. I am a cinema lover and I deeply appreciate Prime 11’s great feat in simultaneously bringing four academy award nominees to screens in Shasta County.

I love good movies and I love Gus Van Sant and Milk covers familiar territory. Frank and I left San Francisco and took our Santa Barbara break just days before the assasinations.

Things looked pretty good. The boys were styled very realistically, no fright wigs. Sean Pean did a great job as Harvey Milk even though it is impossible to recreate the shining soul power of special people.

Nobody will ever be able to capture the true essence of Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Buckley or Dizzie Gillespie. 

I loved the tangle of relationships in the film. It brought back so many memories. And they mentioned the Stud.

Writer, Dustin Lance Black, should receive an award for having the best name since Diablo Cody. I admire Black’s work.

He made this season of Big Love very compelling. I love all the actors on that show and find it really entertaining.

The series deals with themes of love, faithfulness, the purpose and meaning of marriage, suburban living, selflessness, etc. and we see these things through the lens of alternate belief systems.

It’s all the more interesting to know that it is the brain child of two creatively endowed gay men, Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, and Dustin Lance Black came along for the ride.