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Morning Emergence

Posted in gardening, nature with tags , on May 20, 2012 by darcyarts

We have our first beautiful flower from among the plants that Frank bought for my birthday. He watched it emerge this morning. The wind help blow the outer green shell of protective petals away and there she was.

Stunning. We will soon have a second blossom. It looks like it may be dark purple. You’ll see.

There is a little purple near the center of this flower. I can’t wait.

This evening it will cool off and the annual solar eclipse will take place at sunset here in California. Feels like magic.

These lovely flowers are Annie’s and were found at Eileen Barry’s enchanting Wild Thyme.

Coming Into Being

Posted in food, gardening, nature with tags , , on June 6, 2009 by darcyarts

The vegetables are out under gray skies, growing, creating themselves with tasty and nutritious molecules.

Cuke1I would like to do the same. Create myself, build myself from tasty and nutritious creative molecules. I think I’m doing it.

Tomatored1The first tomato turning red.

The first cucumber growing with it’s little blossom still hanging on its tip.


I have two bins that will need new veggies soon. The spinach is finished. The lettuce nearly eaten.

IMG_7977I’m not sure but I think lettuce can also bolt. Maybe these leaves will get fatter, longer. I know we have been eating lettuce prematurely because it is bitter.

I love to break little rules. I want to eat the buds off the spinach.

Why done we eat the leaves of plants from which we eat the fruit?

Can it be harmful or just not too tasty? Little chili so green and wet with raindrops.


I have been to all the chain store that offer veggie plants. I can’t find any new plants I want.

I want strawberries. Where can I find them? Is it too late?

Ah, well  . . .

I love the little blossoms on my herbs. The catnip has little purple blossoms. They almost look like little orchids or at least little trumpet forms.

CatnipBloomThe tarragon is yellow. A very curry yellow. It looks great rain or shine. So vibrant.


Vegetable Self-Realization

Posted in nature with tags , , , , , on July 1, 2008 by darcyarts

Ah, how I delight in the colors of nature. She’s a bleeping genius!

My container garden continues to grow and come more fully into being everyday. I’m up early watering, thrilling to the new color as the plants mature.

I thought I’d start this post with a treasure from the garden of Kimberly and Bruce Ross.

This is a great squash. It is so vibrantly yellow.

It is what it is and that is something amazing.

It was love at first site and, hey, they were giving it away. Their garden is very prolific. They’ve got more squash than they can consume.

I wonder what other goodies will make their way to the lunch room table.

The green stem is a great color, too.

On to this year’s Hamilton Street garden made possible by a Big Lots sale of enormous plastic pots for $5 each.

Last year we discovered the beauty of eggplant blossoms. They are such a lovely shade of pale purple and inside is a bright yellow close to the color of the Ross squash.

This is one of the blossoms on our eggplant this year.

The blossoms face downward and so, to truly appreciate them you must get into some Twister-esque positions but it’s worth it.

Why containers? The house we are living in has a very large lawn. But that’s just it. It’s a lawn. It’s to be kept green and weed free and should not at any time host unauthorized vegetation.

Okay, I’ll admit that I have made that sound a lot more fascist an attitude than it really is. Those words are nowhere to be found in my rental agreement. My landlady, Margo King, is a very good person but she doesn’t appreciate our free-form style of gardening.

When we moved from the apartment we had lived in for a decade, a place also owned by Margo, she let us know that she had to pull out nearly eveything in that little backyard because their was “all kinds of weird stuff back there.”

Okay. So we have literally “contained” our loose gardening tendencies.


This is the largest specimen in our garden so far. Japanese eggplant that is said to be very productive and fast growing. So far it is living up to the hype.

I have planted cilantro, Texas tarragon, basil and cinnamon basil, too. And lots of chilis.



I bought a lot of eggplant largley because of the amazing take home dinner I got from Racha Noodle for my honey, Frank’s, birthday late in May.

The chicken and pumpkin red curry is mind boggling. As I recall it is a favorite of the esteemed Jim Dyar. But our other selection, fresh basil, prawns and eggplant, was shockingly right. All the food at Racha Noodle is so fresh, and seems infused with the most loving of vibes, yes vibes!. Go there and you will feel it. Eat those grumbles and you will be permeated with Racha Love.