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Chuck B.

Posted in family, music with tags , , , , on August 10, 2010 by darcyarts

Frank and I received a beautiful wedding gift, by mail, yesterday. A beautiful Woodstock chime, sent by Frank’s brother, Lee, sister-in-law Mary and their very charming and talented offspring.

We hung it on one of the pre-existing ceiling hooks, one in the work space near the HeeHaw ceiling fan (countryish and not my choice) so that the fan will occasionally ring the chimes. We can zen out while working. It’s a great and sweetly cosmic addition.

I’ve got to get back to the work space to work on Soft Boys. I thought you all would enjoy visiting the wonderful Chuck B.’s blog My Back 40 (feet). Enjoy.


San Francisco Voices

Posted in constructions, reading, writing with tags , , on July 12, 2009 by darcyarts

Things were a little off early last week. Couldn’t put my finger on just what was missing from my already full days.

I’m an early riser. It takes me a while to come out of that floating space that follows dreaming. The I can prioritize the days endeavors.

I realized yesterday that I had slacked on  reading of my two fave SF voices, Chuck B.’s My Back 40 (feet) and J’s Peaches and Plums.

Sure, I’d been busy but some things are an absolute necessity.

For sharing an enormous amount of the beauty and sparkle of San Francisco there is no comparison to the diligent documenting of the dear chuck b.♥

Every post, every photo, every inch of text of My Back 40  (feet) is superb. Though I am am prone to exaggeration, in this case, I need not.

I love this blog with all my heart. It allows me to see the city close up, through the eyes of an artistic soul. Chuck b. shows the sweet life, the architectural and vegetal genius of the place. His  immediate surroundings are  gorgeous but he travels to all corners. I am deeply grateful.

Peaches and Plums is the work of a former workmate. She must be shy or just cautious. She doesn’t throw her name around much so we’ll just call her j.

She is my favorite writer. She radiates presence. She’s whip smart, observant, aware and with these gifts is able to create a fascinating intimacy. She pulls you in and you want to learn more.

Here, too, you can read through the whole archive of her work. It’s all rich and satisfying like the best warm chocolate you’ve ever eaten. Sometimes there are chilies in the chocolate and I really appreciate that spicy taste.

J is a force, a vital energy here on our planet. As she grows, the word flow will only get better. Considering how fine it is now, I say look out!


My toil this weekend has been good. With the moon washing through Pisces I began my millinary exercise. I tossed off a cloche type hat and a cap with a little bill, both in moss green. I’m crazy about a soft pink and moss green combo.

MossGreenClocheI’ve got my first two up on the peg board in my kitchen nook work space.

This is the back of the cloche. I made a soft pink little flower to adorn the streamers. I may try this design with one on each side, over the ears.

MossGreenFrontHere is the front. You can see a little of the pink cotton thermal material I left visible beneath the band.

I wanted to line the hat with a material that, unlike the fleece, would not produce static electricity every time you put in on and take it off.

I love fleece for it’s warmth and softness. It’s easy to work with but static electricity sucks.MossGreenCap


I have gathered materials for hats galore. Though I have other projects high on my list, things I have been planning and for which I  have been collecting materials, hats are number one.

Here is the cap. I’ve made the band of material from a really cool T shirt that I love. It was not attractive on so I made sleeping shorts out of it. I’ve used the remaining scraps of that T shirt for this band.

It looks great with this green.

I am truly stoked about this new endeavor. Hats rule.

Coco Channel started out making hats. I have so much intriguing research to do.

Late to Erik Satie

Posted in Art, esoterica, music with tags , , , on June 8, 2009 by darcyarts

A space has been opened in my heart/mind for Erik Satie. It is really no more than a curiosity at this point.

This image, of a painting by Santiago Rusinol i Prats, was found at this Italian, music blog.

It was the music that first enchanted. I heard  Satie on a podcast of All Songs Considered. The podcast featured Tom Moon’s 1000 Things to Hear Before You Die.

Eno was inspired by Satie and his writings. Ah ha.

Satie said to Ferdinand Leger:

“You know, there’s a need to create furniture music; that is to say, music that would be a part of the surrounding noises and that would take them into account. I see it as melodious, as masking the clatter of knives and forks without drowning it completely, without imposing itself. It would spare them the usual banalities. Moreover, it would neutralize the street noises that indiscreetly force themselves into the picture.”

* from wind333 blog.

Amazon had Reinbart de Leuuw’s recorded performances of Satie’s early work.

Downloading the MP3s was easier than I had imagined. Dangerously immediate. I now have a 2 CD set of Satie’s piano pieces played at a very smooth and measured pace.

This interest may not blossom into a full on obsession, maybe a mini obsession. I’m prepared to let it get out of hand. Satie, the Taurus, is so it’s very natural for me.

Soon Satie’s A Mammal’s Notebook will be in my hands. I found it at Amazon, too.

I’m not the only one who feels ready to fall under Satie’s spell. If Eno is any example, Satie must be a magnet for brilliant nerds.

I found this visual confession while searching for Satie photos. It’s in yarnivore’s Flickr stream. The painting is by Ramon Casas.